I got this scene into my head, and had to pause everything (dammit!) to get it down on paper.

Pallanophs very rarely attack humans, as the majority have a policy of not interfering unless absolutely necessary and prefer cooperation with humans and mutual respect. However, there were once a comparatively high rate of attacks on humans by the Nehrannon tribe, thus giving them the name “hellhound” by humans; they were regarded as hateful demons who brought death, and were a very ill omen. Given the Nehrannon’s tendency for stealing livestock and their aggressive nature, it isn’t long before they come into conflict with local humans, usually peasants trying to scrape out a living in the forest. 

Kill or be killed. Nature is not always so kind as to offer us an alternative.

Interestingly enough, it is not humans who bring about the downfall of the Nehrannon, but the Teirn tribe. The Nehrannon’s handling of their human neighbors do not make them reliable or wanted allies, as war with humans is the last thing they want!

One more note: I’m tired of humans always being villains in certain genres of literature/media. It’s irritating. Every aspect of nature has its cruelties, animals are no different, and everything, especially humans, are more complex than “good” or “evil” can summarize. I could go on all day, but for the sake of those reading, I’ll cut it short.

(Please do not remove this commentary, be respectful of the context. Thank you.)