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Hmmmm I always thought that Pearl could pilot both the ship and the escape pod because of that weird mind-link interface they both have (when Pearl puts her hand in the bluish thing and her eyes go all sjsmsmsmismismia) maybe it just follows commands and direction via telepathic connection????

Hmm yeah, but remember when Steven did it when he found Peridot’s escape pod and played around with it? He couldn’t control it properly, just a bit more after having practiced with it. Pearl had almost no time to practice yet she piloted it pretty soon after they had formed Sardonyx that first time.

Pearl is also always the one who’s in charge of any technical stuff when it comes to the CGs. I think she really learned how to work with technical things, and she really is an expert on her subject now. I mean we already knew she learned all she could, all on her own, but still, I don’t think we’ve appreciated enough how much she knows <3 I love her <3