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Can I ask why everyone thinks that Azula is Zuko’s little sister?

Because unless it was stated somewhere that Azula is 14 in the show, I’m kind of leaning towards her being older than Zuko. And I do actually have a few reasons for thinking this. 

1. It was stated by Ozai in the episode Zuko Alone that Azula was named after her grandfather Azulon

And usually, it is the first born child that is named after a grandparent or parent. And if Zuko was the first born why wouldn’t he be named Azulon? (And I know some of you are thinking, uh duh, because Ozai hated Zuko) But Zuko would have been a newborn baby, there was no way for Ozai to know he would dislike Zuko and thus save the name for his second child. That doesn’t make sense.

2. Now, this might seem off point but stay with me here. So you guys remember Tom-Tom? 

Yeah, Mai’s little brother. We know that he is 2 years old, and then later in the show, it is said that Mai is fifteen years older than her brother. Making Mai 17. And I just always assumed that Azula would be around her friend’s age. She is the same size and looks no younger than Mai. 

Of course, that is more my opinion than fact, but I still feel that Azula would be close to Mai’s age. And she can’t be sixteen because we all know that Zuko is sixteen, so unless they are twins, that can’t be. 

And we do in fact know that Zuko is sixteen because even though that was never said outright, when Zuko confronted his father he said “My father, who challenged me a thirteen-year-old boy, to an Agni Kai,”

 And in the first season, while yelling at Zhao, Zuko says, “I’ve been searching for the Avatar for three years now,” 

Proving to us that Zuko is sixteen. Meaning that if Azula is older she would have to be at least 17 if not older. 

3. Now, this is more my opinion again. But throughout the whole show Azula refers to Zuko as ‘Zuzu’, and I feel like that is something an older sibling would do rather than a younger. 

Of course, we’re talking about Azula here. So really she is probably doing this just to get under Zuko’s skin, and to make him feel inferior because we all know she is a huge manipulator. 

4. Okay, now this is the one that always had me thinking that Azula was the older sibling. So like I said before we know Zuko was 13 when his father burned and banished him. 

This is what Zuko looked like at thirteen. And he does look a lot younger. You can tell this was years ago. 

Now, look at Azula in the crowd watching. 

She looks almost the exact same. Zuko is clearly younger in this flashback, but Azula looks fully grown, and that was three years ago

And as a kid watching the show, that proved to me that she was the older sibling. And up until recently I still thought that. But now I am seeing all these posts about Azula being a 14yo. Which, is of course freakin awesome, because that means she was that cunning and evil at just 14

But it took away a lot of the aspects of her that made me really fear Azula as a character. 

As an older sibling myself, I found it really cruel and scary that Azula would hunt down and try to kill her little brother. (It is horrible whether she is younger or older) but it hit me harder thinking that she was going after a younger sibling rather than an older. 

If you are an older sibling than you know even if you don’t get along with your younger sibs, you still feel protective and want them to strive. And so the fact that Azula was always so cruel towards Zuko made her seem more evil to me. 

She also always knew how to manipulate and push Zuko’s buttons. And I always felt that for Zuko that would be a scary and uncomfortable thing to deal with. And if Azula is older, then there would be that want to impress her in some ways, and feeling less than her in other ways. Making him even easier to manipulate. 

And that was a main part of why I found Azula so evil. Because she should have felt protective towards her brother, but to her, everything was just striving towards power, it showed that she really didn’t have a lot of humanity in her. And I think that point was shown in her breakdown. 

And not only did this make Azula seem even crueler as a character to me. But it made Zuko’s choices more clear as well. 

If Azula is older, Zuko would still want to impress her. Just like he strived to impress his father. Maybe he didn’t want her love. But he would want her respect. And as a younger sibling, I can see him trying to also achieve this. He would feel that he had more to prove. 

And to me, this showed even more character in Zuko when he did leave everything behind. Because he knew that he would be leaving his sister and father behind (not that he cared about their love at this point) but I think that must have been a terrifying thing to do on his part. Because now he will be on the opposite side again. And even if Zuko didn’t think he would be facing his father again, I bet you he knew he would be facing his manipulative sister again.

And it would have been much easier for him to just leave it be, or to even just go hide somewhere where he wouldn’t be found. Because facing Azula again and again would be hard, especially when she knew right where to hit him to make it really hurt.   

And that is why the last Agni Kai felt like the final step for Zuko in redeeming himself. (At least for me) Because he was standing up to someone that must have been scary for him to face, he was putting it to an end, and it a way saying ‘I don’t need to bow down or be scared of you’, because at this point Azula probably didn’t seem as scary to Zuko as she had always seemed while growing up. 

So Azula being the the older sibling not only made her seem eviler, in my opinion, it made Zuko seem even braver. 

So unless proven otherwise, I think I’ll stick to my headcanons.

it’s like 3 in the morning but I just realised that when dizzee painted on thor in That Scene he painted him just like the picture he did of thor on the wall with rumi, with the blue and white stripes and the gold star on his stomach?? and then dizzee in his opera jacket and multicolour-painted skin. and it’s like. together they’re literally becoming these free and unafraid versions of themselves that they have only been able to express through art and,,,I’m just getting real emotional here

You all know that everyone left around the same time after Oliver’s party last night, but that Oliver was the last one to go, and that Felicity walked him to the door and they lingered, both of them wanting to say something but knowing that they didn’t have to, because they’re finally, finally finding the same page again, and it’s so, so significant and amazing. They stood at the door for a long moment, neither speaking, until Felicity reached for his hand. Oliver saw her moving, his hand already coming up to meet hers, like they’re goddamn magnets or something, and their fingers touched, oh so softly, gently… and then more, slowly, their fingers sliding against each other’s, against their palms, against the insides of their wrists. You know that they both watched their hands, amazed how such an innocent touch could mean so much more. You know their fingers tangled together, that they simply enjoyed each other’s touch, finally able to enjoy such a simple, tiny thing that they had denied themselves for so, so long. And then Oliver laced their fingers together, squeezing her hand before bringing their interlaced fingers up to his lips as he looked at her again. Her eyes were glued to their hands but she felt his gaze and she met his eyes right when he kissed the back of her hand. He whispered, “Thank you,” and they both knew it wasn’t just for the party, just as much as they both knew that if he kissed her right now, she wouldn’t stop him. But he didn’t, because while that would be so amazing, realizing everything that’s always existed between them, there’s an even stronger urge to do this the Right Way, starting with another first date.

(they’re gonna have another first date and i’m emotional as hell about it)

My contribution for the prompt game with @tonystarkstoga. Short and a day later than usual but hey, it’s here now. Be warned, for ridiculousness awaits you!

I choose vodka,” Tony says, his voice deep and serious, leaving no room for doubts or arguments.


At least there shouldn’t be room for them. Apparently New York’s newest, crazy, son of a bitch hasn’t gotten the message though. Too bad. Tony almost likes the guy. Or would, if it hadn’t been for the villains’ latest demands.

Tony sighs in exasperation. “I choose vodka,” he repeats, slower this time. He makes sure to convey just how stupid he believes–knows–them to be with his tone, just to piss them off.

He is loveable like that.

“How can you-” Floaty the Conqueror, or whatever his ridiculous bad boy nickname is, trails of in confusion.

“Well, you’ve given me the choice between my team mates’ life and the life of a little kid,” Tony comments with the air of a man who’s been handed a thousand demands just like this one in the last month. “There can hardly be a better choice for a drink then when facing a moral dilemma like this one, can there? They tend to be quite hard on the stomach, you know?” he adds reasonably. “Maybe you should read Kidnapping for Idiots, or else we’ll be having a lot of similarly embarrassing conversations in the future.”

“I suppose that- wait!” Floaty calls out in sudden realisation, “You’re just trying to distract me until you can free yourself!”

“I’m not.”

“You’re not?”

“I’m not,” Tony assures Floaty–and that name sounds too cute, now that he thinks about it, he’ll have to rename the guy or else fighting him will be difficult. “I wouldn’t waste both our times like that. I freed myself half an hour ago, while you were arguing with your bodyguard.”

Floaty pales rapidly and scrambles for his gun. “You’re bluffing!”

“I’m really not,” Tony calmly raises the gun in question. “On a completely unrelated note, you really should have read Kidnapping for Idiots first. I’ll be sure to have a copy delivered to your cell. It’s got an entire chapter dedicated to me, right under the bold DO NOT KIDNAP line. But I suppose experience is its own kind of teacher after all.”

Later: “Sixty-seven minutes? You’re losing your touch, Tones,” Rhodey shakes his head in mock disappointment.

“Nah,” Tony smirks, all smug satisfaction. “It was pretty fun, seeing Natasha dangling in the air like that, spitting mad but unable to do anything but plan murder. Poor Floaty though, I don’t think he’ll even make to the prison.”

I was rereading parts of the wan comic, and got to the chapter where Atsushi was cleaning out the lockers, and he said something that really sticks out to me, because it makes a lot of sense regarding Dazai’s character.

After Dazai shows him his locker, and explains its purpose, he says he’s bored and Atsushi says, “Did announcing it to the world make you feel better?!”, and the thing is, even if Atsushi is saying this because he’s shocked, it’s actually true if you look at Dazai’s character.

In Dazai and The Dark Era, when Oda allowed Dazai to talk things through, it enabled him to get the thoughts and ideas off his chest without actually attempting them, because Oda would let him do so without being angry or upset with him. He let Dazai speak his mind, and when things did start taking a darker turn, he knew when to stop him, to bring him back to reality and ground him in a sense. 

Really, when it comes to a lot of Dazai’s struggles with depression, being able to talk to someone he trusts, and/or express his thoughts clearly without being immediately berated or yelled at helps him. However, he doesn’t open up in earnest all that much, and this is likely because of how he was raised before and during his time in the mafia.

In an environment like that, opening up about your feelings could mean your death.

I would go further, but it’s 1am and I need to go to bed before I end up staying up until almost 4am three nights in a row.

The HC that got away from me

“While asking for an autograph once, my adorable baby bro, in all his chubby cheeked, six-year-old glory, looks Yuuri Katsuki right in the eye and says (read: yells), “I’M GONNA BE JUST LIKE YOU!” pulls off a wobbly pirouette and I shit you not this guy, pro skater, gorgeous athlete, gay as all f*ck, looks floored. Like he was genuinely about to cry cause my brother admired him, like what … what is he?

“I went to stand next to him for a picture, and I was super nervous so I blurted out, “Wow, you’re a lot taller in skates!” And HE APOLOGIZED AND OFFERED TO STOOP DOWN I didn’t even know what to say it was the most precious thing anyone’s ever said to me”

“I almost ended Katsuki Yuuri’s career today by screaming (purely on reflex) as he walked by with skate guards on, he was fine, but he fell and I apologized … but guys … he made the cutest noise. Like distressed kitten cute. My heart stopped for a second I …”

“Okay, Yuuri Katsuki fanbase, we need to make a rule to stop scaring our boy”#protectawkwardskatingson 

“Approach only when eye-contact is established and no sudden movements” #protectawkwardskatingson

phichit+chu - “Whatever you do DON’T SCREAM also it helps to check if his glasses are on or he can’t really see you, you’re just a terrifying blob coming at him”

christophe-gc – “You know what just make sure @ v-nikiforov is there, that improves your chances of not startling Yuuri by like 80%”

yuri_plisetsky - “Smile but don’t show your teeth at first, this could be seen as over-enthusiasm and will be met with nervous sweating and lots of babbling … it’s hilarious actually”

yuuri-katsudon - “… what is happening”

v-nikiforov – “best to try after his scores are up and never before, he’s very focused before he performs”

yuuri-katsudon – “seriously, what???”

phichit+chu - “Hush @ yuuri-katsudon we are helping you”

“Is anyone writing this down?” #officialKatsukirulebook

Part 1

Tumblr aesthetics are cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like making your town as you as possible. 

If you like balloon furniture, decorate with it! If you like to have non-matching PWPs, build ‘em! If you like your villagers’ houses to be helter skelter and all over the place, let ‘em be!

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

Some backstory, our group of a dwarf fighter, a tiefling paladin, a half elf rogue, a aarakocra bard and a dragonborn wizard we’re making our way out of a research facility of geology that was basically destroyed and fallen as we were being escorted ( however the dragonborn was a worker there ) and we finally make it to the first floor of the building, confronting an emissary of a earth god who wants this place reduced to rubble. Halfway through the battle the emissary turns back to their true form, a Couatl, on my turn ( the bard ) i get a brilliant idea to use my invisibility which i applied at the start of the fight.

DM: Alright Miki ( me ) it’s your turn, what are you going to do?

Me: Are there any rocks lying on the floor?

Dm: Yeah, lots in fact

Me: Miki takes advantage of his invisibility and picks up some rocks to pretend to be an earth elemental to fool the guy into not attacking him or his friends

Everyone goes quiet for a moment, the DM in awe at the idea

DM: My god.. Okay, first get a point of inspiration, also roll a deception check

Me: *Rolls* I got a 17

Dm: … He got a 9, so he’s fooled and says-

Couatl: Wait, who are you? Why are you here, you’re alive?!

Me: Well, i was escorting these people through this place but lost track of them for a while

Couatl, who’s not buying this much at all: Escorting? There were no commands of escort of anyone in this place

Me: I was escorting this holy person who has important information *points at paladin*

Couatl: Oh really? *Turns towards paladin* so what information is it that you have, paladin?

Paladin: Well, you see..

After lots of babbling back and forth between the couatl and paladin about gods and duties, the couatl eventually comes to the conclusion that the paladin’s a harm and so is the rest of us, turning towards the bard whose disguise has been seen through slightly

Couatl: Then what are you?

Me: Uhh.. Miki throws the rocks he’s holding at him and runs away

Everyone at the table bursts into laughter and has to take a moment to calm down

just pining pidge™ things

  • will deny feelings so fast. if she gets a crush she will deny it to the grave especially to herself
  • avoids object of affection like the plague 
  • tries very hard to hide crush but fails miserably 
  • very, very blushy it’s the first dead giveaway 
  • babbles A LOT because she’s nervous 
  • doesn’t flirt ever but she’s so obvious even without saying anything 
  • lots of secret staring and not so secret staring 
  • thinks she subtle, is not
  • very aware of how stupid she acts around object of affection and is heartily ashamed
  • ‘why can’t i delete this crush’

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You started something terrible and gorgeous and I would like to thank you for making me cry.


i was just gonna shoot this into the void i wasn’t even. expecting it to go anywhere but it… not only went but just..??? SO MUCH?? i am thrust into the stratosphere with how much i’m just… emotionally shook by the response 

SMTM6 ep. 1 thoughts/reactions
  • note to self: don’t fall for mnet’s evil editing
  • “korea’s best hip hop duo…dynamic duo” DEAD
  • *screams bc olltii screentime pt. 2*
  • Dok2 & Jay Park’s entrance… smol x smol team
  • did jay wear that arm sleeve bc it matched his outfit or did he wear it so he wouldn’t look like a walking blob of blur
  • everyone throwing up their 1llionaire turn up signs meanwhile im here like…
  • Zico & dean team enters *camera pans to all the female rappers*
  • Dean = gray pt. 2
  • untouchable’s sleepy? fuck yes
  • *producers dissing each other* let the savagery begin
  • jay, a 30 yr old, being salty when the mc forgot about him in s4 is adorable as hell
  • will we ever get to see dean’s eyes this season?
  • someone pls make a vid of jay’s giggles
  • season 6 = bucket hats
  • lmfao bizzy dying of embarrassment bc tiger jk was trying to prove he wasn’t scary
  • *angel by mfbty plays in the back* this is my jam
  • bizzy: “ahhhh” x485948409
  • dynamic duo as the angel judge = tablo pt. 2
  • gaeko is actually super cute??
  • microdot appears *thinks of farting and fishing* (anyone else watch law of the jungle?)
  • junoflo yaaaaaaassssss boy
  • *montage of girls* so is it time for the good looking rappers or is it the idol rappers segment?
  • it’s the good looking rappers segment
  • dean’s eyes have finally seen the light of day
  • “ahhhhhh” x24342
  • PD to dean: “can you raise your hat a little bit?” YES THANK U
  • *gaeko judges digili* okay but gaeko is actually really adorable
  • baby rappers dskljdfkj is this gonna be a new segment
  • dean = new savage judge
  • (lowkey missing the quiett)
  • na sangwook tho. y’all this boy is gonna make it far  
  • if double k doesn’t make it to the finals istg im gonna cry
  • nvm dok2 is the savage judge. illionaire’s 3 second rule lol (missing the quiett pt. 2)
  • everybody wanting nucksal on their team reminds me of a pack of hyenas hunting an impala
  • double k raps one line and i literally gasped

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This is your Thursday reminder for writing a thing on hand-holding.

lmao I can’t believe someone actually sent me a reminder.

It’s not gonna be a long thing, I just wouldn’t have had time to make even really shitty gifs until I finished my finals today.

So when I watched volume 3 in theaters when they were doing the screenings last year, I noticed that in this shot, it looks like Blake’s stroking the side of Yang’s hand with her thumb. It’s the tiniest movement, so I never noticed it before then because it’s such a small part of the shot, but if you’re watching it on a huge screen, it’s a lot easier to notice it.

After I got home, I decided to rewatch the scene while staring at Blake and Yang’s hands in every shot they were in to see if there was anything else.

And there’s this other shot where there’s a tiny movement that looks like Blake tightening her grip on Yang’s hand.

Funnily enough, to me anyways, this is the “Sun looking back at Blake and Yang and the focus of the shot is clearly Blake holding Yang’s hand” shot.

And the best part is, they changed the way Blake’s hand is positioned just for this shot. Her fingers are resting in Yang’s palm in every other shot of their hands except this one.

Besides the two gifs, here’s a compilation of every time we see Blake and Yang’s hands in that whole scene.

The order of events is the left shot of the compilation, the middle shot of the compilation, the gif where Blake’s hand is positioned differently, the other gif, and the right shot in the compilation.

Thank you so much for 1.5k!! I’ve had this blog for practically four years, and I’ve been in a few different fandoms yet I have never met so many lovely people and friends like I have in the phandom. Thank you so much for following this lil dork, you guys all deserve the world (’: