no offence but sometimes i see people complain and complain about unhealthy dynamics in kdramas, which yeah i totally agree

but then, whenever theres a kdrama with a much healthier dynamic … those people never watch it lol

so its like, do they actually care or do they just wanna complain?? 

i mean watch what you wanna watch, thats fine - i’d just think with all that anger re: unhealthy relationships, these people would jump on board with the better ships?

Serendipity: pure, gentle love; freshly bloomed flowers; warm blankets; fingers intertwined; light hearted, young love; love in shades of yellow

Euphoria: deeply bonded love; watching the clouds; tracing hearts on skin; comfortable and familiar; safe, unconditional; lifelong love; love in shades of the blue

Singularity: intimate love; sensual and slow; intoxicating; a soft caress and a racing heart; darkened eyes; selfish and physical but punctuated with depth; aching love; love in shades of purple

music genres are fake and made up anyway so here’s how i’m describing my music taste from now on:

  • music for witches dancing at midnight
  • songs that sad protestants would sing in a bar where for some reason people Only drink whiskey
  • summer indie pop songs that capture a fake rose-tinted view of adolescence never experienced but often romanticized
  • that distinct feeling some music gives you where you feel this like primal power like you’re channeling old and forgotten gods who are back for vengeance

important life lessons a series of unfortunate events taught me a child:

  • life is scary
  • life is unfair
  • life is a conundrum of esoterica
  • question authority figures, especially when you know they’re wrong
  • cherish the authority figures who respect and care for you
  • some adults will take the word of other adults over a child’s and it isn’t fair and you must find a way around it
  • some adults do not like when a child knows even a little bit more than them
  • the best adults are ones who see a child’s intelligence and curiosity and, rather than being threatened, encourage them to dig deeper and learn more
  • the best adults are the ones who listen
  • loved ones will die and it’s okay to mourn
  • the death of a loved one will leave a gaping hole in your heart that will seem unfillable, but that’s just how life is and that’s okay too
  • life will hurt you but you must keep going
  • don’t trust those who despise education
  • wicked people often do not read
  • wicked people will do wicked things and sometimes, many times, get away with their crimes
  • sometimes those wicked people will hurt you and no one will believe you but you must never give in
  • life is filled with danger and you must be brave
  • sometimes bravery is running for your life
❤️ Cute Little Habits ❤️

* Grabby hands

* Sleepy little eyes at bedtime
* Falling asleep in sometimes crazy positions
* Holding onto your ARM more often than your hands
* Messy hair without realizing it
* The potty dance
* Getting rather hangry (hungry and therefore extra angry)
* Whiny voices when they’re mad but don’t know it
* Imitating animals they see
* Putting things in their mouth just because
* Singing extra loud when they hear musicals
* Rocking back and forth when they’re deep in little space
* Jumping up and down when excited
* Puppy dog eyes
* That CRAZY CUTE little voice
* Pouty lower lip
* Not being able to sit more than 2 inches away from their caregiver
* Becoming harder to control the more tired they get
* REFUSING to believe they’re sleepy…even as they yawn
* Needing naps
* Loving caregivers in such a way that they feel fulfilled, important, valued, and desirable.