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Hiya. Could I get some fluffy uf sans (he deserves so much happiness. I just... feeeels) reacting to his SO confessing that they're pregnant and that they were kinda scared about how he'd react. Like... his SO gets so nervous about it that they just start going on and on. (If you could... you're gr8 with a capital 8 btw)

Red my babbbyyyyyyyy!!! ALSO I LOVE YOU OMG (this is also kinda like this ask if you wanna check it out xxxxx


Sans (Red)

You found out that the test was positive almost an hour ago. You were six weeks pregnant. After two weeks of throwing up and random emotional waves, you decided it was time to check. You weren’t expecting it to come out as positive though! 

Since then, you’ve walked the entire length of the house twice and sat at the kitchen table, bouncing your leg anxiously. How are you gonna tell Sans about this?! You could always be upfront and hand him the test but part of you wants to make it a surprise. 

But how would he even react to having a kid with you? Does he want to have a family with you? You pace around the kitchen again, the test feeling heavy in your pocket. You hear the front door open and you stop pacing, feeling more anxiety bubble up in your chest. You lean against the kitchen bench, trying to look as casual as possible. Sans walks into the kitchen, takes one look at you and sighs. He’s always been able to read you like a book. 

“what’s up sweetheart?” he asks, walking over to you and pressing his body against yours. He kisses you softly but doesn’t pull his body away. You wrap your arms around him, trying to build up the courage to tell him. He rubs your back gently, resting his head on top of yours. 

“is someone threatening you? was it that shit head at the coffee stand again? cause he’s on his way to havin’ a great time,” he asks, his voice slightly growling towards the end of the sentence. You shake your head and gather up all the courage you have in your body. You reach into your pocket and pull out the test. You step away from Sans’s embrace and hand him the plastic stick. He takes it and looks over it, looking confused. 

“what’s this suppose ta mean? are you sick? are you dying!?” his eye lights widen as he flickers from the stick and back to you. 

“No no no… um… it means that we’re….” you pause and take a deep breath, watching his face carefully for his reaction, “…having a baby.” 

His body goes still as he processes the information. You bite down on your lip, watching his eyes dim, then brighten then dim again. You’re both quiet for a moment before the word vomit starts. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it could happen! I don’t even know if you wanted a baby or one with me in that case! Sans, honestly I took the test just to check and I didn’t expect it to come out as positive! I mean -” your words are cut off by Sans pulling you closer to his body, his arms wrapping around you. 

“sweetheart, y/n, oh my stars,” he breathes out. You press your face into his ribs, wrapping your arms around him tightly. 

“love, i’m not mad! just, fuck, really? are we actually having a baby bones?” he asks softly. You don’t trust your voice so you just nod, looking up at him. You notice his eye lights have taken on the shape of little hearts, something that doesn’t happen often. You let out a small giggle at the sight of your big and gruff skele-bae with literal heart eyes. 

He lets out a laugh with you, his smile wide and genuine. He lifts you up off the ground, setting you onto the counter and slotting himself between your legs. He kisses you passionately, his hands on your waist but slowly brushing over your stomach. 

You can’t even remember why you were nervous in the first place.