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14. Pleaseeeee

14 — “Your hands are so much bigger than mine.”

Zayn breathes a fond smile as he looks down at their son, and to Liam who is crouching at Isaac’s height.

Isaac is staring at their three painted hands printed to his bedroom wall, a frown crumpling his forehead as he looks to Liam in frustration.

“They’ll grow, jaan,” Liam mumbles softly, exchanging an amused grin with Zayn. “Soon they’ll be just as large as ours, don’t you worry.”

Only if you eat your vegetables, though,” Zayn tells him as he kneels onto the floor beside Isaac.

He can’t help but smile; at the dried blues and oranges clinging to Liam’s beard, and the pink streaks traced over Isaac’s neck and along his arms. It had been Liam’s idea to leave handprints over the walls of Isaac’s room after they’d finished painting it, and Zayn can’t stop thinking about the laughter and squeals spilling from their son’s mouth when Liam had chased him around the room threatening to mark him in paint.

“One day I’ll be as big as you?” Isaac asks curiously, large eyes staring up at Zayn — and though it is impossible, he can always see hints of Liam’s in them.

Zayn nods, curling an arm around his son’s waist. “All grown up, babe.”

Isaac pouts, scowling, almost. “I’m already grown up.”

"Course you are,” Liam grins, leaving a soft kiss to Isaac’s forehead. “You just have to wait a bit longer until you’re as tall as us — s’ what Baba means.”

Zayn bites over his bottom lip to suppress a laugh, squeaking Isaac in his hold. He tangles his fingers through Liam’s, unable to contain his smile as he sits in the centre of the empty room with his family, handprinted memories stained to the walls.

Zayn AUs
A little sick (Zianourry Age Play

A/N: Hey you guys I’m the new co-writer on this account. I hope you like my first prompt

Prompt: baby niall where he is sick but doesn’t tell his daddies (Harry Liam Louis Zayn) and then he snuggles with Louis who notices he has a fever and makes him rest and Zayn and Liam have to yell at him a few times for getting up, Harry punishes him by making him sit in his crib by himself without his daddies in the room for not listening and Niall throws up all over himself when he is his crib


Niall woke up earlier than normal with sweat beating off of his forehead. He felt inclosed by the bars around him and his head was pounding. His throat hurt really bad too. He opened his mouth to call for his daddies, but his throat hurt so bad that he just started crying. Soon his papa, Harry, showed up, leaning over the crib and picking him.

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Zayn and Liam's little daughter first word.

Liam holds Maya on his hip as he stirs coffee granules into Zayn’s favourite mug, grinning as Maya brushes her fingers over his neck and leans into his shoulder. 

“Gotta make sure Baba has his coffee, petal,” he says softly, dipping a kiss to the top of her head. “You know how he gets in the mornin’.”

Maya giggles like she somehow understands what he’s saying, fond eyes watching the smile she flickers to Liam.

“Ba-ba,” she says, shyly at first as she tests out the words on her tongue. “Baba.”

Liam freezes, eyes widening as Maya splutters out another giggle and literally beams at him.

“Did you just –”


“Oh my… Zayn!” Liam yells, smiling in disbelief as he bounces Maya gently in his arms. “Zayn!

Zayn flits down the stairs in a matter of seconds, the tie around his neck loose and disheveled as he looks at Liam with worry traced over his features.

“What’s wrong?” He questions, stepping closer with cautious eyes scanning over Maya and then to Liam. “What hap –”

“Baba,” Maya grins, reaching out to Zayn with one hand whilst the other clings to Liam. 

Liam falls a little bit in love with the way Zayn’s eyes immediately soften, a tremble of his bottom lip as he smiles and cups Maya’s cheek with gentle fingers.

“Yeah, sweetheart,” Zayn says quietly, his accent thick like he’s about to tear up. “S’ your baba, baby.”

He wraps an arm around Liam’s waist, resting his chin onto Liam’s shoulder. 

“I can’t believe she…” Zayn’s voice breaks and Liam fumbles a smiling kiss to his forehead. “Oh my god.”

Liam can’t stop the grin tracing his lips as he cradles Maya close to his chest, listening to her proud laughter and the way Zayn praises her in soft whispers.  

Bath Time

This popped into my head and the idea was too adorable to ignore….


Lunch was almost ready and neither Liam nor Aamanee had come back yet. Zayn was in the kitchen putting a bowl of cut-up fruit on the table when he decides to check up on them. Zayn knows the drill by now. Liam always seems to get caught up playing with their daughter and forgetting the concept of time. It’d be sweet if it they didn’t end up rushing half the time trying to make up for it. Luckily, lunch on a Saturday wasn’t as pressing as doctor’s appointments or tardy bells. All Zayn asked was for them to get cleaned up before lunch after the father-daughter duo spent a good chunk of the morning in the backyard running through the sprinklers while Zayn did a few chores without the two in the way. It was unseasonably hot today and both Aamanee and Liam had been itching to break-out their seldom used bathing suits. Honestly, with Liam it’s like having two kids around the house but Zayn would be lying if their combined laughter ringing out wasn’t music to his ears.

Which is why he wasn’t at all surprised as he approached the bathroom to hear just that bouncing off the tiles, Aamanee’s squeal and Liam’s goofy pretend voice bringing a smile to his face instantly. The door was ajar so Zayn just peeked in to see what was making their daughter so happy without disturbing whatever was going on.

The sight before him made his heart flutter a bit. Zayn covered his mouth so as not to give away his presence with the giggle that threatened to leave his lips. Liam had joined Aamanee in the bathtub, swim trunks and all. He had apparently poured the entire bottle of bubble bath solution into the water judging by the insane amount of bubbles everywhere. The best part was that father and daughter were both sporting matching bubbly mohawks and making silly faces at each other. Aamanee was standing before Liam with her hands on her hips, face scrunched up trying to give Liam a mean look but bursting out laughing instead before plopping back down, splashing soapy water over the edge, adding to the mess already on the bathroom floor.

Liam then grabbed another handful of bubbles and placed it on his hair, another handful on his face. “Is there something on my face, young lady? Why are you laughing at me?” he asked Aamanee in that silly voice again making their daughter laugh out loud again “Yes, daddy…I mean, yes mistah!’ she hiccuped as she reached out and smeared the bubbles all over Liam’s face and on his mouth. “Eeeww, gross! It got in me mouth!” he shouted as he pretended to spit to the side. This earned more laughter from their daughter and Zayn couldn’t look away. 

He retrieved his phone quickly from his back pocket to try and capture the action with his camera. He inched inside a bit more and began recording video before the moment passed, causing Liam to finally notice him. Zayn quickly put his finger to his lip, silently communicating to him to continue their game without alerting their four year old. Liam got the message and turned back to Aamanee who had made her way back to Liam with her hands full of bubbles that she placed on Liam’s mohawk, laughing the entire time. “Hey now! What’d you do that for!” he continued, flailing his arms about, making Aamanee squeal again and double over with laughter.

Zayn stopped the recording, not being able to contain his own laughter any longer. Aamanee finally noticed Zayn and said “Baba! Look! Daddy’s hair!” she said pointing at Liam.

“I see, baby girl. Did you do that to him?” Zayn asked approaching the tub, walking carefully along the wet floor. “And did he do this to your hair?” he said adjusting her limp hair back into its original mohawk style. “Yeah!” she said with a smile. “Daddy said it’s cool.”

Zayn sniffed and glanced at Liam “He did, huh? Since when does daddy know anything about being cool?” Liam just smiled and stuck his tongue out at him.

“I’ll have you know I’m plenty cool. Isn’t that right, Manee?” he asked their daughter raising his palm for a high-five which she promptly gave with a “yeah daddy”. 

“You see, babe? Coolest dad around” he said placing a dollop of bubbles on Zayn’s nose and giving him that squishy-eyed smile that Zayn was so in love with. “Sure, Li, whatever let’s you sleep at night” Zayn said wiping his nose on the nearest towel, trying to keep the fond invading his chest from being too obvious as he smiled back at him.

“Lunch is ready. You guys almost done here?” he says running his hand through the soggy mess on Aamanee’s head. “Don’t wanna eat alone.”

“Awwww, sorry ‘bout that. Got a bit carried away, I guess” he says with a giggle. God, how is he still this adorable after all this time, Zayn thinks to himself looking at his overgrown man-child.

“I know, Li” Zayn pecks him on the cheek as he rises. “Manee, make sure daddy gets cleaned up for lunch, baby girl, okay?” She smiles up at him, her light brown eyes shining “Okay, Baba!” and Zayn has to fight the urge to hug her tight even as she’s soaking wet so he opts to reach down and kiss her forehead instead, fingers stroking her cheek before he turns to leave.

As he’s walking out the door he hears Liam whisper to her “Okay, Manee, where were we?”  Zayn sighs and shakes his head. He may as well put the food away.

Little Green

for: Lauren / @goingtofixmyhome

by: Kath / @bioluminescentwriting

All they wanted was a baby to be the missing piece in their little family puzzle. They’d tried adopting twice before without success, but this time it’s finally working out. And yet, Zayn can’t shake this lingering feeling that something is wrong. Everything is going too well, and experience has taught him that’s when things tend to take a turn for the worst.

word count: 12681

warnings: difficult themes, language, minor sexual content

main pairing: zayn/niall

Zayn’s exhausted by the time he walks into the staff room at ten after eight, and his day has only just begun. He’s only had about three hours of sleep, having spent the entire day before at the hospital and getting home late last night. And while Niall, in usual Niall fashion, had been able to drop off the moment he hit the pillow, a quiet snore slipping from between his lips as he drooled onto his pillow, Zayn couldn’t catch much sleep.

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Best Song Ever by @paynefulperiods
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: G

Zayn wakes to a hand on his face.

Fingers dance lightly against the stubble littering his jaw. Grumbling, he leans into the touch, hoping that if he keeps his eyes closed, sleep will take him under once more. It’s a soft giggle that makes his eyelids flutter open; eyes blinking a few times to adjust to the soft morning sun creeping through the sheer curtains.

His heart seizes as the scene before him floods into focus. Big amber eyes stare up at him, crinkling at the corners, as the giggles continue to sound, soft and light. Ali’s tiny hands move to his neck, tapping lightly, exploring his tan skin.

Extracting his arm from the sheets, Zayn boops his little button nose, chuckling as the giggles get louder.

Ali is snuggled against a sleeping Liam’s chest, head resting lightly over her heart. The little hand not on Zayn moves slowly through the long golden strands lying across Liam’s pillow, a small smile on Ali’s lips as the soft hairs tickle his palm.

Zayn drags his fingers through the chestnut curls covering Ali’s head, leaning forward to press gentle lips against the delicate skin of his forehead. Big eyes search Zayn’s face as little hands reach out towards him, silently asking for attention. Wrapping his fingers lightly around Liam’s wrist, he moves her hand off of Ali’s back, but not before pressing his lips to her palm. Zayn lifts the boy to his own chest, gentle hands under armpits, holding him securely to his body.

“Morning beta,” he whispers softly, so as not to wake Liam sleeping next to him.

The boy coos, mumbling what sounds like “Baba” against the lips tattooed at the centre of his chest, eyelashes fluttering against the wings.

He rubs his hand up the boy’s small back as a yawn leaves his little lips, a smile crawling onto his face as Ali’s tongue pokes out with the force of his yawn.

Zayn takes the time to admire the woman beside him, entranced by the expanse of her long legs, golden skin highlighted by the morning sun, and the way her thick eyebrows furrow when Ali’s small fingers refuse to release her hair. Her long eyelashes flutter against her full cheeks, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth as Zayn intertwines their fingers.

It’s hard for Zayn to explain the way his thin fingers fit so perfectly in between Liams’. How, when their palms touch Zayn instantly feels calm, safe. Waking her up each morning with warm lips and caring fingers, his strong arms holding her body close to his solid chest. Beautifully toned legs interwoven with his, as if they are one, and icy toes brushing his calves. And Zayn’s struck with such an overpowering feeling of love and appreciation for the beautiful woman, moving to rest his forehead against Liam’s temple.  Zayn places a delicate kiss on each of her eyelids before nuzzling their noses together.

When Liam finally starts to stir, a small smile tugs at her lips as she blindly searches for Zayn’s mouth. Kissing Liam is never something Zayn is going to get over. She kissed him like she meant it, ever since their first kiss, like she already owned his heart. The way her lips capture Zayn’s and suck gently on his bottom lip sends shivers down his spine and when Liam languidly slips her tongue against his, it sends the shivers back up.

Sighing contently, he turns his attention back to the boy in his arms, “Did you sleep well bub?” Zayn asks curiously, thinking back to the frightened screams that had woken him and Liam during the night, followed by the tiny boy crawling into their bed, the teddy Liam had bought him for his birthday clutched tightly to his chest.

Ali seems to remember the previous night’s nightmare as well, tears beginning to pool slowly, his eyes glassy as he shakes his head.

“What are you going to call your teddy, Ali?”

“Her name is Georgia-Rose, Mommy.”

“That’s a beautiful name beta.”

“A-and guess what?”

“What love?”

“Her daddy is a dentist just like you baba!”

“Scary, Baba,” he mumbles, snuggling closer into Zayn’s embrace, “Baba and Mommy not there.”

Pressing his lips to the mess of curls, Zayn hums softly– something his mum used to sing to him– hating the way Ali’s lower lip trembles. “You’re okay love, Baba’s here.”

Another voice joins his own, harmonizing beautifully. “Mommy’s here too baby.” Liam’s sleep-rough voice warms Zayn’s heart as he tucks Ali’s head under his chin, mumbling a soft “good morning love” to his sleepy wife.  

Holding the boy closer to his bare chest, his other hand searches blindly across the mess of sheets, rapid heart beat slowing once his fingers glide over soft synthetic fur, “and Georgia-Rose too, right bub? She would never let anything bad happen to you, would she sweetheart?”

Little lips brush against his skin as Ali shakes his head, “No, Baba.”

Liam’s hand joins Zayn’s own on Ali’s back, intertwining their fingers, heart fluttering as their rings clink. Another small yawn escapes the small boy, making Zayn think back to the night before.

Liam had sat at their piano, Ali curled around her torso like the little koala bear he is. One hand held the boy snuggly to her chest, while her auxiliary hand danced against the ivory and black keys, the soothing melody filling the room. Zayn had stood in the doorway, having come from the kitchen where he was washing the dishes from the takeout they had had for dinner, having tried to convince each other they were proper adults by using ceramic plates. Liam’s nose was nuzzled in the boy’s soft hair as she gently sang the words to Ali’s favourite song, Zayn knew every line but he can’t remember how it goes, can’t remember much actually, too captured by how Liam moved occasionally to mumble the words against the boy’s temple. Ali’s eyes had drooped almost instantly, lulled easily into a calm sleep by his mommy’s voice. Luckily Zayn had captured it all on his phone, his chest tight with how much love his heart held for his little family.

Laying beside Liam now, the fond look so prevalent in her eyes, Zayn’s just so overwhelmingly grateful to have met her.

It’s impossible for Zayn to forget how Liam looked when he first laid eyes on her. She was tall, standing the slightest bit taller than him, enough that he would have to tilt his head up to capture her lips in a kiss. An almost heart-shaped birthmark stained the curve of her neck, slightly above the jet of her collarbones, which were shimmering in the light. He was mesmerized by the thickness of her lips and the beautiful blush on the roundness of her cheeks. She had walked straight into his heart and stole it, and Zayn didn’t put up a fight, because it felt as if she already owned it.

A gentle kiss on his chin brings Zayn’s attention back to the precious child looking up at him in his arms. His eyes, a spitting image of Liam’s, search Zayn’s face as curious fingers idly spin the black stud pierced through his earlobe.

“I love you meri jaan.”

Ali’s button nose crinkles as he giggles out, “Smelly breath baba.”

Zayn chuckles as he pulls Ali closer. “What did you say little monkey?”

Liam brushes gentle lips across the boy’s cheek as she mumbles,”You’re right baby, baba’s a stinker”. She tries to wink, but ends up cutely blinking both eyes.

“I guess that means no more kisses since I’m too smelly, and meanies don’t deserve kisses.”

Ali’s eyes widen as he shakes his head, cupping Zayn’s face with his small hands as Liam pouts beside him.

“No, we’re just joking, right Mommy? We love your kisses Baba.”

Liam nods, biting her lips to hide her smile, “Yeah Baba, we love your kisses.”

Both of them look up at Zayn through their lashes, bottom lips jutted out. Ali perfected Liam’s puppy dog look very early on, knowing how powerless Zayn is against his big eyes.

“Yeah?” Zayn tilts his head in question.

“Yeah,” Ali nods his head rapidly reaching out to hold Zayn’s hand.

“Yeah” Liam agrees, warm brown eyes softening as she watches Ali reach for her hand as well, linking the three of them together.

Zayn sighs out a “crazy monkeys,” before pressing a kiss to each of their hairlines. His heart swells with the domesticity of it all.

Pulling back the sheets, Zayn scoops Ali up as he stands,  “Let’s go brush our teeth then, okay bub? Mommy will go start breakfast.”

Ali hums, tangling his little fingers in soft hairs at the nape of Zayn’s neck. Looking up under dark lashes he wonders, “French toast?”  

Liam stands to press gentle lips against Zayn’s, then to the tip of her boy’s nose, “Course love, special breakfast for our special boy.”

Zayn watches as Liam pulls on one of his shirts, admiring as it falls mid thigh, gently sliding off her shoulder. His heart quickens as she moves to the mirror, reaching up to gather her hair into a soft ponytail, exposing more golden skin along her thick thighs. Ali watches as well, giggling as he catches a glimpse of the glow-in-the-dark Batman boxers she had worn to bed.

Zayn pads over to the bathroom with Ali in his arms. Placing him on the counter, Zayn picks up their toothbrushes, matching Green Lantern ones, and places a pea sized amount of toothpaste on each.

“Open wide for baba, show me all your teeth my little Alligator.” Ali bears his teeth, growling quietly. Zayn’s breath hitches exaggeratedly.

“Where did my Ali go? Liam come quick, there’s an alligator in our bathroom, save me!”  Liam runs into the bathroom with a big spatula she was using to flip the french toast, holding it up jokingly, ready to attack.

“Oh no! What happened to Ali? Did this big, scary alligator eat him?” Liam crouches in front of the boy, placing the spatula on the counter as she pokes his little tummy, “Ali are you in there? It’s Mommy! Can you hear me? We are going to save you!”

Putting her ear against Ali’s abdomen, she continues to tickle the boy as Ali’s giggles fill the room, his chubby fingers hitting against Liam’s wrist in attempt to stop her attack. Ali’s chin tucks into his neck as he squirms to the edge of the counter, Liam catching him before he can fall, lifting his small body above her head, spinning around once before holding the boy safely against her chest.

“Mommy, I’m Ali.”

Giggling against their boy’s temple, she mumbles, “Of course, you are my little prince, I could never forget you.”

In the one year anniversary since the boys came to Peru, i decided to share this video of one of the most amazing and breathtaking moments in my life. When Liam decided to greet us outside the balcony. ( be careful with the volume)
Liam Payne 26.04.14 // Lima, Peru
(Steal my video and ill hunt you down :) )

Habits of the Heart Drabble: Selfie
(find more here)

“Baba? What you doin’?" 

Zayn feels his face flush as he pulls his gaze away from the camera to look at his youngest son. Mahaad peeks his head over the table, not tall enough yet to see over it without pushing up on his tiptoes.

"Ehm,” Zayn starts, eyeing the wide, curious look in his eyes. “Taking a photo of m'self for Papa." 

Mahaad’s nose wrinkles as he pushes away from the table to come up to Zayn’s side. He glances at the Zayn in the camera before looking back at him.


Zayn slides his fingers under the brim of his beanie, shrugging some. He feels a bit embarrassed, like Mahaad is aware of the way his chest expands at the thought of the smile Liam will have when he receives his photo. It is all a bit silly, really, the way he still is head over heels for his husband after all these years and flushing the way he did the first time Louis ever called him out on his feelings for Liam -

"Um, just in case he misses me." 

Mahaad doesn’t respond, only reaches his hands into the air. Zayn puts down the phone before sliding his palms under the little boy’s arms. He settles into Zayn’s lap, wrapping his legs around Zayn’s and snuggling his back against Zayn’s chest. 

"Wimme?” Mahaad suggests, touching the side of the phone. “He miss me, too?”

Zayn laughs fondly, smothering it against the side of his son’s head as he holds the phone up again. “Of course, beta. Papa misses you whenever he is away from you.”

Mahaad’s eyes widen even more the moment they land on himself, his lips puckering out and eyebrows wiggling. He pushes closer, until all that can be seen is his nose and the corner of his eye. It takes Zayn a moment to convince Mahaad to pull back some and he hooks his chin over Mahaad’s shoulder to press their cheeks together.

“Smile big,” Zayn instructs with a murmur, watching the way Liam’s smile takes over their youngest son’s face. It makes his chest feel like it is going to break apart, honestly and he is kind of in love with the feeling. 

Mahaad’s hand comes to Zayn’s cheek, pressing their faces closer together and eyes falling shut around the force of his smile as Zayn snaps the photo. It is a little blurry, and both of their eyes are nearly closed, but he knows Liam will love it just as much as he does.

“Okay, now silly faces,” Mahaad instructs, moving his face to close to the screen again and sticking out his tongue.

Zayn snorts, unable to say no as he snaps another photo.

eighteenziam  asked:

rnb duo smashing it with a little kid that everyone adores (i'm just gonna send you a bunch of prompts hehe)

…This one got out of hand and turned more kidfic than rnb duo. I’m trash, I’m sorry.

“Ayyy, how was that Sami?” Zayn’s grinning over, tucking in the small eight year old into a side hug while the other works at his in-ear. Liam comes up behind Zayn, a grin large and in tact with the sheen of sweat on his forehead as he does the same, Ashley, an assistant, helping them out of their sound equipment.

“Dad almost killed himself on the ramp again. It’s not even embarrassing at this point. It’s just sad." 

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Truly, Madly, Deeply by @darkangelzayn
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: Adult

“Did you actually just say Italy?” It’s Louis, on the other side of the phone. At an hour that’s way too early for his brain to function properly but he’s well aware that Freddie wakes him up at a God awful hour everyday so he’s having to get used to not sleeping after prayers.

They’re flying out within the next few days, there is no chance in hell he’s about to allow Louis the satisfaction of knowing exactly where they’re going, they need their secret to remain just that.

He and Louis never really changed, after he left, Louis had swung a punch at him exactly twelve months later before asking him to be Freddie’s godfather. His album release brought them back together, he calls it their little miracle worker.

He hears Liam shift closer to him, feels fingers tugging into his, they find his ring and press. The metal is warm but Liam doesn’t seem bothered as he hears both bands clang underneath the light sheet they had only put down the day before.

Liam’s chin hits his shoulder, as he shifts the phone to his other one, he hears Louis calling out his name, “I’m still here you bastard.” He yells into the air before attaching the phone back to his ear.  Liam chuckles closer, licks his warm skin before biting down, whispers a soft, sorry I distracted you.  

Zayn shivers, Liam knows he shouldn’t do that.

“I’m here.” Is what he vocalises though his teeth, “Just get all your asses to the airfield Friday at nine in the morning ok?”

“I’m bringing Freddie for fittings tomorrow too yeah?”

“Do whatever Louis but he needs to be there, don’t be late because Freddie is a fussy little mite just like you and we don’t need tantrums ok?”

“Yes Baba.” Zayn reddens not really with embarrassment just a little bit of faux anger, “Don’t call me that.”

“Whatever, next time tell Li to get off you, love you.”

With that the phone goes dead.

When he shifts, the linen underneath him stretches and Liam is accommodating to make more space.

“Hi Baba,” He says with a slight smirk on his face, he seriously wants to slap at his shoulder lightly but his self-control is finally at a stage where it outweighs his impulses, but of course Liam was eavesdropping.

“You bit me.” He utters instead ignoring the old name sake, “As if you don’t like it.” He says coming closer stealing a kiss from his lips.

But Zayn shifts back this time, smirking.

“Mr Payne for the next few days, I can see your boner from here, so I’m just going to get up now and leave you with your little problem whilst I go and pick up our rings.”

Liam pretty much whines at him, but Zayn’s learnt not to look back on his man whilst in this silly mood.

“Remember we’ve got lunch with Niall so get a move on you donut.” He laughs out as he jumps into the shower.


“Fucking Greece Malik, Greece.”

He’s actually on the phone with Harry, but he can hear Louis’ screeching in the background. They’d just landed in Athens and were on their way to the island they chose for their wedding, Skopelos. The unspoilt lush hidden gem was part of the Sporades Islands of Greece was the perfect place for them.

“I can’t fucking believe you’re taking us to fucking Mamma Mia, Mamma fucking Mia.”

This time, someone shuts him up for the sake of his son. It was the intention seeing they all loved the film, it’s also why they refused to tell them where they were going to go.

He smiles into the phone, then, “Harry when you get here we’re at the hotel on the top the one in the film, all your mums are here already as well as our families, we didn’t tell you because you’d want to pay for everything and that isn’t something we wanted.”

“I’m so glad we’re part of your day babe, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you two being well, you two.”

“See you in about three hours Haz, and tell Niall about the boat, we don’t need accidents.”

“Will do Z, bring on the Malik – Payne union, have a drink for us lads.”

“Love you Harry.”


“It’s been a good year and a half since we’ve seen Harry huh, maybe more.” He hears just after he hangs up the phone, Liam’s sat opposite him, his feet fondling at Zayn’s thighs, it’s their go to position when they’re on holiday and by the sea.

Zayn shrugs, “We can’t do much babe.” He says, his hand reaching out to tilt Liam’s chin closer to him bring Liam over his body, spread out across him, head by Zayn’s clavicle, “I wanna say I want things to change, but we all gotta eat.”

“Maybe, but we haven’t seen him at all.”

“It’s his films, but we’re finally seeing the rewards of the struggle.”

“17 and dumb as hell, who would have guessed it would take us ten years to get married.”

This time Liam closes the small gap between their faces. His mouth melds around Liam’s, with all the hectic details to organise this trip, they forgot to give time to themselves.

“Here’s one thing I was sure about from the minute I met you, I was going to be yours no matter what it took.” This time it’s Zayn that latches his fingers onto Liam’s hips, “I knew too, just kept it more low-key.”

“Zayn babe, you never kept it low-key.” Liam laughs, “You where the one stripping for me in the middle of a show.”

He flits his eyes closed at that, “True,” he admits, “But I wasn’t the one that initiated kisses on stage.”

Liam grabs at his hip at that, lifts him up and runs them into the sea. He’s laughing like a teenager as his arms go round Liam’s shoulder, his hands falling into Liam’s now unkempt hair, like this is his first taste of love. It is in a way, Liam’s the only person Zayn’s ever wanted, the only person he will only truly ever love, Zayn could say Liam was his heart, the vital organ that kept him alive but he’s more like a set of lungs.

Liam kept him breathing, kept him believing and dreaming, kept him sane.

“Meri – Jaan, why do you think so much?” It brings him back to this present moment, to the feeling of Liam kissing his neck, to the way he feels around his lithe structure. To the fact that within the next few hours Liam will be his husband, that everything he’s always wanted was finally his for the taking and to be able to do it in a public manner makes this journey much more special.

“Remember when we wrote on truly madly deeply?” Liam nods and smiles, but stays quiet, allowing Zayn to move into the next part of his thinking, “I knew I loved you then you know, I knew that whatever we had was special but I didn’t know what you wanted out of us so –” But Liam stops him, chapped lips pressing down on his were enough persuasion to stop his blabber.

“I knew too.” Liam smiles as his hands dig deeper into his ass, steadying them in the water. “Even with Harry and Louis putting their own twists in it, the way you sang it made me see past it and straight to you.”

“I get sad sometimes you know that they’re about to attend our big day but we never got to attend theirs.”

Liam sighs at that, doesn’t reply but walks them slowly back to the beach, laying Zayn down on the sun lounger before joining him. “I know,” he says after a while, he’s got his wet palm on Zayn’s face, his thumb caressing at his eyebrow, leaving lines over his skin. Zayn’s ought to be used to Liam’s touch by now, but sometimes it still sends slivers down the knobs of his spine,

“But sometimes,” Liam continues, “Things don’t work out the way we planned they would. When we said, truly madly deeply to each other, we meant it, God, I wish I knew back then just how truly, madly and deeply I was falling in love with you. Every single day you proved that feeling, and to this day, I still learn something from you every day, and yes I did worry for a while whether you would just up and leave but everyone does and especially because we started something special just as we watched our best friends fall apart but Zayn sometimes, I do wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and every single moment I’ve had with you. We wasted too much time trying to steal kisses rather than actually kissing, but I don’t regret any of it because we created something strong, something real. Does any of this make sense?”

The only power in his body left after that was the ability to nod his head. He slides his eyes shut and listens to the sound of the waves as they hit land just by them. He takes the time to feel the heat of the summer sun hitting his now damp body and swim shorts and to breathe in the sea air.

When Liam touches the palm of his hand to his face, he leans in with his mouth, softly mouthing “Am I asleep or am I awake or somewhere in between.” He hopes that Liam doesn’t really hear him, because he’s still trying to remember all the words from this one song they just stuck with him. It’s not that he couldn’t, it’s more of the fact he’s tried his hardest to only take his relationship with Liam and his friendships with Niall, Louis and Harry out of his time in the band.

Of course there is no such luck, because just after he hears, “I can’t believe you are here and lying next to me.”

“Oh I can,” Zayn laughs, just because he’s allowed, he’s still a little in awe that he’s able to live his life the way he wants too and there is nobody telling him he can’t.

“We’re idiots.” He watches as Liam’s face glows up just as he opens his eyes to look at his man. This man he’s been with since he was a boy, this man with these beauty marks litter his face like stars, signalling to everyone that he’s Zayn’s very own piece of heaven. This man with eyes that speak for the world and a heart that’s made of gold. The man that endured a very public engagement to a woman ten years his senior in order to prevent him from having to go through another one with a girl he’s never liked but had to take on because he used to be a case of goodwill and people offered themselves to his team in order for some extra inches in newspapers.

“I want this song to be what we walk up to on Sunday.” He stammers out slowly, afraid that Liam wouldn’t really like the idea.

“I’d really like that.” He replies though, pressing a kissing into his jawline. “Truly Madly Deeply made us Z, why hide it.”

“It’s their song.” But Liam shakes his head, “I know that you want post some of the clips online after we get back home, but to hell with what people might think, this made us what we are, we need to celebrate that.”

“Main tumse pyar karta hoon.”

“Mehbi tumse pyar kartah hoo” Comes the easy response from Liam, almost immediate, I love you too, it rolls off his tongue so effortlessly Zayn’s now finding trouble finding errors his pronunciation, but then Liam’s pulling him back. “ Project baby next.” Is coming out of his mouth and all Zayn can manage is a weak smile, because he didn’t expect it so soon into their wedding weekend. When he goes to reply, he chokes on his words and holds onto Liam’s hand tighter. When he composes himself, “I’d love that with you.”

Liam just comes closer to kiss him and Zayn feels like flying.

“Now that’s sorted baba, we’ve got dinner with our parents in an hour.” He’s saying.

“Already?” He asks, not realising the time. Liam nods and pulls him up so they can walk up to the villina.

The minute they fall into step and their fingers find each other’s, he starts mouthing the words again and for the first time in a long time he’s realising everything he’s struggled for in his life has been worth it.


The next evening, after dinner when everyone disappears up to their hen do, their elusive Niall appears out of the shadows of the night. Zayn’s usually good at scouting hiding place to find the vacuums of quiet moments he craves, but Niall still knows him too well.

“Louis’ mad jealous he didn’t think of this before.” Zayn laughs, tipsy on the vino he’d had. He didn’t want to believe his best mate at that moment but of course Louis would, he’s Louis.

He pats Niall a seat on the bench next to him as he throws his fag under his shoe. He feels the cool night breeze on his face when he turns his head to watch Niall come.

Niall comes, he’s fumbling forward like a child and falling in between Zayn’s arms. “How are you really H?” Niall huffs, touches his fingers and squeezes.

“It’s been a long while hasn’t it.”

“It has, but what’s important is that we’ve made it here now.”

“I’ve missed you guys, we all have.”

“I know, it’s why we wanted all of this, it’s not for us really, it’s to bring us back to being sixteen, broke, and scared shitless.”

“You’ve done well – we’re in sync again.” Comes the reply as Zayn presses a small kiss to Niall’s forehead.

“New beginning hey.”

“Mhm, for all of us Malik – Payne.” Niall jokes as he stands up to take him back to their joint hen do.


Between their mothers fussing with their alcohol intake, or rather Zayn’s lack of, and the joy of seeing all the boys at once after such a long spell of nothingness, everything starts to feels whole again.

When Sunday breaks, the soft orange of the early summer sun hits his face, he’d already been up for Salat, nursing a slight hangover because it’s one time in your life sunshine, live a little and it’s ok to celebrate tonight darling, he’d drank more than he probably should have, but Harry, his patient Harry had pulled him into his room that night while he guesses, Louis stole his Li so it was hard for him to fall back to sleep without Liam waiting next to him ready to grab onto his hip, bringing him back into

All in the air of tradition of course.

Louis was on the verge of thirty, a father of one but still a child that heart.

He smiles as he remembers the days they had spent running around stadiums in golf buggies while trying to protect the idea that they’re bad boy’s to their fandom.

He hears Harry fussing around trying to be quiet, but he can tell something is wrong because he’s hearing Harry throwing profanities out from under his breath, trying not to wake Zayn up – in his head.

“What’s wrong?” He says rather loudly for the time of day. He watches as Harry jumps in shock. But then as he turns, he sighs loudly as he turns around so that Zayn can see.

“I hate bowties.”

Zayn chuckles.

“Is this all the fuss is about?”

Harry shakes his now perfectly curled hair out, only back to its original state now that he got all the shit out of it, out of his eyes but refuses to look down at him.

Zayn sits up and with his hands calls him over. “Now what’s really wrong?” He asks gently as Harry bends down to help fix his collar.

“I’ve missed so much what’s been happening in your lives since,” he stops to compose himself, their faces are so close, Zayn can see the sadness spreading across Harry’s eyes, “Since, well” He continues again, “– well, Freddie.”

This time, Zayn is the one that sighs, but he grabs at Harry’s cheek the minute he’s done the bowtie bringing him back down onto the bed.  Harry allows himself to be dragged up, too tired to put up a fight he guesses.

“I want to say, I don’t know what’s going on in there,” He starts, tapping softly on Harry’s left temple bone, “but Harry it’s been nearly two years since we sat down for a proper chat just you and I and I have nothing to do with Louis’ little boy and we both know that.”

Harry shakes his head, “I think Freddie was the start of a lot of things, I latched onto my movies and stayed there, hidden from the public eye and let you two idiots, my two crazy men in love that defiled all the odds and made it here today. I watched as you two took the chance, through a picture online and watched as all you received back was positive messages and remembered I was too much of a wuss to do anything about what had happened with Louis.”

“I’m guessing you heard what song we’re playing as we come in?”

Harry nods, and Zayn takes his chance.

“You know when you two broke up, Liam and I were only really starting to go somewhere, before then, we had been hooking up on the down low and that’s all I thought I’d ever get out of him you know, because he had the trophy girlfriend then and a good life he didn’t really need his bandmate getting hard over his dick every time we shared a room but what you two had Haz, it gave us the courage to be something, to be something great and this is the legacy you leave behind, the knowledge that what you had gave scared cats the courage to stand up and say I want something deeper with you.”

Harry doesn’t talk, Zayn watches him breathe for a few moments, like he was trying to find the courage to say something. “I never knew that.” He starts, “I never knew that this was the story between you two.”

“You made us Harry, your courage made me whole.”

“Even if we broke up.”

He nods, and slowly grabs hold of his head and brings him down to his bare shoulder. “We lived in each other pockets for so long Haz, we started to forget what was right and what wasn’t. You were 16 when you fell for him, at one point you grew up and you became this incredible man we get to witness today. It felt wrong that you left him, I get it, but it was the right wrong, because you became who you are now. It was the moment you stood up by yourself not behind Louis, and Liam,” He smirks, “Liam promised me blowjobs not to share this with you but he’s got an entire shelf dedicated to you Harry, you. You can’t let yourself be emotionally stuck in a series of events that are now history do you understand?”

He feels Harry nod beneath him.

“Have you met Freddie yet?”

“A little on the plane but the nanny took him away just after take-off, he’s a talkative mite.”

“He’s Louis, and he’s going to need you there because you’re the only one that has the ability to control his father.”

Harry chuckles. “See, and I bet you, Li is having this same exactly conversation with Louis in between the lego and fort building.”

“He’s got a thing for fort building?”

Zayn smiles, “Told you he’s Louis, just give the little one a chance ok?”

“I love you Z.”

“It’s Mr Malik- Payne soon.”

“I know,” Harry says smiling, reaching out to grab onto Zayn’s ear. “Crazy to think all this came out of one chance encounter ten years ago.”

“I’ve missed you Harry Styles, don’t be a stranger now ok?”

“Sorry about that –” but Zayn stops him with an index finger over his mouth. “Never apologise for who you are, and the time you needed to get through, it’s a sign of weakness.”

This time Harry drops a kiss on his cheek. “We’ve got a wedding to celebrate tonight and you’re definitely not about have that thing on your face when we do.”

He laughs, “But Liam loves the beard.” He defends.” Harry just smiles fondly, “Let me do it like I used to like we did in every single hotel suite we shared together.”

“But you’re in a suit.” He tries, but it’s no use, Harry has his made up his mind. He smirks at Zayn, rolls up his sleeves in defiance and holds out his hand to help Zayn out of bed.

Zayn nods and allows himself to be walked into the ensuite – to share a moment with his best friend he had to walk away from five years ago. In his head, he wanted to believe this is the only way Harry knows how to forgive him.


Later when Harry’s trimmed down his facial hair to his exact standards, he comes up to stand between his legs and whispers a soft thank you.

In that moment, Zayn realises how much he misses living in pockets of his four very gentle men.


When dusk hit, the entire village came to watch their small ceremony. He was dressed in a red and gold Sherwani Liam had picked out for him the same night Zayn proposed while Liam’s light grey suit radiated in the soft glow of the sun.

As per tradition they both walked up to the small church separately, but as they saw each other at the top of the hill his mother told him to walk in together to the song that made them, united, because that’s all they really had in life, their blissful unity and the stability that came from it

An Iman and a Priest welcome them under the warm gazes of their friends and family, he realises, this is the final step to complete their puzzle.

Niall, their ring bearer, stood up to walk up to them.

Simple wide silver rings with the inscription of each other’s initials in his hands, waiting to be handed into the hands of the respective holy man from each religion. They allow him to press a kiss to both their cheeks before taking a stance just behind him. Louis and Harry their best men, on the other side, standing just behind Liam. Together for the first time as men, not boys struggling to find their identity.

When the Iman asks them if there was anything in particular they wanted to share with their gathering, Louis instead of Liam speaks up like he’d prepared something for them.

In that husky voice of his, Louis takes centre stage, just as Freddie climbs on the little organ to control a projector.

“We just wanted to put together something special for our brothers, because neither two are particularly fond of mush but will happily sit there and make out for two hours and we wanted to make their wedding memorable. These two men, have been our version of the love story of the century and I’m pretty sure, they will find each other in whichever universe God puts them in so this is for you, my special friends on your special day.”

The sinking sun disappears enough to see the screen at the back of the alter. Everyone moves to the side to watch what his idiot best friends prepared for them pretty much overnight.

Liam shrugs, suggesting this is news to him as well and grabs hold of his hands again, they smile at each other just as the music comes on.

Am I Asleep or I am awake or somewhere in between, I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me is the soundtrack to the slideshow and Zayn just about cries.

He watches as his best friends come close and hold on to each other for the first time in over half a decade, like they did for every single show, in every single city they played in.

On the screen, he watches his love story with his best friend unfolding into the story he’s so proud to be able to share with his kids.

As it ends he hears the blessings ringing out and the church bells chiming signalling the union.

The happy clapping of their guests fill his ears, eyes still wet with tears but all he can see now is Liam coming closer to steal a kiss from his lips, as his husband not just his fiancé.

When they pull apart, his mother is rushing up to him, throwing her arms around him and kissing his cheek like her life depended on it.

These are the moments he’s always dreamt about giving her and now that the time is right, they’re all about to start a new chapter in their life.

He reaches to find Liam’s wedding ring, as they’re being showered in confetti, he wants to squeeze it, make sure it’s real because he still can’t quite believe that he’s finally about to have everything he’s always wanted.

Meri – Jaan,” he hears softly as he feels fingers grab his chin, “look over there, look at Hazza.”

As he does, Harry has got Freddie on his shoulders walking down the hill whilst the little lad runs his hands through Harry’s hair laughing his head off at the way Harry’s curls bounce back into place.

His song, Golden is playing from the speakers, the song radiating down the hill, across the bay and into every single house and heart on the island, signalling a new beginning for everyone.

And that’s just it isn’t it, everything comes full circle if it’s given time. Bitterness fades away and what’s left is the pure unabashed love they’ve always had for each other.

“We’re whole again.” He tells Liam smiling to his heart’s content.

“I know.” He replies grabbing onto his hand more tightly.

And Zayn’s not one of in your face emotion, Louis was right about that, but even he’s got to admit no one has the ability to tear you down, that only takes place if you allow it. For them, all five of them, they’ve always been in this for the long run, and no matter what happened in between, they have home in each other.

This is their عدل‎‎ Justice, their own way in getting back into everything they had before it was taken away, and this time, they have a lifetime to make everything just right again.

And even if Niall is too busy trying to woo their sisters with his golf skills and Louis and Harry are far too busy running after a bumbling three-year-old.

That night, when they come together to celebrate this new milestone, and now it’s not about Zayn and Liam any longer.

Now they have each other again, against all odds, and above all else, that’s the only thing that matters.

Habits of the Heart Christmas: Frozen

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“No, absolutely not.”

Liam pouts though Zayn can’t see because his back is pressed to Liam’s front as Liam curls his arm around his chest, gripping the DVD he had just showed Zayn.

“Babe,” Liam whines softly. “You love this movie, practically have it memorized don’t you?”

“No,” Zayn mumbles, the lie clear in his voice.

Liam grins, pressing it to Zayn’s jaw before he pinches Zayn’s nose. “It’s like a little baby unicorn -”

When Zayn turns in Liam’s arms, he is biting around his smile, rolling his eyes. He cups Liam’s hips, dragging him closer. “Fine, but if any of my kids cry - you’re on bedtime duty.”

Liam hovers his lips over Zayn’s, grinning. “Like you cried?”

“Shut up,” Zayn groans, pulling away from Liam with an even bigger smile. “I didn’t cry.”

Mahaad turns around on the comfy chair, peeking his head over the back of it. “S'okay if you did, Baba. Big boys cry.”

Zayn snorts, cupping Mahaad’s cheeks before he plops a kiss to his forehead. “I know beta, but I didn’t cry.”

“Then me neither,” Mahaad says confidently, nodding with a serious look on his face before he gestures for them to come over. “Papa says this is the best movie, ever.”

Zayn narrows his eyes at Liam and Liam just grins back in guilt, tapping Zayn’s bottom before he makes his way to the DVD player. He might have hyped the kids up before asking Zayn, knowing he would be stubborn about it.

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anonymous asked:

The kids I'm really concerned about are the Ziam love children, Ariel and marlon, are they growing well? Minding their manners ? Eating their veggies?

Clearly, they’re growing well and eating their veggies. LOL

I’m sure they mind their manners too. Because baba Zayn is not the one even though he’s a softy at heart. And daddy Liam is quite the taskmaster–but also a softy.

So yes, the love children are thriving. :P