イケメン総選挙2016 - Ikemen Award 2016

Having followed the past 4 elections done by Voltage Jp I was intrigued to see what they were going to do with this year’s award after so many of the older apps were announced to be discontinued and Koigame cafe made somewhat obsolete. 

It is no surprise they really trimmed it down to their newer products and kept only their bestsellers. SITSC AND MSB characters who still were able to keep top 20 spots in the last 4 years are now gone. The short lived BUM is not present and Bad Boys never made the cut. BUT BABA IS TAKING PART !!!! Yay finally!! I have to say their theme this year called ふたりで歩く恋のレッドカーペット - “The love red carpet we walk on”, it’s actually quite intriguing. They will be releasing AU stories with genres like sci-fi, horror, action and young love.

They will be using Koigame Cafe as the voting medium like last year, so if you have left over latte tickets like me, this is a good way to use it. This is also your last chance to get freebies via coin drop before it it gone from this app for good.

Below is the list of contestants and the AU themes each character is going to star on. 

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could you please do a round up of vegan pizzas? Pretty please ?

Here is a vegan pizza round up, vegan pizza round up for Pi Day, vegan deep dish pizza round up, vegan pizza alternative round up and vegan calzone round up. Below are other vegan pizza (or similar) recipes that I’ve posted in the past. Enjoy!

Earlier this year, I showcased artwork in Diwang Pinay, an event hosted by Babae SF and it was absolutely amazing experience! The show brought up important issues that centered around the Pinay narrative and I left feeling loved and empowered.