babar and father christmas

Babar and Father Christmas. Jean de Brunhoff. Translated from the French by Merle Haas. New York: Random House, 1940. First English edition. Illustrated throughout. Original dust jacket.

Babar visits Father Christmas and suggests that he take a vacation in the elephants’ country. In gratitude, Father Christmas gives Babar a magic Santa suit which will enable him to fly through the air and deliver presents on Christmas eve to all the little elephants, beginning yet another wonderful western tradtion in Celesteville.

This is the one piece of entertainment that never fails to make me weep like a little baby. Save for perhaps “Milo & Otis,” which I watched once as a child and cried so hard I couldn’t see straight. Had my grandmother not been there, ready with a hot bowl of mac and cheese, I doubt I would have ever gotten over it.

But, yes, Babar. There’s just something about the Christmas special that murders me emotionally. It’s definitely tied to my childhood, since I have fond memories of watching it with my big, happy family that’s no longer so big or so happy. Because of that, I’m going to make it tradition to watch this every Christmastime with my own future family.

Also, I have a deep appreciation for Rataxes. So much so I think I’ll remodel my blog around him.