You look like shit at 3 in the morning

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“Hey” you heard a whisper. “Hellooo"Again. You ignored it. "Y/n” you were tired. You just wanted this intruder to let you sleep. “Baabbbee” you heard in a sing song voice.

“What?” You snapped opening your eyes and turning around to face the perpetrator. “Hi” he smiled. “Luke, what do you want? It’s 3 in the morning.” You stated turning to look at the clock. “Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t sleep.” You sighed and moved over to make room for the 6 foot boy on the bed.

You and Luke had been dating for a while now, almost two years. And being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, he decided to bring you on tour with him so he could do stuff like sneak into your hotel room and wake you up at three in the morning. You were really regretting giving him your extra key.

You watched as he slid into bed next to you and made himself comfortable, your eyes knitting together in confusion when he remained sitting leaned against the headboard. “Lay down” you commanded. “I’m not tired. I told you that.” He said looking down at you. You sighed. “Not being able to sleep and not being tired are two very different things, Lucas.” You grabbed his arm and tried pulling him down towards you so you could just go back to sleep but he ended up snatching your hand and intertwining your fingers instead.

“I like holding your hand. It’s so soft and small.” You didn’t answer because you didn’t know how to. Instead you just smiled and gave his hand a small squeeze before he untangled them and started to lazily play with your fingers.“Your hair is a mess.” He let out without moving his eyes from your hand. Asshole. “So is yours.” “Mines always a mess.” “You spend more time on your hair than I do, Hemmings.” You scoffed. He let out a laugh and released your hand, scooting down the bed so his head rested comfortably on the pillow and turning on his side to face you. “I’m sorry for trying to impress my girl.” He whispered once again taking your hand in his and tangling his fingers with yours. “Impress me? You already have me. There’s no need to impress me.” “Oh, but there is. Almost every guy on the planet would drop everything for you, and I don’t want to lose you to one of them just because my hair looks like shit.” You frowned. Luke was always saying stuff like this and it made you feel bad that he worried about it so much. You could never leave Luke. No guy could ever measure up to him. “You shouldn’t worry about that. You’re it for me, Hemmings.”

A few minutes passed in silence but it was okay. It wasn’t an awkward silence, it was comfortable. You were just enjoying being with each other and sharing the warmth of the blanket. “You know, you could really put in a little more effort for me though.” He smiled playfully. “Oh yeah?” You raised an eyebrow going along with his game. “Yeah. I can see the makeup smudges around your eyes. You could at least try to clean up before I come and sneak into your hotel room.” One day the other boys are gonna catch on to why they’ll wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and Luke is gone. He can’t keep using the ‘I went out for a midnight walk’ excuse for much longer. They’re going to think you’re…doing things. “I was tired I just wanted to go to bed already, asshole.” Luke chuckled and pulled you into his chest.

“You look like shit at three in the morning.” He whispered with a smile, kissing your hair and wrapping his arms securely around you. You nuzzled into his chest, trying to suppress the smile growing on your face.