He grew healthy wavy brown hair on his head
The kind, the kind that babies always go for
With sticky little fingers (x)


Ok, we all know that in The Avengers, Bruce was helping out the sick in Calcutta and possibly other countries as well. It’s never specified what ages his patients are, probably of all ages, which means some of them might have children. Children they can’t look over because they’re too sick to do so…

So who’s favorite doctor steps in to look after his patient’s kids while their parents recover?  

And we all know from that cradle scene that he wanted some babbies of his own, BUT HE CAN’T HAVE THEM, BECAUSE HE’S A GIANT GREEN RAGE MONSTER AND CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS so looking after these kids and babies is about as close as he gets.

I think the thing he finds most rewarding about helping these people is helping the children, making sure their lives are a littler brighter and hopeful in these relatively dismal places. Most of the time it’s enough for him, but from time to time he still wants little ones of his own…

Also inspired by the Regina Spektor song above :I