remember when hussie retconned a lot of panels by adding john’s arm in random places and the fandom joked about new potential homestuck readers getting confused about the random arms,  except there are like no homestuck readers anymore,

just got back from deadpool and it was 👌👌👌 by far my favorite marvel movie 👌👌👌 my dad loved it and i loved it and we love each other and it was a Good Time! highly recommend

i’m sorry this is a bit late, but i wanted to do it anyway, so here’s my first ever follow forever! i’ve met and become mutuals with so many cool people over this year, and i wanted to give credit to the people who put a little extra joy in my days. i’m so sorry if you aren’t in this and you wanted to be. i was trying not to make it too long since i knew it would be really long already. (mutuals are bolded btw)

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down with cis is a simple way of saying “down with the way of life forced upon the general population completely by cisgender people that causes even trans people(but especially cis people) to make transphobic decisions with their words and actions”. like?? why are you guys getting upset over a simple and catchy way to take a stand against transphobia???