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Fandom meme--N, U, X

N and X!

·         U - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms

1.       Michiru from Sailor Moon my bitter sea urchin, light of my life, fire of my VERY SOULLLLLLLLLLLLL GOD I LOVE HER and she’s so complex and layered and DIFFICULT she’s like a fucking princess torte like YOU CANNOT HOPE TO UNDERSTAND HER ONLY GAZE IN HORROR MY BAAAABBBBYYY

2.       LENA THE  JOY MUFFIN okay first of all fuck you for not being the chracter I intended to get into and not being the kind of chracter I’m SUPPOSED to get into but I’m so drawn to her optimism and how it’s in no way tied with naivite: she has Seen Some Shit and she will continue to, and she’s not FOOLISH—she knows that sometimes you lose one, but she CHOOSES JOY despite all the bullshit and idk it’s just lovely to me I want to hug her.

3.       Kate Harony who is a historical person and thus makes this weird, but she was born to a high life of upperclass nobility and everything went wrong, and she was the CONSUMMATE survivor and so intelligent and sharp and fucking DETERMINED.

4.       Bill from Gravity Falls, which is hard for me to say because I love Grunkle Stan so much but Bill has a special place in my heart for being one of the very very few times I’ve ever seen ‘choas god’ done WELL and every episode with him in it is so interesting.

5.       Sol Star from Deadwood, who is also a real person but I’m talking about the show here—I love that they had one of the purest examples of a good and moral and kind character be the Jew, without him being a complete pushover—one of my favorite scenes is between him and Seth, when Seth is being a jerk, and Sol goes, “If you keep it up, we’re going to fight! And you’ll have to work by yourself while I convalesce.” I just love him.