Boozhoo, aaniish naa?

Well, unlike Niimi I had a very early start. My alarm went off at 6 am and dragged my but to school. I had four classes today, the first starting at 8am…nothing interesting happened it was the first day all we did was go over the course outcomes. I spent about an hour between classes giving directions to new students and handing out suckers.

I spent a lot of time in Aboriginal Services today on the phone speaking with my friend Jonathan and getting ready for our special guest next week Mr. Bob Rae.

“It is a good day when Bob Rae, the National Liberal Leader calls and says he has heard about Conestoga College Aboriginal Services and will come to visit on January 20th and give us 2 hrs solely to Aboriginal Students” Myeengun Henry

I also spent a wonderful hour jamming with Niimi with our drums and voices. Tomorrow we will make a video of us singing to post!

Miigwetch for a wonderful first day of school.




My baby girl all glowed up! Her name is Bindi. She was named after Steve Irwin’s daughter and I’m not sure how these submission things go so my blog is baamaapii. Hope this worked!