if ur ever sad about being bad at something you love, just remember that hinata shouyou is fucking shit at volleyball and he’s still a regular on his team for some reason. reach for the stars. follow your dreams. fight everyone you encounter. threaten people you meet outside of bathrooms. jump really fucking high just do it just fukccin

A story about an introverted teen whos seen as grumpy and rebellious and whos catchphrase seems to be “dont touch me” and who wears really baggy clothing and hair all up in their face tURNS OUT TO BE A SUPERHERO VIGILANTE WHO HOLDS THEIR HAIR BACK WITH A HEADBAND AND IS ACTUALLY HIDING CHISELED MUSCLES UNDERNEATH ALL THAT BAGGY CLOTHING

the next tumblr update will remove the reblog and like button too. after that you won’t be able to post original posts at all. soon the plan will be complete and your dash will just be sponsored ads that you scroll through whilst crying, remembering the better days where u could call ur friend a nerd through replies