BAAAAABES I’m super bored…. I have no work today. I might take a trip down that abandoned theme park! What’s it called? Disney ? Anyway tag along if you’re free! PONY’S UP FOR SOME FUN ;) MEET ME AT D’S ASAP IM LEAVING IN 2 HRS !!!

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"BAAAAABE!" Metta ran up to Ufo, trying to jump up to reach his face. "GIMME A KISS!"

Ufo backs up staring at him. Oh god. Not him too. He whined staring with wide eyes. What was going on, “H-h-hey..”

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Ty spamming Josh over text being like babe babe babe come here baaaaabe come here I missssss youuuuuuuuu And finally Josh goes to the back of the bus to see what was going on he sees ty just sitting there with his arms open and a look on his face that just says "please cuddle" and Josh laughs, but gets beside ty to cuddle anyway. -joshuajishua

aw he loves cuddling ty n sometimes he gets real clingy but j secretly loves it just burying his head in ty’s neck n holding him close

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I feel sort of alienated as a latino when I browse tumblr, it's usually filled with "pale blogs" and stuff like that so its hard for me to see a picture of someone that I can say "hey, he looks like me!". I know this can apply to the rest of the latinx community but I was wondering if you could help me find people who look like me?

Baaaaabe this is exactly why I created this page! I missed seeing my people and their hot ass faces!!!! Lol jk but I did miss seeing some familiar faces! @misangrellama @thisisnotlatinx are other latinx centered blogs!
If anyone knows more blogs please tag EM

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Allison. Why do I have to tell you good night. That means you'll sleep and I'll miss you until the morning comes. Ive staring at my phone all day wanting to call but didn't want to bother. Because I know you're a busy girl and I'm proud. I love you babe . Good night xx -Luke <3

baaaaabe :-) i love youuu


Alright so happy birthday to this bad bitch. 🤘 I love you to the moon & back, over & over again. You are a light wherever you go & I hope you stay bright where ever life takes you. I know your day will be amazing because it’s your day. You’re the best gf a person can ask for! Happy 19th baaaaabe ❤ @burberryharrie