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B1A4 Collection

Korean Albums & EP:
Let’s Fly
It B1A4
The B1A4 Ignition Vol 1
The B1A4 Ignition Vol 1 Special Edition
In The Wind
What’s Going On
Who Am I (all covers)
Solo Day (all covers)
Solo Day Autographed

Japanese Albums & EP:
Beautiful Target (Reg)
Oyasumi Good Night (Reg)
1 (Reg & B Version (w/CNU Figurine))
Ige Musin Iriya-Nande? Doshite? (Reg)
2 (Reg)
Solo Day (All)

Other Albums & EP:
B1A4 Super Hits Asian Edition (2012) -all-
B1A4 Super Hits 2 Asian Edition (2013) -all-

1st BABA B1A4 Concert (Korea) (2012)
1st BABA B1A4 Concert (Japan) (2012)
B1A4 Hotline Season 1 (2013)
B1A4 Special DVD (Boys Over Flower Parody) (2013)
B1A4 Limited Show Amazing Store (Korea) (2014)
B1A4 Limited Show Amazing Store (Japan) (2014)
B1A4 The Class DVD (2014)

Official Extras:
B1A4 First Photo Book Private Special Edition (2011)
B1A4 Behind Photo Book 2011-2012 “Cheer Up” (2013)
1st “BABA B1A4” Concert slogan towel (Korea)
1st “BABA B1A4” Concert slogan towel (Japan)
B1A4 Limited Show ‘Amazing Store’ slogan towel (Korea)
B1A4 The Class slogan towel (Korea)
B1A4 Road Trip - Ready? slogan towel (Korea)
B1A4 Road Trip - Ready? slogan towel (Japan)
B1A4 Bandana
B1A4 Let’s Fly Files Cover (not shown)
B1A4 Official light stick
Sandeul’s poster “All Shook Up” musical

UnOfficial Extras:
B1A4 Fan Union
B1A4 Slogan Towel v.2
B1A4 Slogan Towel v.3

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[VID] BABA B1A4 concert in Japan DVD (will be updated)

  1. Opening+Beautiful Target (JP Ver)
  2. Bling Girl (JP Ver)
  4. Talk part
  5. Chu Chu Chu (JP Ver)
  6. Because of you
  7. IF

cr: naodeeeeeul

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[FANCAM/HD] 130130 BABA B1A4 Japan concert in Yokohama - Jinyoung solo (Be my girl) cr: complete0608

[TRANS] 130130 BARO's special Message for BANA at BABA B1A4 Japan Concert in Yokohama (via

SEE THE VID HERE >> Baro’s letter in BabaB1A4 in Yokohama


“So. Please look at this too.

Surprised, right?

I just wanted to say this.

Thank you for cheering us on despite us being lacking~!

Even though we might be far apart…

Our hearts are stuck~ together, you know that right?

BANA, you’re the best!


To my precious members!

There may have been tough times…

B1A4 is only starting right now

So let’s continue to work even hard in future!

Members, I lo… lo… like you all!

Everyone~ I love you♥




This was the special surprise Baro prepared for the fans and members at the last Yokohama concert! 

Source: @angelsmiledw

Translation Credits:

Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


[VID/CHIN SUB] 130113 #B1A4’s greeting vid for ‘BABA B1A4 Japan’ Concert cr:GongChan Hk via b1a4indofc


[FANCAM/HD] 130126~27 BABA B1A4 Japan in Kobe - CNU’s Solo ‘with me’ cr: youandme365net

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[FANCAM/HD] 130126~27 BABA B1A4 Japan in Kobe - Only One cr: youandme365net


[FANCAM] 130110 #B1A4’s Baba B1A4 Japan Concert promotional cf at Harajuku cr: b1a4satomi 

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[FANCAM][UNSHARED] 130125 Friendly #B1A4 boys arrived at Kansai Airport for BABA B1A4 Japan concert cr:Giovanna Giorno