adrenaline-revolver submitted:  ITS THE GREAT PUMPKIN QUI-GON JINN!

lmao basically. I’m losing my marbles though because I could have sworn I brought the river stone into this AU before but I guess it was only as a behind-the-scenes private convo I had with someone?? Or muttered in the tags on a post on my main blog, or something. Idk. POINT IS that I totally always intended for the river stone to be a thing of sentimental significance that Qui-Gon bestowed upon Obi-Wan when he turned 13, as in canon. Maybe it came from a stream near where they used to live in the UK. And/or maybe it’s something that itty bitty babu OW actually gave to his father years and years ago (too young for him to remember), back before the divorce, when QG was a stay-at-home dad and took his boys out on hikes often. Giving it back was his silent, awkward way of saying “I kept this as a reminder because that time was important to me. Because you’re important to me. And I know it’s been rough since then and you’ve put up with so much, and I wish I could give you back the rest of the childhood you deserved. We should have collected more rocks together.”

…how dare you make me feel my own feelings under a picture as silly as this. 

Anyway the point is that rocks are now kind of an inside joke between them to mark special occasions (particularly life milestones (GET IT STONES HAHAHA /shot) like becoming a teenager, graduating high school & university & grad school, getting engaged, etc) and emotions they find hard to articulate. 

dorano121  asked:

If you haven't decided on a type of doctor for Kix, perhaps he could be a trauma surgeon? Considering his role as a combat medic in canon, it would make a certain amount of sense...

That’s an interesting thought! Though the extent of my knowledge of the workings and hierarchy of hospitals is “the occasional episode of Scrubs,” so I’d probably have to look into that a bit more before deciding. I guess I figured that he’s more the type to deal with patients and staff directly, leaving piles of swooning people in his wake as he floats through the hospital with his gentle bedside manner and stunning good looks, like a blessing sighed throughout the land. I’m not sure how much surgeons actually interface with patients and general staff, though. 

if ur ever sad about being bad at something you love, just remember that hinata shouyou is fucking shit at volleyball and he’s still a regular on his team for some reason. reach for the stars. follow your dreams. fight everyone you encounter. threaten people you meet outside of bathrooms. jump really fucking high just do it just fukccin

tora42  asked:

do you have any ideas about jesse's wife? who she is, how they met? what the rest of the fett bros thought about her? i'm kind of obsessing over everything in this au, it's brilliant! thank you for sharing it!

Thank you so much! Unfortunately I kinda don’t. I mean there was this blurb, and I guess there are a few more things I’ve been mentally assuming about her, but not with enough conviction to have posted about without prompting. But you prompted, so: I’ve been picturing her as like… fitness Barbie almost? Fairly feminine and generally sweet, but also spunky-fit. A civilian that Jesse met either around town between tours, or after he switched to the National Guard and was working and starting community college. They bonded over being both gym rats and foodies. 

But ultimately she’s an OC and I’m generally super indifferent to those. She’s kind of just a placeholder/accessory to flesh out the world and expand the family. >w> The bros get along with her, but she tends to hang out with her own circle of friends and family a lot. She’s just sorta “Jesse’s wife.” Or, you know, “Jessie’s Girl” with four-part harmony. XD

Unless someone has a compelling suggestion for a canon character to use instead! I’m all ears for that. C:

A story about an introverted teen whos seen as grumpy and rebellious and whos catchphrase seems to be “dont touch me” and who wears really baggy clothing and hair all up in their face tURNS OUT TO BE A SUPERHERO VIGILANTE WHO HOLDS THEIR HAIR BACK WITH A HEADBAND AND IS ACTUALLY HIDING CHISELED MUSCLES UNDERNEATH ALL THAT BAGGY CLOTHING

the next tumblr update will remove the reblog and like button too. after that you won’t be able to post original posts at all. soon the plan will be complete and your dash will just be sponsored ads that you scroll through whilst crying, remembering the better days where u could call ur friend a nerd through replies