Boy and Dragon = FINISHED!

I almost forgot. My little short story, Biy and Dragon is finished! Maybe later this year, I’ll start the actual comic. But I want to do some practice first, so I’ll be working on a couple of comics, one being OC related.


What digital art program(s) do you use?

Paint Tool SAI. I may use Photoshop for text and other editing.

Do you use a tablet? What kind?
I use an 8x6 Huion Turcom tablet.

What SAI brushes do you use?

Right here!

Do you do traditional art? What do you use for it?
I do traditional art, but ever so rarely.

I use normal Crayola coloured pencils for colouring. For line art I use felt tip pens. For doodling, I may use a simple mechanical pencil or I may use Staedtler pencils.

Do you do Requests?
It depends.

Art Trades?
Ask me first.

I do! Info is right here.

A Potential Virus going on dA?

Hey you kids. I received this note from user leeassim a while ago saying that they received a 12 month dA premium for free by clicking a link.

Already, I was skeptical. I knew there wasn’t anyone with the username following me, the note came right out of the blue, and the url itself was suspicious to me. I guessed they were a bot spreading viruses.

So I went to their page.

And there’s nothing there. They don’t have a premium and they’ve been on the site for only a week, so I think that gives it away. 

Anyway, if you have a dA and you get this kind of note, I’d be cautious and don’t click on it. Who knows what would happen.

Here are some new aliens that I’ve added to the list:

Mentacules, gorgon aliens that live on planet Mythan. Their gender ratio is 60% females and 40% males. They have the ability to turn those into stone, which the effect lasts for about 20 minutes. They can do that with their hands or eyes. They also work in Arcturus, basically Hell. They make sure souls don’t escape from there.

Sluggles, sea snail aliens that are animals on planet Aquamarine. They have two subgroups, Epi and Smooth. Epis have spiked shells and Smooths are self-explanatory. Smooth shells. Their name is from slug + huggle, because they like giving hugs.

Isogins are sea anemone aliens that live on planet Aquamarine. They’re shorties, their height range being 2-4 feet tall. It’s rare if they’re taller than that. They csn reproduce asexually or with anyone of their species.