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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters : Final Live Tour 2013

~Main Cast’s Final Speeches to the Audience on the last day of the tour.~

Date: April 21 2013

~  Actors Pictured:

  • Hiromu Sakurada - Katsuhiro Suzuki (Pic: 7)
  • Ryuji Iwasaki - Ryouma Baba  (Pic 6)
  • Yoko Usami  - Arisa Komiya (Pic 5
  • Masato Jin - Hiroya Matsumoto (Pic 4)
  • Enter - Syo Jinnai  (Pic 3)
  • Escape - Ayame Misaki (Pic 2)
  • Takeshi Kuroki -  Hideo Sakaki  (Pic 1)

Farewell Go-Busters.

Katsuhiro, Arisa, Hiroya, Syo and Ayame were brought to tears although Arisa tried so hard not to try that she said “I’m not going to cry at all” and all out during her speech she didn’t break down so much compared to the others.

ukiyaseed - If You’re a Go-Busters fan, you’d probably like this gifset.

The never ending Sormik discussion

Honestly my dash is daily full of people argumenting about Sormik (and why it’s canon/not canon) and this needs to stop. It’s freaking as canon as a gay ship can be, and it’s done delicately and beautifully. Bandai Namco (specifically, Hideo Baba) stated it’s canon, and they gave a shit ton of hints in the game. Done. Get over your homophobia and face the truth a game from Japan involved homosexual characters. If you’re just some ignorant shit who can’t accept facts, then please just shut up and leave the people who in fact do want to enjoy the ship alone.

It just happens because it’s a gay ship. Honestly, if one of the two were a woman, then no one would complain. Apparently, people need the authors to scream “THESE TWO ARE CANON” and even then they’d get doubted lmao.

Update: I by any means do not want to say that it’s not okay to ship something else in Zestiria (e.g. Sorali). Just saying the hate on Sormik needs to stop.

I met Hideo Baba again at the London Comic Con! He actually called me by my name when he first saw me and thanked me for coming to see him again, then gave me another hug! (He also thanked me for the cakes last time, but I’m so happy he recognised me!). 

I asked him to sign my notebook and he wrote a message in there instead! I was really touched! His translator hadn’t seen that signature before but twitter detectives concluded it’s because his name contains the same kanji as horse.


So during NärCon in Sweden 2013 I was one of 4 happy people who got to eat breakfast at a Hotel with Hideo Baba. He told us that he loved the kebab pizza (a Swedish favorite) he had eaten the day before, so we all joked about how he should add it as a recipe in the next Tales game.

He recently was in Sweden again, and after reminding him on Twitter, Baba-san seemed excited to eat kebab pizza again.

Aaaand Jesus Christ, I didn’t think he’d actually put it in the game, but he did :D Seems to give you 40% HP, which is about right if you ask me \ o /

Yesterday I was talking to my best friend about this couple….and the conversation went something like this:

Me: You don´t know how much I love this couple!
He: They are not even together and you match them?
Me: Hideo Baba said in his twitter that Mikleo is the one and only for Sorey….
He: Are you fucking kidding me!!?
Me: (Laughing): Nope~
He: I thought that you pairing because you always do!…after all you always pair up the main characters!
Me: This time….i fell in love with this two……anyways… Zestiria.
He: I´m seriously thinking about buying.

Me and my best friend always talked about yaoi couples, he understands me and always ended up having such conversations….he knows that i´m obsessed with these two….so…yeah…he supports me xddd.

P.D: Sorry for my english~, i can understand but my wrtiting is more or less bad.