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Hey! I just sent in that Junkrat ask, could I be a little selfish and ask to include McCree as well? (I'm so sorry I literally forgot to put him in there as well, it's like 6am here, I've barely slept, its not a fun time, I'm pretty sure my blood is more coffee at this point ahaha) If its not doable/okay thats totally okay!!

Thanks for all the kind words! And it’s no problem! Sorry if they’re a little short, I’m a bit stressed myself after this week… =_=


  • Probably one of the best boyfriends to have when you’re stressed, he’s just so caring and sweet when you’re feeling down.
  • Will drag you away from your work if you’re still trying to, draping himself over your desk or lap or shoulders dramatically and whining, drawing out your name or one of his many pet names for you.
  • “(Y/nnnnnnnn), baaaaaaaaaabe, come on. Daaaaaaarlin…”
  • Kisses your head and neck, pretty much anywhere he can reach, and uses his cold metal hand on your side.
  • Finally, when you agree to stop working, he looks like a happy puppy and carries you back to the bed or couch with him!
  • Goes to make you both hot chocolate if you’d like some, and probably starts a marshmallow war at some point!
  • Old wild west movies! The entire night is filled with old wild west movies, and McCree is so happy. There’s also lots of jokes and silly impressions until both of your sides hurt!
  • Cuddling under his serape, on his lap or snuggled up into his side as he buries his face in your hair and kisses your head and shoves his face in your neck to tickle you with his beard. 
  • Starts mumbling as he gets more tired, about how you’re so beautiful and how much he loves you!


  • Kisses your forehead and cheek while you watch, and rubs your back when he sees you getting tired.
  • Also tries to be annoying to get you out of working, wrapping his arms around you and whining for you to get to bed.
  • Kisses your neck and probably blows raspberries on it to annoy you.
  • Drags you away whether you agree or not, carrying you bridal style to the bedroom or living room, and throwing you onto the bed or couch.
  • Makes hot chocolate, hot enough to burn your mouth while he can drink it just fine, but it’s delicious anyway!
  • Puts on action movies with a lot of explosions, because, hey, he’s Junkrat.
  • Cuddles you with yours arms and legs entangled, hugging you like a koala if you try to leave!
  • You don’t even need a blanket, he’s like a living space heater when it comes to cuddling, and will lay there with you for hours until he sees that you’re calmed down and feeling better.
  • Makes jokes and tell stories from the Outback while you watch, making you laugh until your sides hurt in the end.
  • Also mumbles as he gets sleepy, about loving and how you’re so amazing, but also how he’s just so lucky to have you.

so i was discussing bittyparse pet names with @omgpbandj. and just. imagine. established relationship whatever and they’re living together. and kent is just constantly????? hollering BAAAAAAAAAABE throughout their house???? THEIR HOUSE IS TOO BIG TO SHOUT FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER but kent /always/ does it anyway????

bitty will be in their bedroom and kent’s just. from the kitchen: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE DO YOU WANT BREAKFAST

bitty: no!


bitty: NO!!


bitty: I’M GOOD!!!!!

kent, walking into the room: babe i couldn’t hear you do you want a waffle

Taking Care of Niall

“Baaaaaaaaaabe!” you heard a congested moan from the other room.  “I need youuuuuuu. I think I’m dyingggggggg.”


Sighing and rolling your eyes, you shouted from the kitchen to your sick boyfriend in the living room.  “What now, Niall? Was the soup not okay?”


“Come here, Y/N.”


Putting down the recipe book you had been perusing for meals for the week, you decided to go see what exactly the matter was.  Niall was curled up in a ball under two heavy blankets on his big comfy leather couch.  His nose was red and his eyes were a bit puffy, positive signs that he simply had a common cold.  But, retaining his title as drama king, he made it seem as if he’d contracted the worst disease known to man and expected all the sympathy in the world.


“What is it Niall?”


“C’mere. Come sit with me.”


You plopped down next to him and pushed your fingers through his hair, stopping briefly at his forehead to check for signs of a fever.  He felt a bit warm so you made a mental note to grab some aspirin when you left the room.


“Will you cuddle with me?” Niall asked quietly, giving you the saddest eyes that he knew you couldn’t resist.


“I have lots of stuff to do, Niall. Besides, you don’t want me to get sick, do you?”


“C’monnnn. It would make me feel so much better.”


You sighed. You had been working all day, so you figured taking a quick nap with him wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


“All right, fine.  But only for an hour,” you smiled down at him.


“Deal,” he smiled back, and opened up the blanket to allow you to cuddle with him under it.


You both dozed off pretty quickly, your dreams being mixed in with the conversations of the people on the TV left on in front of the couch.  You were awoken suddenly with the loud coughing of Niall behind you.


“Baby what’s wrong?” you asked concerned as you rolled over to look at him.


“I.. don’t.. know,” Niall stuttered out between hacks.


You stood up immediately as the coughs became more violent and blood spattered out onto Niall’s hand.


“Holy shit! Oh fuck fuck fuck,” you mumbled as you grabbed Niall’s phone and began to call for an ambulance.   Niall continued to cough uncontrollably and each time it seemed to become more violent.


Before you were able to complete your call, Niall suddenly began to dry heave as if he were about to cough up a hairball.


“Niall?” you asked timidly.


But before you could say anything else, Niall finally coughed up what seemed to be causing the problem.  With one last huge heave, an enormous La-Z-Boy leather sofa erupted from his mouth and landed next to the other one on the floor in the living room, covered in blood in mucus.


As soon as the couch was out of his system, he collapsed to the floor and his entire body seemed to deflate as if he were entirely full of air.  Slowly but surely, nothing was left of Niall except his clothing and flat carcass on the floor of the living room.


And that’s when it hit you. Your boyfriend hadn’t been sick with a cold.  He had been afflicted with the deadly Couch Cough virus.


flocket bein’ the cutest, obviously

Rocket chuckled to herself at Flynn’s last text as she packed up some toys and movies she had collected recently for Delilah. Once she got it all packed up, she grabbed the small sketch she did of Flynn and Dee earlier. Once she was completely ready, she left her apartment, locking the door behind her, and made her way over to Flynn’s.

“Baaaaaaaaaabe!” she groaned, knocking on the door. God she wanted to see him.