babby and daddy

Little Rook [Jacob Frye x Reader]

Warning: slight NSFW;

A/N: i just wanted to say, i had this idea of Jacob requesting for little rooks to his wife (the reader) because it would be adorable and i can see him calling his children little rooks.


The first time that Jacob Frye approached you with the idea of having a baby, was during your second year of marriage together. He had gripped the brim of his top hat and sheepishly looked down at the floor while mumbling out a request of what he wanted. Of course, his mumblings caused you to arch a brow and press to him that he speak up.

His exact words were, “I want you to provide me a little rook.”

This caused you to freeze in your tracks and stand upright before looking at him with small worry. “As in…. a baby? Your little baby?” You questioned curiously, turning your back to his massive frame. Your hands were nimble, working on gently cutting the bread for this evening.

“Yes,” he confirmed a bit more confidently, leisurely strolling over to you and making sure to pin his body flush to yours. “Our little baby,” he breathed against the soft shell of your ear, your body tingling with excitement when his hot breath fanned over your skin. The heat and soft lips that melded into tender flesh caused your heart to stutter and your breathing quickened. Your eyes were wide and cheeks flushed red. London was safe from Blighters…

“Okay… We can try for a little rook,” you relented, hearing him chuckle with joy and he swept you up and into his arms bridle style. There, he carried you from the small kitchen and up the wooden stairs and to your shared bedroom.

Of course, Jacob wanted to be 100%+ sure that you were going to be pregnant. So, before the two of you even decided to make sure to get a check up any time soon, he made sure to bed you every chance he got almost each day. This exhausted you more than you thought, but it was quite exciting nonetheless. In fact, almost every single time he spiced it up a bit differently than the last. Which is where you two were now. His teeth lightly nibbling along the soft curve of your throat with eyes half lided, and one of your legs lazily half wrapped around the masculine waist of his. He was propped on his forearms, hips lazily rocking in and out of you and listening to your mewls and whimpers whenever the tip of his length scraped against the tender flesh within. Eventually, he slipped a hand between the two of you and gently rubbed, causing your body to writhe and fingers to claw down the curve of his spine.

“Jacob- I-!” You gasped, eyes rolling back and body convulsing as you were sent over the edge and caused a chuckle to erupt from his chest. It didn’t last for long however, his own moan interrupting his movements and hips stilling as he slowly released the warmth within before he breathlessly leaned above you.

“Yes love?” He jokingly asked you between puffs of breaths, gently kissing your eyes as they fluttered close.

“I’m expecting a little rook,” your murmured to him, placing a kiss on the scar over his jaw and causing his head to rear back. At first, you felt a bit hurt his head moved away, but then you saw the twinkle in his hazel gaze and the excitement returning once again.

“My little rook?!” He asked like a child on Christmas Day, face nearly splitting in half from his raw joy.

“Your little rook,” you hummed, stifling a yawn and causing another ‘squeal’ of joy to escape your husband.

“Im gonna have a little rook!” He cheered as he pulled out of you.

From that point onward, it was easy; until your hips had adjusted slightly and belly swollen that you were sure you had twins. Your toes wriggled, hand placed protectively over it and humming as you ate a grape from the local market. You were reading a book, a cat languidly moving before it opted to crawl up the nightstand beside the bed and gently pad around your massive belly to inspect it yet another time. Slowly, it set its paw on your belly before gently purring and brushing its face along its skin, causing you to giggle and be distracted by your small lover.

Jacob was out helping the Rooks over in Westmeister; apparently some loyal Blighters managed to pop up again and cause havoc amongst the people there. So, you were left in your shared home alone with nothing but a book and cat to keep you company. The autumn breeze warmly drifted through the room, and your brows furrowed as motherly intuition spoke up. Slowly, the pain started. It was a small tingeing contraction that you could easily overlook, but over time it grew worse and worse until your water broke.

By the time the official contractions started, the sun was setting and Jacob was still nowhere in sight. You needed someone- anyone really as sweat broke out over your skin and body stilled as it tried to get this small being out of you.

“____?” You heard someone call, your teeth gritted and eyes squeezing shut as your grip on the book and sheets tightened. Your knuckles turned white, an agonized cry escaping into the air and causing whoever it was to burst through the door. It was Evie, accompanying her was Henry, and the two went wide eyed when they saw you. “______!” Evie cried in fear, running over to your side and pulling out a hankerchief to gently wipe the sweat away.

“I’m going to grab a doctor Evie- I’ll be back,” Henry announced, his body turning and swiftly leaving the way he had come.

“Where’s my brother? Why isn’t he here with you?” Evie pressed as you whimpered out in pain.

Fear gripped you; where was your husband? Was he okay? Was he lying in a puddle of his own blood, dying in the streets? Did he even… make it in the cruel fists of the Blighters? “He went to settle a skirmish between Rooks and Blighters earlier today.. he hasn’t returned,” you cried out, distress causing another wave of violent contractions to convulse through you. A sob escaped your lips, Evie gripping your hand in place of her brother and a worried look forming in her eyes.

“I’ve returned with the doctor and a wet bowl and towel,” Henry declared as he erupted into the room with his guest and items he claimed he had in his hand. He ran over to your other side, gently wringing out the towel before smoothing it over your heated forehead.

The doctor felt like he was taking hours to help push out the baby, your cries of pain not really too pleasing on the ears. It caused Evie to go in distress, wanting to help remove the pain but unable. So she gripped your hands and murmured soft encouragements, Henry helping do the same until finally-

A wail echoed off the walls and the sound of a door being slammed open downstairs being drowned out. Sweat was beading down your neck and face, the towel gently wrung out yet again as Henry and Evie praised you and your work on birthing the child. The child was being cleaned and cared for by the doctor, the door to your bedroom being shoved open. Jacob had wide hazel eyes, hair that was already in a disarray even more so, and his cheeks were rosy with the faded tear tracks. Fear had gripped him; he didn’t want to directly go home and see that if you gave birth to his child to see you dead like his mother had. Instead he saw you being delicately handled by his sister and brother-in-law, and the baby being carefully placed in your arms as you smiled weakly.

Everyone was admiring the child. He had little tufts of peach fuzz and eyes that were closed. He made cute little cooing noises and the blanket he was swaddled with was green with a little sewn Rook in it.

“_____…” Jacob carefully called out, earning your tired attention and causing his heart to melt at the sight of your smile.

“We did it Jacob- we have a little Rook,” you cooed out in praise, earning a chuckle from him and a smile from Evie as she practically cooed over her nephew.

“And what are you going to name your rook?” Henry asked eagerly, joining his brother in law’s side then as he looked at you and his wife.

Evie hummed, looking at you with a smile and whispered in your ear, “Emmett.”

“Emmett Frye!” You agreed then, grinning widely as Jacob passed his sister a knowing look before he moved over to peer down at the child.

“Sounds like a good name for a lil rook to me.”


first of ALL A

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Could we get some Omegaverse HCs for Otayuri? :O I really liked that post you did, and I wanna know what your HCs for them are now!!

Okay, but you’re getting a mixed bag cause I’m not always 100% sold on omega Yuri. 

General HC: Otabek regular/canon universe has this one omegaverse fanfic he super loves. It’s super fluffy  and has next to no plot, and in it he and Yuri have like five kids and seven cats, and in the fic Yuri’s heat is about to start, but they just decided they don’t want more children. It’s been on hiatus because the author is graduating college. Otabek has tried to be supportive and buy her a few items off of her amazon wishlist etc. 


-Whenever they want/need an alpha they call Mila to help them with their heat. Otherwise they just use toys. 

-Fisting. The most loving and romantic fisting in the history of ever okay? 

-Yuri buys so many sex toys “well this one is green. We don’t have a green one yet” This goes the same for nesting. Yuri’s always buying stuff on amazon he thinks will be useful, including like  camping tent which he sets up in the living room. 


-The most loving rough/angry sex ever. Lots of grunting and wrestling around to see who is going to bottom. Yuri of course uses his nails/bites and plays dirty while Otabek tries to use his muscles as leverage. 

- a tender reclamation of humanity because they have to be so careful with each other because Biology says they aren’t supposed to just ram each others knots inside. Lots of fingering with feelings and deep internal existential questions about the brutality of sex and romance. 

-So much aftercare. Yuri likes cold baths. Otabek likes hot baths/heating pads when his body is pushed to the absolute limit.

-If they want/need an omega they call JJ and see if Isabella will let him out of her sight for a few days. 

alpha Yuri/omega Otabek

- Otabek’s parents try their hardest to be super progressive and open minded and let Otabek do whatever he wants. They’re semi-mortified when this angry russian alpha storms in and demands Otabek’s hand in marriage when Otabek is like 20. 

-waits until the very last minute to let Yuri touch him. 

-unapologetically loves it when Yuri doms the fuck out of him. During his heat is the only time Yuri will leave marks, etc. 

-Although they are both athletic, Yuri pushes him to his absolute limit. Whether that’s positions or stamina or exploring kink. 

-He wants Yuri to be his babby daddy. 

alpha Otabek/omega Yuri

- Yuri is totally in control of his body and wants Otabek to know this. totally. in. control. 

- See prior post about bored sex. Approaches heat with a “lets get this overwith” kind of attitude, because it isn’t super romantic or meaningful if it’s nothing but hormones. 

-Major concern is getting stuck in a crazy or outlandish position. His favorite is spooning or face to face laying down so they can both be comfortable and hold each other. 

Daddy took me shopping!

Daddy and I walking hand-in-hand down town. I see a candy store

Me: Tugs daddy’s jacket and points

Daddy: No Sweet thing, we have to finish shopping

Me: Lets go of Daddy’s hand and stops walking But I want

Daddy: No Princess, not now

Me: Oh! So later. Okay. Smiles and grabs Daddy’s hand again

Daddy: sighs That’s not what I meant

Me: Too late! You promised giggles

Twenty minutes later, Daddy bought me a lolly!

so ur new to the got7 fandom: a brief guide to the 7 memebers

(get it……… members except with meme…and……….yeah ok.)

youngjae:  you wanna know what it’s like to stare into the sun??? wonder no more!!! youngjae is like the parks and rec theme song took human form. his laugh could cure cancer and water ur crops.

bambam: memes personified. will he ever stop dabbing? will he wear normal shoes? and just when did he go from sweet babby to Daddy???

jinyoung:  the mom of the group. intimidates me a little but in the best way. eternally exasperated. this boy can act like nobody’s business!!! just give him an oscar already smh

yugyeom:  the trademark Evil Maknae. he’s 90% leg and uses every bit of it to show off his sweet dance moves (HIT THE STAAAAGE). likes to grind on the stage and honestly no one complains

jaebum:  the dad (and leader) of the group. will one day own more cats than could be considered healthy. very Chic. probably has an infinite amount of patience after 3 years of wrangling the other 6 members.

jackson: doesn’t know how to wear a shirt. is the #1 hype man for got7 and knows like 1055524822 different languages.

mark:  the man………..the myth…………..the legend (my bias). he’s that quiet kid that sits in the back of ur class all mysterious like and then u realize hes just a huge fuckin dweeb after you talk to him one day. protect him.

Steter Rec List pt. 1

Mostly for @whimsyandmayhem​ , because I will drag you into this trash pile so I am not alone. (SIDENOTE: This turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. Whoops.)

In no specific order: 

Ain’t Sayin’ He’s a Gold Digger: Stiles needs a sugardaddy and ends up with Peter. Hilarity and then feels ensue.  

I’m not a fan at all of Daddy Kink (it makes me suuuuper uncomfortable), but it got surprisingly emotional at the end? I came for the smut and funny, and I staid for the emotion???

Our Imperfect World: Peter-centric Soulmates AU with an 18 year age gap.

this was the one I was talking about with the Paige situation justification. Peter’s still not a good guy, but I still liked it? Also, Stiles is agoraphobic, which seems like a legit reaction to seasons 1&2.

Spinning Gold: Stiles has to spin gold for King Gerard, and Peter helps. Kind of.

It’s omegaverse, which I have issue with, but it’s also a Rumpelstiltskin AU which I loved, so you should read it :D (Also, some threats of non-con re: arranged marriage, but from what I remember no actual non-con)

Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems: Peter is Deaf, and Stiles’ mom was too, so he knows ASL. Him and Peter bond because of it. 

THIS WAS SO GOOD. Again, daddy kink no but it’s not a big part of the fic. Also, Peter was kind of OC, but so well written!!! 

I Wasn’t Expecting You: Girl!Stiles gets arrested for assault, and Peter is suckered into acting as her Public Defender. TW: Past Sexual Assault

I love reading rape recovery fics, because I have issues, and I also love Peter PoV fics, so this was just a perfect storm and it’s great, but also triggering, so careful. 

Get Off (Me): Stiles gets left behind because he’s a breakable human, and Peter is a perv. Most of the first chapters are structured as 5+1, but then it just kind of turns plotty. 

So I love this one so much because of the Stiles/Peter relationship (I mean, duh, it’s KouriArashi), but it starts off a little dubcon, so head’s up. Also, there’s noncon at the end, some of it onscreen, but it’s not Stiles/Peter. My biggest beef with this is Scott’s characterization, but whatever. 

Sympathy for the Devil: Stiles is living with the McCalls, Scott’s dad’s a dick, and he gets a job in the Long Term Care Ward. TW for child abuse and emotional abuse. 

This one is amazing, even if the underage is a little more prevalent than I like. But like, even when he’s explicitly under 18, Stiles is always older in my head because Dylan O’Brien is my age, and I can’t separate that? But yes. Amazing. 

Call My Name: Stiles and the Sheriff moved around after Claudia died because Stiles was having mental health issues, and end up moving back to Beacon Hills. But then he starts dreaming about a random dude who keeps asking for help. 

I haven’t read this one in a while (and I only read it once, i think?) but I remember really liking it. Just, head’s up. It’s heavy because it’s full of feels. 

Love Thy Neighbour: Stiles is an emancipated minor with an undead dick of a neighbor. 

This was soooo gooooood! Just know going in that Stiles is an orphan, because (it’s been a long time but I’m pretty sure) it’ll hit you with Stilinski Family Feels. 

Booth Babe Vs. The Alphas: Light, fluffy, and adorable. Stiles is manning a booth for Deaton, and his milkshakes bring all the Alphas to the yard. 

Light, fluffy, and I love it. Also, super short and just all around happy. 

Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Empath!Stiles, who gets headaches because people are emotionally loud. Well. Some people. 

I really love this one. There’s another Empath!Stiles fic out there, but this one is just happier. 

Kismet: Stiles and Peter meet in the Long Term Care Ward after having both lost their families. 

So many fucking feels. Like jesus. But also really good. 

drowning in the sea of you: The other Empath!Stiles fic! Season 1 AU, ft. more violence and more gray-moral Peter, and the every-horrible Kate. 

This one is good, but much more angst. Much. More.

Roommate Wanted: No Supernatural Creatures Allowed: Stiles likes living alone. But he would also like more spare cash, so he gets a roommate. Then he wishes he had just stayed broke.

This was really cute and very snarky.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale: Peter owns a tea shop, and Stiles likes to knit. 

THIS FUCKER HERE. It’s the cutest fucking thing. Your face will hurt. I guarantee it. 

To Catch a Fallen Star: Stiles was a star, and then he fell. 

This was really cute, and also full of feels. 

Schrodinger’s Wolves: The Hales find out that they’re all going to die, but they don’t know why. So they magically bring someone back to help them. 

I haven’t read this in a while, but I remember liking it, and now I plan on rereading it soon. 

stone/sponge: Soulmates AU that I haven’t read in a while, but remember liking. 

That’s How They Deal With Boys Like Me: Genderfluid/TransMan!Stiles where everyone’s a dick. Except Peter. 

I just read this and it was so good! It’s pretty smutty, but it’s so great. So. Great. 

Goodbye to a World: Peter reluctantly tells Stiles a spell that will send him back in time and potentially save everyone. 

THIS ONE IS SO GOOD AND IT HURTS. Like jesus fuck it hurts. But it’s so good. So read it. 

Magic Needle: Peter gets the hell out of Beacon Hills after murder lizards, and sets up a tattoo parlor. Then Stiles shows up, fresh into college and annoying as ever. 

This one was super cute!! One of the tags nailed it: fluff and smut. And it’s great. 

it’s not the color i came in: Omegaverse, but Stiles in asexual and it’s great. 

Seriously, this is great. Even with the weirdness inherent in omegaverse, you’ll love it.

Make Your Own (Buns in the Oven): Mpreg Stiles with Peter as the most supportive not-but-kinda-babby daddy. 

This one was pretty cute, even if it was mpreg. 

Beware of Sharp Memories: Stiles can remember all his past live, until he makes himself stop remembering because it hurts too much.

This was super cute and sad and sweet and you should read it and feel feels with me. 

Shadow Games: Stiles is a demon who offers the Hale Pack information that will prevent their deaths. 

Snarky Shit Stiles Stilinski is my jam. 

Good Lock-Picking Skills Make Good Neighbors : Neighbor Stiles helps Peter after his evil adorable nieces and nephews lock him out. 

Your teeth will rot, say goodbye to them.

Not Stella: Trans!Stiles and the implication of trans people in Soulmates AUs: the fic

So good and cute and i loved it

First Dance : Stiles as Persephone (kind of) and Peter as Hades (definitely). 

OH MAN THIS FIC READ IT I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT’S SO GOOD. Also read all three parts they’re all great.

Waves that rolled you under: Merman!Stiles and RunningFromHisPast!Peter

I remember liking this one, but not much else.