Nach den Ferien.
  • alle bitches so:Omg hallo wie gehts dir? wie waren deine Ferien? Hab dich so vermisst. Endlich wieder Schule hahah.
  • Ich in Gedanken:Verpiss dich. Halt deine Fresse. Baah nein geh weg. Zur Seite mit dir..

fic where harry broke up with niall at the start of the break citing that he wanted time to clear his head because he and niall have been a thing for three years and he needs to sort himself out before he can come back to niall

then the yacht pictures surface and niall sees them every time he goes on his timeline and he tries to ignore the way his stomach rolls and the breath leaves his lungs but it hurts in a way he hasn’t felt before 

and then harry calls on the day that niall doesn’t see any new pictures. he debates answering it, bile rising in his throat that he has to clear before he picks up

harry talks and laughs about getting sunburnt like he hasn’t been with someone else making out on the deck of a yacht in the middle of the ocean. niall briefly wonders if harry even knows he knows

then harry says he misses him and that he can’t wait to see him, and niall’s not a child, he’s not a kid anymore but he might sound more bitter than he intends when he tells harry he misses him as a mate, that they should catch a round of golf sometime before he rings off with a claim of having something to do, or someone to meet, he can’t really remember what he says.

harry keeps calling after that, but niall doesn’t pick up.