You can't be THAT stupid...can you? - PART I

There are many obvious HUGE MYSTERIES that throw a wrench into the modern beliefs about the progress of human history.  Most people want to believe that we came from a chemical soup that clumped up into cells that turned into fish that grew legs and became monkeys that got smart and became humans.  And then these humans got smarter in a very gradual linear way, going from no tools to stone tools to kinda, somehow accidentally figuring out the smelting process and getting bronze, iron, then steel together, eventually forming these metals into machines that got more and more complex then electrified and finally, POOF, here we are!

Which is really so much utter bullshit when you look at the enormous pieces of evidence scattered globally that completely perforates this simplistic bullshit.

Here’s one!:

External image

This is a photo of the foundation of the Temple of Jupiter, located in what is now Baalbeck, Lebanon.  The temple is classified as being of Roman construction, however, the foundation stones predate the Romans by perhaps several thousand years, when they were part of the Temple of Baalbeck (a Greek God).  And there is evidence that that temple was itself built on the ruins of an even more ancient temple, going back thousands of years more.

Now.  The reason why this stone foundation is of interest, is that it includes 3 enormous stones each weighing about 750 tons each.  In the picture, you can see two tiny humans standing on the foundation, which indicates the size of the stones, which are those three long rectangular ones in the center of the photo.  These 3 enormous stones, among the largest quarried stones on Earth, were at some point cut, moved about 900 meters, and placed ON TOP of the lower foundation stones.  These gigantic stones were moved and lifted by humans thousands of years ago.  And we do not have any type of cranes or other moving equipment that are capable of moving these stones today.  Read that sentence again.  It is a fact.

So…how?  How did people who are considered ancient primitives move these humongous stones?  And more to the point, WHY would they?  If we can’t do it at all with the most modern technology, then why would they even try?  Why not use smaller stones, that are easier to move?  Why create a near impossible challenge for no apparent reason?

Unless of course there existed a lost technology that allowed such enormous stones to be moved with relative ease, making this method of construction practical.

And look at these images:


Earlier I noted that the 3 stones in the foundation of the Temple were among the largest man-quarried stones on Earth.  The only two quarried stones on Earth that are larger, which I show above, were left behind in the same quarry that the foundation stones were taken from.  The foundation stones are about 750 tons.  The first of the stones shown above weighs 1,000 tons.  The second weighs 1,242 tons.  They were never moved the 900 meters and lifted into place in the Temple foundation, but they were carved completely free of the bedrock, which means they were lifted at some point.

And, again, no one today can move any of these stones.

So, not to be a dick about this, but seriously, history has a bunch of holes in it.