[PD101 S2] Bedtime stories <3 (1/?)

hi guys, after finishing the back hug series… yes I only wrote about exactly 9 trainees lol but it’s impossible for me to do more than that for one scenario… because by the 6th person, I was running out of ideas otl. And for some of the pd101 contestants… I had a hard time of knowing their character so their part is a bit bland. tbh for the woojin scenario i had so much that i wanted to add… but i realised it would be like a 24chapter fanfic if i actually went through with it lol. so here’s the snippet of my non-existant woojin fanfic. he’s my fav btw if you haven’t guessed cx haha

{ i’ll be doing 2 boys per post coz they’re kinda long }

PARK WOOJIN: Woojin was silently reading a book when you enter your shared bedroom. He was casually lying down with one arm pillowing his head and the other stabilising the book on his thigh. You unconsciously tiptoe towards the bed, trying to be as quiet as you can.

Suddenly noticing your figure, Woojin blinks at your action and tilts his head. “what are you doing?”

“Huh?” You questioned back- but then registered what he was referring to. “Oh! I’m just trying not to disturb you”

For a split second, he showed a perplexed expression before returning back to normal. “You know…” he started, while patting down the space next to him. “You’re never a bother to me” he uttered, as you sat down beside him.

With a sickly sweet smile on your face, you only thought of playing around with him after a whole day of not meeting each other. 

“So… even if I do this?” You flung his book onto the floor and settled yourself on his lap. “I’m still not a bother?” You queered while placing both palms on your cheeks to recreate the ‘flower’ gesture.

Speechless, Woojin stares back and forth from you and his lap in bewilderment.

Liking his response, you pressed on with your advances even further.

“How about this?” You challenged while pinning him onto the bed. 

By this stage, Woojin’s face matched a scarlet red shade. “Uhm, babe…” he breathes out heavily while covering his face.

“Yes Woojinnie?” 

“I don’t think you should start something you won’t like later on…” he states, gaze fixated on you.

Smiling brightly, you cupped his face and gave him a light peck. “Maybe if you rapped ‘sexy baby, oh my lady’ to me while doing it I won’t mind so much” you lied. you wouldn’t mind it at all.

“Is this… a challenge?” he hummed with a noticeably lower voice.

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LAI GUANLIN: “Baaabeeeee, I’m hungry~” Guanlin whines as he tossed around the bed. 

You sighed while shaking your head. “You just had dinner and before that you went out with Seonho to get some ‘snacks’… and let’s not start with what you ate during breakfast and lunch”

Stopping in his track, Guanlin suddenly sat up and looked at you. “True… but do you know that a growing boy needs food?”

Face-palming, you sighed into your hand. “Guanlin- everyone needs food hun”

“But I mean, a growing boy needs more than ‘everyone’ right? Am I right?” He inches closer towards you. 

You stared at him blankly, trying to hold your composure and not give in. He’s not in his right mind right now, you thought. It’s two in the morning! It can’t be good to give him some food right now!

“Come on babe! We’ll watch a movie and pop some popcorn too!” He cheered.

“Guanlin you and I have work tomorrow-”

“At one right? We got plenty on time to spend!” He grinned while showing you two thumbs up.

“Fine.. but if I get fired for getting to work late, you’ll have to take responsibility” You exaggerated, while choosing a movie to watch.

Giving you a cheeky look, Guanlin replied. “We’ll I guess I’ll just have to marry you”

Not expecting that kind of ‘taking responsibility’, you whipped your head towards him in awe. “…Is that a proposal?” your voice trembled slightly.

“What? No, of course not!” He strongly denied, while taking a seat next to you. 

Seeing your noticeably glum reaction, he reached out for your hand and held it on his lap. “The real one is coming soon” 

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the jihoon one is coming soon