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!!soppy post alert!!

appreciation post for my boyfriend tho he is not on tumblr (lol) 

2016 has been nothing short of wonderful. from graduating college, earning my BA in psychology & human development, and getting a job right out of college, to meeting you. 

babe. i am beyond thankful to have met you back in march of 2016. you really bring the best in me and make me realize the capabilities i have. you have really turned me into a better person and taught me to be even more ambitious and to be more professional in the workplace now that i am out of college. you really are a blessing to me and everybody around you. thank you for being in my life and tolerating my whiny and annoying ass… i know i can sometimes be a difficult person to be around. but i try to be better! hehehe. thank you for closing the year with me and raging and vibing to dillon francis with me at our last rave of the year!! 

here’s to a more wonderful 2017. cheers! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Tanisha :) i was wondering if you could give me a little advice. I'll be graduating with a BA in psychology but I've wanted to do something with fashion for EVER now and just didn't know how to make the transition since psychology is the only thing i've known for four years. How would i go about getting into the fashion world before i spend eternity doing something i know i won't like?

intern! the fashion industry doesn’t care about your major honestly i’ve worked with everyone from a finance to pre-med in fashion. it’s just about experience/connections so interning/assisting is crucial. good sites to check out are ed2010 & fashionista’s career page & freefashioninternships. would link but i’m on my phone! 📲

It is 6:11 AM, Central Standard Time.

I literally just submitted my very last undergraduate university assignment.

I graduate with my BA in Psychology on Saturday.

It feels so weird. I feel tired, but triumphant.


After Younow Rant: Part 1

Ok so I was in there and chatting a bit and here is what I have to say afterwords.
Lainey, yes you do have a BA in psychology, you know to get the work you want you are not near done with school even if you do brag about it. That being said, you don’t think your name is trashed or that Greg is the cause but let me get into this.
I’m a mother, my daughter is my number one concern, if she ever needed therapy I’d get her help. I’m no different then many parents. Now say you got that first child psych job and you happen to become my childs therapist. Then I google your name and you being connected to greg comes up. I see your husband judging young girls bodies inappropriately, I see you inappropriately talking to a young girl you then care for. I see that when he was in his late 20s he met and married not legal and barely legal you. I would not want someone that is still with an abuser caring for my childs mental health. A therapist that is still with a man that does so much harm to young girls and swept you away at a young age. And you know what people like me do? We talk.
People won’t want their childs mental health in your hands and then no one will hire you, that is how your degree will pay off. You will get calls at the office, you will get yelp reviews. Your degree will be worthless, unless you get out and get help yourself. Then maybe you can change and do things like I’m trying to do, show young people the warning signs of abuse and grooming. You’re an educated person you know what he’s doing isn’t right, you know things you have done are not right, but they were influenced by him.
I don’t hate you, though I hate things you’ve done, I’ll go into this more in a future post. I do think you have potential, like sh, sk, and billie.

The signs as Spencer Reid things

Aquarius: different haircuts each season

Aries: PhDs in chemistry, mathematics and engineering

Taurus: his coffee addiction

Cancer: reading 20,000 per minute

Leo: his cowboy gun on his hip

Virgo: his satchel bag

Libra: his eidetic memory

Scorpio: Graduating high school age 12

Sagittarius: BA’s in psychology and sociology

Capricorn: the twinkle in his eyes when he’s happy, his soft hands and the way his speech speeds up when he’s exciting

also i finally got diagnosed with ptsd and am on antipsychotics now should be starting emdr therapy and i feel hopeful in that aspect but so much of my life is up in the air i don’t know if i want to stay in chicago another year in this apartment and renew my lease or deal with the stress of moving to another part of chicago or if i should stay at my job that i hate but it’s fucking impossible to find BA psychology jobs anywhere everything requires at least an MA and on top of that idk if i could handle full time grad school here w a job or if i should move back home for grad school but also with all these decisions i’d be dragging my boyfriend with me and like i don’t want to drag him around moving back to my mom’s for him to start another job search and i just feel so guilty and bad bad bad and all of my problems could be solved by not being poor so that’s fun but my main q is how does anyone handle anything because i am crumbling

today I not only turned 22 years old but also became a college graduate with a BA in psychology. I’m so thankful for everyone (especially my beautiful parents) who loved and supported me over the past 4 years, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.


Yes that’s right, today I sat my last exam which means that (provided I passed everything) I will be graduating with a BA(hons.) in Psychology with a minor in English. I’m going to be deleting my blog in a few days since I won’t be studying any more. I guess I’ll find out what happens to studyblrs after they leave university!

Thank you so much to all you lovely studyblrs out there for all your support and motivation, your study tips and words of advice, your nice messages when I needed them most. You are all amazing and I hope you achieve your dreams in school and college as well as in other areas!