• Yoongi: *sees Hobi's tweets for his bday*
  • Yoongi: ...
  • Yoongi: I- I need a moment
  • -8 hours later-
  • Yoongi: Ok, I'm fine, everything is fine
  • Yoongi: *sees Jungkook's tweet for his bday*
  • Yoongi: fUCK
Discworld Politics
  • Vetinari: You have two cows. You convince them they will better off with you alive and in control than not.
  • Sam Vimes: You have two cows. They are probably guilty of something. Loitering, probably.
  • Young Sam: Where are your cows? Those goes "baah." Those are sheep. They are not your cows.
  • Moist von Lipwig: You steal two cows. You convince everyone they are made of gold and sell them for a fortune. You get arrested and become Minister of Agriculture.
  • Tiffany Aching: You have two cows. An elf tries to steal them and you hit it with a frying pan.
  • Nac Mac Feegle: Someone has two cows. You steal them, then fight them, then fight yourself. You win.
  • Rincewind: You run away from cows.
  • Unseen University: You have two cows. One is caught up in a magical accident and is now a chair. The other has become a professor.
  • Sybil Ramkin: You have many cows. They aren't dragons, so you don't care. You have 37 dragons.
  • Nanny Ogg: You have a cow and a bull. You enjoy explaining how they will make more cows.
  • Granny Weatherwax: You wish Gytha would stop explaining how you get cows.
  • King Verence: You try to create an economic plan for your country based on bovine products; your people are too busy listening to Nanny Ogg.

Seeing popular Youtubers’ girlfriends on my dash with inspirational quotes is like???? Why??? What did they do?? They just exist. I don’t know why adoration for the Youtuber extends to the lover. They’re just regular people, why treat them like they’re popular? Like they had any role in building the Youtuber’s career when they’re recent hookups. Not talking about Marzia of course, she’s a star on her own.

anonymous asked:

Okay. I'm new here. And I don't know shit about fan art. But yours is some awesome shit (pardon my French) it's so expressive and awesome and cute and beautiful and baah idk what to say. Anyway, I love your art.


i’m glad you think so!! this is super sweet of you to say ;o;

(also, as an aside, over the weekend i was exposed to a lot of french, and when you said “pardon my french” i was expecting to read an actual french sentence. or you were saying you apologize for poor english because your native language is french. i was also going to compliment you on your fantastic english. i am only now realizing the error of my ways)

Anonymous said:

Ah I just saw your art on my dash and I recognized it immediately!! I bought one of your comics at seacon!!


this makes me wonder who from cons that’ve never seen my work have happened to stumble across my stuff rather than the other way around!

hope you like the comic!! and the ones here! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:

Just bought one of your purple dog shirts for ahbl in a few weeks!! ❤

!! NEAT–thanks! hope you have fun!

Anonymous said:

Hey I just wanted to say I love your art! I really want to learn to draw so I just wanted to know if you would have a problem if I copied one of your simple ones… I won’t post it if it bothers you! And of course I won’t tell people it is mine…

yeah, that’s totally fine! that’s how you learn! i did that a lot when i first started. all i ask is that you credit where credit is due!

Anonymous said:

I’ve been using that lil (and slightly maniacal) scout surrounded by flames gif in texting conversations with my friend because it is honestly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.


YoonKook in a nutshell pt. 6
  • Jungkook: *succeeds at a task*
  • Yoongi: Good job, you're so good at this!!
  • Jungkook: *smiles*
  • -
  • Jungkook: *fails a task*
  • Yoongi: Don't worry, just try it again, you're doing great! I'm so proud!!
  • Jungkook: Hyung pls

anonymous asked:

I'm so proud of my babies and I love the songs and mv but why ?? the fuck ?? was nothing ?? explained ??????? It's a continuation of stories that make no sense and yk are gays but we don't see it i'm just_ Pls rant abt yk in the mv

you see, we can’t trust bighit, i’m disappointed but not surprised 

the only yoonkook “hints” we have are yoongi’s rap and then that scene in the train where all the hyyh pairings are together except them and kookie is looking at yoongi on the other side looking very sad

like baah said, if they broke up it means they were together so bighit kinda confirmed it but the wrong way 


I just noticed something, in today’s gayo episode Jungkook challenged Yoongi when they were playing that game

And it’s funny cause Jungkook wasn’t doing well while Yoongi only needed one more round to win

So Yoongi did win at the end and Jungkook looked at him just as he got his lyrics wrong, as if he knew from the beginning he was going to say them wrong, and smiled

And I’m not saying he did it on purpose, but how smooth, Jungkookie~

(alternative, Jungkook lost but was still happy that Yoongi won)