A collection of images from my research looking at traditional sculpture techniques, rather than focusing entirely on digital 3D sculpture. I find it particularly useful to pay attention to both classical and contemporary traditional sculpture techniques in order to gain a better understanding of the process of sculpting a form in 3D space.

It is useful to remind myself that traditional sculptures were created with only a block of material and a tool used to gradually remove areas, as it is easy to over-complicate the process with the vastness of tools available digitally in programs such as ZBrush. Looking at sculptures like this has helped me understand the potential of form that can be created with only simple methods. Even complex forms like draped fabric and hair can be created from a solid material with the perfect illusion of softness and translucency. 

Proposal; Sandeul B1A4

OK So this one is terrible because I know literally nothing about Sandeul. As in, I know him as far as, he’s the one with the good voice ><  I need to listen to B1A4 more. Anyway, so I tried my best but I found this one slightly disappointing - sorry whoever requested it </3

“What if she says no?” Sandeul said pacing backwards and forwards. Baro grabbed him by the shoulders.
“Why would she do that?”
“Maybe she thinks that I’m too childish to step up and be a husband. Oh god, that’s what she thinks isn’t it?” He sighed, looking down at the floor. CNU walked past, patting his head.
“You’ll do fine.” He reassured him.

“So he’s been really weird with me recently.” You explained to your sister, sitting on her couch with a glass of wine.
“He’s weird anyway.” She laughed.
“No, like. a lot more secretive. Well at least he tries to be - he’s too dorky for that sort of thing.” You mentioned. She shrugged her shoulders slightly.
“I don’t know. Go talk to him about it?” She suggested, finishing the rest of the drink. You nodded and finished yours before leaving. You only lived round the corner so it didn’t take you long to get home. However when you entered the house, it was empty. You brought out your phone.
-Seriously, i’ve had enough of this. Where are you?-  You pressed send and waited for a reply
-Cheonggyecheon. Come meet me.- You rolled your eyes and got in your car.

You parked up and began your efforts to find Sandeul in the crowds of people.  Granted it did take you 20 minutes but you eventually found him.

“There you are!” You yelled, hugging him. He nodded.
“Do you remember when we met?” He asked innocently, pulling you into him with his hand.
“Mhm, I was walking home past here and you fell in the river.”  He cringed, face palming.
Yeah, and you came over and helped me whilst everyone else just walked past. So I asked you out on a date to make amends.”
“And I said no because I don’t date dorks. But you wouldn’t stop asking so I agreed.” You reminisced. He let out a small laugh. 
“I never forgot that day. Who knew embarrassing yourself could get you a girl hey?”  You rolled your eyes and began walking with him, you hand in his.

He found an empty spot to sit in, pulling you legs over his.
“Isn’t this where you face planted the floor when you got too over excited?” You nudged.
“Yah, that was only because you agreed to move in with me” He huffed. You smiled, resting your head on his shoulder. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, a bit insulted he didn’t bother putting his arm around  you.
“Well uh, Well..”
“Will you just do it already?!” You heard a shout from behind. You were about to turn your head, Sandeul pushed it back.
“That was no one. Anyway um.  Well, how do I put this without me sounding stupid?”
“You can’t.”
“Thanks.” He winked before clearing his throat.

“So. I am a persistent dorky human. You know that better than most. Especially after our first meetin- anyway. So i’m dorky and I do wrong things sometimes. I’ve made you cry and i’ve made myself cry and all of that. I know I focus a lot more on music than you - and it shouldn’t be that way. Soi I was trying to think of a way I could show you how much I care, how important you are to me and uh.”

He had gone bright red, you stared at him - waiting for him to continue.

So I bought something months ago. I’ve been meaning to ask you but I didn’t really know how. But I can’t really get myself out of this time right now - i’ve dug myself a deep hole.”

He laughed at himself.

“Marry me..?” He asked cautiously. You twitched your head as if you hit a brick wall.
“Marry me.” He repeated - sounding more confident than before.  You looked at him, then at the ring and back at him. You didn’t say anything. You simply flung your arms around his neck.
“Yes!” You whispered into his ear. He pulled you in for a kiss before slipping the ring on your finger.
“I love you” He grinned.
“He’s done it!” You heard the same voice as before. Baro came running over with the rest of the band.
“Aish, guys. Ok, let’s go celebrate yeah?” He nudged, pulling you up and walking off with you and the rest of the others. 


After drawing the hands  we did two more drawings, one for 30 minutes and one for 45. For the first drawing we were only allowed to use white chalk on mid-tone paper. It was very useful because it forced you to focus on areas of light as opposed to outlines and alllowed you to create a good represetnation of a body using only light. On the second drawing we were allowed to use pencil as well, which I reserved for only the darkest areas and didn’t use it for outlines like I usually would.


Observational drawings done at the Castle Keep and Gallery. I am trying to improve my drawing and observational skills in general, as well as my perception of 3D space.

With the animal studies, I focused on drawing animals which I wanted to explore from my initial brainstorm on diligence, such as monkeys and squirrels. Should I choose to develop a character based on these animals, these drawings will help give me a starting point on anatomical understanding as well as their various features. While drawing, I tried to portray character and personality that I saw in the animals, while keeping each study to only 1 or 2 minutes each. 


Elodie Antoine
Elodie Antoine is a Belgium artist, who uses everyday objects (much like Sarah Sze) to provoke ideas and thoughts about topics in a none threatening, light hearted approach. Her work often includes thread, carpet, wallpapers, and felt to allow her to work flexibly within her pieces. Elodies work is bold, bright and clear yet makes the viewer consider and question there understanding of her often sexually oriented pieces. For example the Lipstick piece, a symbolic sign of feminism, that she has cleverly distorted into what resembles a drill. Her work causes an imbalance of stereotypical genders and makes me wonder just which one is more dominant. Again seen in her industrial landscape pieces, made of thread appearing delicate and fragile, contrasting massively with the scene she is portraying. What i like most about Elodies work is the innocence of it - it appears almost childlike with clear lines, bold colours, and use of everyday objects, such as zips, giving another contrast and another dimension to her work.

Benjamin Von Wong

I came across an extremely talented photographer the other day, whose work was really astounding.

It was a project in particular that caught my eye. It most definitely shows the power of lighting and the difference it makes. He was asked to create a series of photos that would be displayed inside a gym. Instead of using beefed up models he used the people who worked for the gym. This showed a variety of people all the way from the president of the company a 61 year old grandfather of 12, to the 23 year old graphic designer.

Benjamin Von Wong explains that : “ Once set up properly, anyone can look absolutely phenomenal straight out of the camera. No tummy tucking or Photoshop funny business needed, only the small tweaks: light, contrast & colour ”

Being a huge fan of Black and White photography it was impossible not to fall in love with these photos. I think adding the water effect is such a clever idea, it adds so much detail and texture to the images, it also give the sense of intensity and hard work. I believe without the water these images wouldn’t have half the impact they do, it shows how something so small can make a huge difference. The image below has to be my favourite from the series. 

A quick video of how the shoot was done can be found here : YOUTUBE


Since I found my Alchemy silhouettes successful in helping me generate more ideas, I decided to continue with this process and create some in WeaveSilk as well. I found this equally useful as Alchemy for creating some really interesting and evocative shapes and designs while only spending a few seconds or minutes on each one. When I collected together my final shapes above, I can look at them and pick out shapes and ideas within each one. I plan to draw from these and develop more ideas for possible character designs using them.

2nd turntable I did of the final gargoyle this time in a pose more suitable for a character and better rendered with shadows again at 25fps