hold me by the heart || {one}

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Words: 1.8k
Warning: Strong language, curse words etc.

A bang, then three loud raps on the door, jolt you from your sleep.

“Y/N, open this fucking door. I’m know you’re in there. Fucking hell…”

Groaning, you lift your tired body out of bed, it’s been a long day but you’ve been in this situation before, it’s better to open the door before he aggravates the neighbours any further.

“Y/N….” another set of loud knocks. He’s really overdoing it this time.

You feel annoyance more than any other emotion, hoping he hasn’t woken anyone up.

You fumble with the locks a little until you can finally get them to open, finding a very agitated (yet undoubtedly still very handsome) man standing against the door frame. 

“Oh he’s blonde now.” that is the first thought that crosses your mind when you see your ex-boyfriend standing at your door at the ungodly hour of 3 am.

“Y/N…baabbbyyy…” he slurs and teeters a little on his feet. You can smell it off him right away, he’s been drinking and for quite a while. You let out a sigh, but he doesn’t seem to notice as he tries to walk towards you and into the apartment.

Stop…do you even know where you are?” you question him harshly, he’s not a good actor so you know that he’s genuinely drunk out of his mind.

“Of course babe, I’m home, now come on let’s go to bed, I’m so tired and you look so warm…” he says, with his face splitting into that stupid smile that used to make your heart beat as if you had just ran a marathon. Key words: used to.

You scoff before answering, “Are you being serious? You broke up with me 3 months ago! Why the fuck are you here now? I am tired. I can’t play your games.” you say through gritted teeth. You are exhausted, this can’t keep going on.

Confusion clouds his eyes and surely his mind as stretches out his cold hand to cup your cheek, “Baby..what are you talking about? We..we must have had a fight, let me come in, let’s go to bed. We’ll talk about it in the morning.” his words slur a little, his eyes are half closing and he can barely stand up straight. You feel a little pull in your heart, will he be okay once you close your door on him?

His hand is still on your cheek and he’s stepped so close to you now that your noses are almost touching. His cologne and the vapors of his chosen alcohol make a heady mix and you can feel yourself slipping into a familiar pattern.

Lips. Like not so long ago, your gaze can’t help but fall to his, he licks the parched skin and you know this habit well, it’s burned into your brain. He’s going to try and kiss you. The past comes back to you in flashes. The hungry kisses, the impatient grabbing, the sound of cloth ripping, the aggressiveness of his body crashing into you. Then the accusations, the tears, the screaming, the piercing pain. That cannot happen. None of it.

Just as he’s about to make contact, you push him away and he loses his balance. Catching the door frame he steadies himself at the last minute. He’s finally fully awake, “Baby, Y/N… what’s wrong, why won’t you let me in, why won’t you let me….”

His speech is cut short with a loud “Ahem” from inside the apartment. “Y/N… is everything okay?” the man says as he comes out of the shadows and stands next to you, silently offering protection.

All signs of inebriation and sleep are erased from your ex-boyfriend’s face as his eyes stretch out to the size of saucers; his lips slowly curling into a snarl. “Y/N…. who the fuck is this? Why is he in our apartment?” he asks in a low threatening voice, advancing forward towards the pair of you.

“For the last time,Yoongi, this isn’t our apartment anymore. We broke up, remember.” you say in the most calm voice you can muster. This could turn out badly.

When Yoongi shows no signs of backing down, the other man pulls you behind him and takes him head on, “I think Y/N would like you to leave, so please leave quietly. We don’t want any problems now do we.” the man is confident and this makes your ex angrier.

“Yah, take my girlfriend’s name out of your filthy mouth. Who the fuck are you anyway?” Yoongi closes in, he can be quite intimidating when he wants to be.

“Well you’re turning out to be just like she described.” he chuckles and you can’t imagine how manages to laugh in this situation.

“I think I should introduce myself.”

“I’m Jung Hoseok, Y/N’s boyfriend.”