i feel like no one ever comments on just how badly zelda fucks everyone over at the end of oot

like oh, you think you’re sending link back in time to live a normal childhood? nah just to dread and despair and existential crises and did i mention he becomes a freaking stalfos and dies full of regrets

all you got out of it was the loz timeline and the lamest hyrulian pool party you could imagine 

Ruin Joji x Reader

Insp: Ruin by Shawn Mendes

Warning: Drunk Voicemail (Ex), Swearing, Alcohol, Angst

Gif: @internet-cancer

One new Voicemail [ Sent at 1:32AM]

Sent by Unknown Number

Heyyyyy, dis is probably a baaaaaad idea huh! It’s JOJIIIIVLOGS

Hahaa, I really shouldn’t be calling you but hey you didn’t pick up again but welp this is my drunk voicemaillll and I am feeling great hehe! It’s really cold here I mean I didn’t choose to be OUT here. Can you keep a secret, I’ I- I’m sat in a gutter because…haha, I got kicked out your baarrr!~ Some stupid stupid guy he, he kept touching me and I…I punched him, him right in the faaaaaace. He told me in his big bad voice like this : siiiirrr you must leave you, hah, you can’t smoke in here and that he was told I can’t see you.

And I, oh _____ you should’ve seen me I was like noooo siiirrrr. So-so he, hehe, he, sorry oh my, he grabbed my ciggie and I was really REALLY  fucking angry so I hit him! Isn’t that just…just GREAT.

Anyways, I…I didn’t know why I rangz you but I mean hey I have no one else anymore. Ian, Max, Chad- they all left! Poof! Out of MY life and man, oh boy oh boy do IIIII LOOOVE LIFE! Why won’t they let me see youuu, I wanna seeeeee youuuuu, no one will let me see you not not Ian or Max not Chad either I… I need to see youuuu. They just poofed out of my life just like you did…because of me.

I think I’m okay I mean this drink makes me feel good so I drink it a lot like…everyday I think. I should’ve told you i shou-I…I miss you, I mean I I’m not trying to get us together I think but I just, I think you should should know I miss you and it hurts a lot and i’m trying sooooo hard and everytime I think I’ve found the one…she’s not! She’s not the one _____! I look at her and she’s not you so she’s not the one- because, that’s you! You you you you youuuuuu….you the one that …that’ s you!

I miss your face a lot and your little giggles and smiles and all the fucking  sunshine you gave me! I miss your face and your eyes the little sparkle because that’s you you’re my little sparkle…well you were you lit me up hehe!

I should’ve told you I was so FUCKING STUPID haha! I- you you were the bestest thing that had ever happened to meee and it’s so silly because you’re not mine anymore and you you don’t wanna be I…I misses that.

I should’ve told you because you were the bestest thing in mah life and you were so perfect and stupid me so fucking stupid stupid- let you go and everyone else saw how dumb I was except for meeee!

Can…can I call you my princess…just one more time please? Please please please! I- oh my princess,  you are so prreccious and golden and I miss youuuuuuu.

Pleasez, answer my calls just once I, I don’t wanna be alone again princess, take careee prinncesssss! Take care.

[Voicemail Deleted]

4/4 of bioware love interests series

Alistair is reminding you – swooping is baaaaaad!

other pics from the series: 1 2

okay and i have a serious question: do you want me to open comissions? it’s kinda problematic for me, but if there will be enough people i’ll think about it


It may not be THE same dress Myrra Malmberg wore in West End in 1997, as Myrra’s has a front seam in the bodice, and the current underskirt looks like a modern replacement. But it’s definitely made of the same materials, down to blue/black decorations and the very floral, chintz like fabric. So I guess the dress Kaitlyn Davis wears is a truly vintage one?


Sorry if this is making the rounds but it’s just too good


But the blood on my hands scares me to d e a t h
                                                       Maybe I’m waking up today