Preference #17(?) You get mad at him

A/n: I’m just gonna pop up out of Ashton’s asshole and start writing again 😂 I’m working on something SUPER COOL AND SPECIAL but it’s gonna take a while so I hope a few preferences will hold you all over..

Calum: Every night this week Calum.had come home.drunk. You tried to not let it bother you, but tonight you weren’t having any of his bull shit. It was your monthly date but he was to busy downing bottles of Coronas to even care. you were sat on your couch reading a book when you heard a car door shut. You peaked out the window to see that Calum was stumbling up the steps to the front door. You shoved your book mark in between the pages then slammed the book shut. As you raced down stairs you planned on giving calum a piece of your mind. “Baaaaabe!” Calum exclaimed with his arms opened wide waiting for you to fall into them. “Don’t babe me…” Sassily say. “Whats wrong?“Calum asked slurring his words. “Tonight was our monthly date but you totally stood me up. We have a monthly date because our schedules are so hectic but some how you still always manage to miss it.” You shout. calums eyes widen, but you just roll yours. “Just leave” you say then storm upstairs. Even in Calums drunken state he knew that he fucked up.

Michael: You couldnt believe what you were hearing. Michaels friend Autumn was talking shit about you. You knew she hated you, but you didn’t think she’d talk bad about you, especially to your own boyfriend! “So Michael, why are you with a fatass like her when you can get with a girl like me!” She chirps with a big smile. “I uh, I don’t know.” Michael states. How couldn’t he know why he’s with you? You’ve been together for 3 years! Plus, why didn’t he say anything about her calling you a fatass… Your heart was shattered but you still mustered up enough strength to barge in there. “What do you mean you don’t know!” You screech. “No, y/n I” “Save it Michael” you say inturupting him. You give Michael one last look , ignoring the girls giggles then storm out of the house, not having a clue where you were going.

Luke: (Back story: Michael has a crush on you a luke gets jealous when you talk to him a lot) Since Luke was on tour, you knew you wouldn’t be able to talk to him all the time, so you two usually discussed a time best for the both of you to talk. You called luke at the time you tek agreed on and it rang once then went to voicemail. Thinking nothing of it, you decided to wait an hour or so then call back. This time it rang 3 times then went to voice mail. Giving up on the idea of a conversation on the phone you just decide to text him. (The text)"Hey Luke, I’m assuming your busy so I just wanted to let you know that I love and miss you and can’t wait to see you again! 😘 also, good luck at your show tonight! Your gonna kill it ! 😉” seconds after it was delivered it said he had read it but after about 15 minutes of waiting for a response you relized he was ignoring you. (Another text) “Hey, Idk if your aware of this, but a relationship contains two people to worm. You ignoring me isn’t pulling your weight Lucas.” After 5 minutes you were pissed off because you seen he had read it once again, but there was no response. (Message again) “ This is ridiculous.. I’m not here only for when you want to talk. I have problems I wanna talk about with someone, but that someone clearly won’t be you. Maybe it’ll be Michael..” (His message) “Michael as in my bandmate ?”(You) “Yup.. Funny how you reply now though :) too bad I’m too busy talking to Michael to talk to you too… Bye Lucas.”

Ashton: You laid alone on your bed with a pout on your face while your boyfriend Ashton went on an adventure with Calum. You always told him how you wanted to go on hikes and stuff with him but he always brought someone other than you. Ashton eventually arrived home, bursting into the room with your camera in hand. (Smh 😒 he can bring your camera in an adventure but not you 😂) “Babe! Look at this cool waterfall .e and calum found!” Ash exclaims shoving the camera in your face with excitement. You roll over so.that your back is now facing ashton. Ash sits in the edge of the bed and strokes your hair. “What’s wrong y/n?” Asks Ashton. “I don’t know why don’t you go on an adventure without me to find out!” You snap. “That didn’t even make sense ” Ash says with a giggle. You roll your eyes making ashton sigh. “Are you mad because I haven’t taken you on a hike?” You shake your head ‘yes’ then you turn your head blocking out what ever else had to say.

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Gif reaction please for Jin,Namjoon,V and Jimin which them beg you to sit on their lap XD. I think this kinda cute

Annnw so cute :D

Jin/Seokjin “Juseyooooo~ Jagiyaaaaa~~~*aegyo to get what he wants*”

RapMonster/Namjoon : “Please baaaaabe *whines* I have a tough day today, please just come at least in my arms !”

V/Taehyung : “Please. C’mon just sit I want cuddles”

Jimin : *doesn’t beg but teases* “Come on come on ! I know you want to sit here as much as I do~”

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         The usual softness in Snow’s eyes was taken over with sternness whilst the impatience coursed gradually through her veins. Test results and names of students who topped the term were being flashed on the screen at the middle of the school auditorium. Her attention never wavered, despite having some of the students around her murmuring. Of course, she was tempted to eavesdrop, but that would just waste her time from catching a great news. Besides, in times like this, it was obvious what the buzz was about. Despite holding her attention only towards the screen, the burning sensation coming from eyes that were looking at her direction didn’t help her at all. Eventually, her eyes met with a very familiar pair of menacing ones. Then the sternness in her gaze became a glare momentarily, until her attention was taken from the eyes her rival was wearing. All the negative cloud surrounding her brighten up once more the moment she heard clearly the name of the top student being called to the stage. “…Snow White, ranked 1st, please come to the stage.”

Clara, babe, babe, baaaaabe, what’s this little green fellow? [he points at a cactus like plant, speaking rushed as he tries to get her attention]

                                                ❛    hard night, huh ?  ❜  

        she starts, the smacking of her gum being a tell-tale sign of her indifference.

                           ❛  well, just wait ——— everything’s going to get worse.  

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"There's my favorite little pest! Come here and give ol' Bakura a welcome back hug!" Bakura grabbed Marik by the collar and grinned.

Marik turned his head to glare at Bakura. “I’d rather not give you a hug, you big meanie!” He wondered why Bakura even came back. Marik was quite enjoying himself without the other in the mansion. Suffice to say, he was less then happy in this situation.