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Bab Bou Jeloud - Fes, Morocco

Bab Bou Jeloud, or the Blue Gate, leads to Fes el Bali, the oldest walled part of Fes. The monumental gate was built in 1913, in the Moorish style. It features three symmetrical horseshoe arches, and is interlaced with polychrome glazed tiles. The tiles on the outside are coloured blue, while the tiles inside are green. From this gate, you can see Bou Inania Madrasa, the only madrasa in Fes that has a minaret. 

The are around the gate is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the area, with people, cars, donkeys, and mopeds heading through the gate. Cafes on either side of the gate also offer a great view of the gate, and are great for people watching. 

SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Al-Bab. March 5, 2017. Syrians returning to their home after the town centre has been entirely cleared of Daesh terrorists as part of “Operation Euphrates Shield”.

Photograph: Emin Sansar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Quiz: Uhm… Cat?

Oh, hello boys ^^ What are you up to?

Quiz: We- have something for you. Arrow and me, I mean.

Arrow: *whispers* Just give it already!

Quiz: Ta-da! :D Do you like it? :D

Arrow: We know how much you like plants but feel bad when they die so- so we made one for you that- well, that can’t die :)

You… you guys MADE this? Omigosh, it’s completely ADORABLE! :D

You little cuties - thank you so much!

Arrow: Well… you’re welcome. We wanted to say thank you, y’know?

Quiz: And we love you! :D

Arrow: … That- that too…

(*trying not to squeal and die*) Aw, well I love you too ^^ So tell me, however did you do this? It’s BRILLIANT! :D

Quiz: Well… I painted some paper green first, for the leaves. Arrow started to make the flowerpot.

Arrow: Then we switched. I’m stronger so I could work the scissors better to cut the leaf shapes. (And I wasn’t risking Quiz hurting himself.)

Quiz: Then I painted the flowerpot while Arrow put the leaves together!

Arrow: Then we had to find a way to fit them together.

Quiz: *giggles* We almost glued OURSELVES together xD

Arrow: *chuckles* And that was it ^^

You’re so talented! My clever boys ♡ Let me have a photo of you posing with the plant so I can show everyone!

My adorable, creative babs ~♡ :D

LEBANON. Tripoli. November 2013. Children in front of a shattered wall. They sum up how families are living in the middle of the conflict. 

The Bab al-Tabbaneh–Jabal Mohsen conflict is a recurring conflict between Sunni Muslim residents of the Bab-al-Tibbaneh and Alawite Muslim residents of the Jabal Mohsen neighbourhoods. Residents of the two neighbourhoods have been rivals since the Lebanese Civil War, and have often engaged in violence. They are divided along sectarian lines, as well as by their opposition or support of the Alawite-led Syrian government. Violence flared up during the Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon.

Photograph: Lorenzo Meloni/Magnum Photos