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Can you make a blurb out of the wet pool horny harry ask pleaaaaaaseee? Omgoodness

it is so terribly late so I’m not going to proofread as much as usual, please be aware there may be fuck ups throughout <3

Sometimes you think Harry should’ve been born a fish. If there is a body of water near him, he won’t rest until he gets to swim in it. Many of your leisure days with Harry consist of him managing to convince you to splash around with him in a pool or a lake. You, you could take it or leave it. Swimming was fun, it was lovely to float around and let the water buoy you up and see your boyfriend so happy and carefree, but at the same time you were just as happy to lie on a poolchair and soak up some sun with him or some friends.

So when the inevitable time came and Harry dragged you out of the luxurious hotel bed to head down to the pool, you packed in your little bag some sunscreen and the book you’d been reading so you could catch up on it poolside. Although you didn’t have any real intentions to go swimming, you were sure that at some point Harry would pout and whine and complain until you got into the water with him, so you made sure to wear your bathing suit underneath your top and shorts.

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Oh my god. When I’m at school, mom says Billie doesn’t ever come out of my room.

When I come home, she cries and cries until I pick her up. If I put her down, she immediately starts crying and digging her claws into the ground.