BANG AND BURN- Charlie Grosso

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Emaho caught up with Charlie Grosso, a Chinese American artist based in California. Her work is primarily photography based while experimenting with new mediums such as installation and video. She is best known for her photos of food markets all around the world.

You graduated with a B.A. in Theatrical Design and Management from the University of Southern California. How has your theater experience been? What role did you play in theatre?

The focus of my undergraduate degree was directing, production and production design. I was not training to be an actor but then, in my degree, there was no shortage of acting classes as well. You can’t direct unless you understand what it feels like to be on the other side.

Even though my pursuit of theatrical arts ended when I declined an offer for an MFA , the training from acting, directing, storytelling, production management and production design has served me well in other areas of my professional career.


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