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based on this post, i came up with something. 

what if anti is not only afraid of being retaliated, but he’s scared of not being taken seriously and he’s scared of loosing us?

look and listen at him each time. 

he mentions that we’ve lost, that this is our fault, that someone was weak, in order to make us feel something towards anti, to make us compelled to keep watching to see what else he has to say. Yet, overtime, we move on to the next meme or video that Jack’s posted up.

After he sees that the Anti hype is low, he strikes up again trying to make sure he’s relevant again. Notice how far he went to keep our attention as to showing up at Jack’s PAX panel.

I think of this like Undertale, where we’re Frisk and Anti is Flowey/Asriel. 

Think about it.

Flowey continues on saying how he is the prince of this world and how he’s killed people over and over again, trying to prove dominance and trying to strike fear into Frisk, yet, it doesn’t necessarily work as the player notices the backstory behind how Asriel became Flowey.

He gives up his flower form, taking up all the souls and becoming someone much stronger and powerful and decides to strike more fear into the player, killing them repeatedly with his powers. Much like Anti killing/corrupting the rest of the egos in order to gain more power, becoming more serious and angry at the jokes and foolery we’ve created with his name. (my personal favorite is trash goblin, but that’s beside the point)

‘In the Asriel battle, he tells the player phrases like:

Every time you die, your grip on this world slips away. Every time you die, your friends forget you a little more.”

Then we can do everything ALL over again.And you know what the best part of all this is? You’ll DO it.And then you’ll lose to me again.”

(Also, keep in mind how well liked Frisk is by these people. Similar to how Jack is well liked by us and the egos as well, with Schneeple telling how great Jack was and how he tried to save him. Look how far the support got them.)

Much like when Anti says:

Originally posted by lum1natrix

“That doctor thought he could save him, but he was mine! He was weak! Just like the rest of them! I’ve always been in control!”

“This is my world! All these creatures! There are no strings on me.” (much similar to the saving powers that flowey has to the player, giving him an advantage in the game).

Instead referring to the audience, Anti refers to Jack and the people tried to save him.

Towards the end of your battle with Asriel, he tells how he doesn’t want the game to end, he reveals to, you, the player, how alone he’s felt, and how afraid Asriel’s been since the first player, the one you named, died. 

Asriel has been underestimated before and hasn’t reacted kindly to it, he’s left little hints that he’s been around and causing trouble throughout the game, he thrives off of this attention and uses this against the player until he reaches his tipping point, and unlike anti, he breaks down because of this power, realizing his actions and what he’s done without a soul. 

Anti hasn’t mentioned it, but he is desperate. He’s reaching the tipping point. He’s shown the emotion, rather than directly telling us. He would do anything to keep this attention.

Anti has to constantly reassure to the viewer that he’s always watching and that he’s in control. He knows we haven’t been taking him seriously and we’ve been using his name against him than for him. 

He’s afraid of us leaving and ending this game of chaos with us, he doesn’t want to go and fade away yet, and he’ll even killed/corrupted some of his own kind to do it. 

Also, keep in mind that Anti called Jack’s body home, and he even tells how “this” is his world, do you think he wants to loose it? With us just retaliating so quick, showing how powerful we really are?

You see, at the end of the pacifist route of Undertale, Frisk/YOU didn’t retaliate. You literally saved him with your attention, and determination to make things right. So, why can’t we do it again with Anti?  

Do you think Anti is willing to just let go of something we created with and for him? 

So; much like we had to save Asriel in Undertale in order for him to restart and bring everything back to zero, we have to not only save Jack, but save Anti in this as well, to just restart and bring this all back to zero.

Fanfiction Vocab

As anyone who follows my main blog knows, I have a definite shipper bias. I actually became interested in the language while searching for endearments I could have Spock say to Jim in my fanfiction. Whoever you ship, if a Vulcan is included and you create fanworks, it can be really interesting to include some Vuhlkansu.

So for a fun post on this early-summer Friday (at least in my part of the world), I’ve compiled a list of vocabulary and phrases that might be relevant to shippers and fanfiction writers.

Also, if anyone knows of writers using the language in their fics, let me know! I’d eventually like to compile a Vulcan language-specific fic rec list to share on this blog.

Relationship Status

Bondmate/Spouse Telsu
Husband Sa-telsu; adun
Fiancé Sa-kugalsu
Fiancée Ko-kugalsu
Lover Ashausu
Wife Ko-telsu; adun'a

Sexual Orientation

Asexual (adj.) Riguv-, riguvik
Bisexual (adj.) Dah-guv-, dah-guvik
Bisexuality Dah-guv'es
Homosexuality Ka-ashau'es
Homosexual man Sa-ka-ashausu
Homosexual woman/lesbian Ko-ka-ashausu
Heterosexuality Vath-ashau'es Heterosexual man Ba-vath-ashausu
Heterosexual woman Ko-vath-ashausu


Beautiful Vaksurik
Beloved (n.) Ashayam
Beloved, darling, sweetheart (n.) Ashal-veh
Beloved, darling (adj.) Ashal-, Ashalik
Cute Petakov(-)
Love (n.) Ashaya

Romantic Vocabulary

Embrace Nartaya (n.), nartau (v.)
Finger embrace (n.) Ozh’esta
Honeymoon (n.) Wuhr-sa'le
Kiss Shok (n.), Shok-tor (v.)
Love Ashaya (n.), ashau (v.)
Loving (adj.) Ashaun-, ashaunik
Love potion Ashau-krel-masu
Love story Ashaya-var

Sexual and Anatomical Vocabulary

Anal Pekh-razh-, pekh-razhik*
Anus Pekh-razh*
Body Vukhut
Breast Thak
Clitoris Ko-Lok
Copulate Az’ir’kh’ar
Ejaculate (v.) Khrasau
Ejaculation Khrasaya
Erect Abul-, abulik (adj.)
Erection Abun
Erotic Guv-dau-, guv-dauk
Penis Lok
Mate (v.) Katelau
Nipple Thasek-gonaf
Sexual Guvik
Sexual favors Dihrf
Vagina Keshtan-ur*
Vaginal Keshtan-urik*
Vulva Kotik si-guv-kruslar

*Thanks to the ultra-logical Vulcans, these aren’t exactly the sexiest terms, so use them with caution in your fics: keshtan-ur literally means “birth tunnel” and pekh-razh literally means “feces hole.” I humbly suggest that razh, literally “hole,” could serve for any sexy orifice.


I cherish thee Taluhk nash-veh k’dular (traditional Vulcan)
I love you Ashau nash-veh tu
Feeling “head-over-heels” for someone Shon-ha-lock/shan’hal’lak (literally the engulfment)

Note: T’hy’la, the word created by Gene Roddenberry meaning “friend/brother/lover,” will eventually have its own post, as there’s too much to cover here.


It’s time for another svenska med Idz! This one is a little more unplanned (and sometimes I talk quite fast) but I hope you’ll like it either way! :)

procenten - percent

planera (planerade planerat) - plan

vattna (vattnade vattnat) - water

blomman - flower

vatten vattnet - water

vattenkannan - watering can

växtnäringen - plant nutriment

brun - brown

min älskling - my love

citrusfrukten - citrus fruit 

(Technically it’s a citrusträdet - citrus tree, I wasn’t thinking)

studenten - graduation from the Swedish high school

massa - lots of

skottet - sprout

frukten - fruit

nog - probably

mogen - ripe

dammig - dusty

dricka (drack druckit) - drink

man ba/man bara - one’s like/you’re like

fast - but

dock - though

uttråkad - bored

Har ni tänkt på det? - Have you (pl) thought about that?

för två veckor sedan - two weeks ago

dan (shortened form of “dagen”) - the day

avokadon - avocado

torr - dry

bladet - leaf

tråkigt - sad (in this context); boring

fylla år (fyllde år fyllt år) - have one’s birthday

Vad heter det? - What is it called?

elefantörat (lit. elephant ear) - pilea peperomioides

halvåret - half a year

minst - at least (in this context); the smallest

växa (växte växt) - grow

(jätte)taggad - (very) excited

gul - yellow

stjälken - stalk (on flowers)

på väg att - on it’s way to

vit - white

äntligen - finally

spilla (spillde spillt) - spill 

murgrönan - ivy

plantdödaren - plant killer

kaktusen - cactus

ensam - lonley

ingen (jävla) aning - no (fucking) clue

råka (råkade råkat) - accidentally + verb

stabilt - stable (can be used about a situation that is under control, often used ironically or jokingly though)

kämparen - fighter (figuratively)

ramla av (ramlade av ramlat av) - fall off

krukan - flower pot

roten - root

sloka (slokade slokat) - wilt

(as)törstig - (very) thirsty

min(uten) - minute 

improviserad - improvised

växten - plant

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They said Boo was fixing Hansol’s hair… I say it was just his excuse to touch his Hansolie 😂

Kani pud Seungkwan kay para'paraan pud ba!! Hoi naa man gyud moi stylist ug hair dresser, nganong mag anaana pa man gyud kang Hansol ba? Uyab jud mo ai 😂😍
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Ah, yes, the most popular Overwatch ships :

Doctor who / Ba-gay-tte,

Captain America / Edgelord,

Mad Max OCs,

Get in the fucking robot Genji,,

mathemagicalmlp  asked:

AU+5HC: Katara never spills the beans to Azula that Zuko is in Ba Sing Se

Oh, man, this is an interesting ask. 

So, what happens is that Katara doesn’t go for a cup of tea (or at least not at the Jasmine Dragon). This means she doesn’t discover Zuko in the city,, which means she doesn’t go running into the palace to tell the Kyoshi Warriors, which means that Azula doesn’t find, which ends up meaning that she can’t recruit Zuko and Zuko doesn’t betray Iroh all because Katara didn’t enter the Jasmine Dragon in the first place. 

This really fucks up the timeline. Because, while Azula can still win thanks to the the Dai Li, Zuko is still in the Jasmine Dragon with no knowledge of this…until one day the Fire Nation comes marching through the streets and it’s revealed that not only has the Fire Nation taken over Ba Sing Se, but the Avatar is dead. 

And because Zuko wasn’t in the catacombs he doesn’t know abou the oasis water. And, because he doesn’t know about the oasis water, Zuko assumes that Avatar is dead, and with it all hope of ever returning home. 

So, this leaves us with one extremely conflicted, angry firebender who now blames Iroh for his failure. And Iroh’s all “BUT WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU EVEN GOING TO DO, NEPHEW!? YOU’RE KILLING YOURSELF!” 

Anyway, things go south for Zuko and he either gets brainwashed by the Dai Li and/or captured by Azula. 

If he survives though, Zuko will still eventually Aang but, this is a much more different Zuko who’s constantly brooding in a way that;s more reminiscent of the Zuko we see in AvacadoLove’s sequel to “Lose Yourself,” “Find Yourself.”

(P.S. Absolutely do NOT read “Lose Yourself” unless you want to spend the whole day being devastated, heartbroken, traumatized, and shocked…at least I found out about the sequel though. That made me feel better at least..

Holy fuck this fic though. After I got over it, I found it super intriguing though. Still, I was so glad to find a sequel…put my heart to rest.

Also do NOT read this fic in the middle of the night if you want to rest peacefully.)

anonymous asked:

Hello there :) Do you have any good recommendations for gen fics featuring Zuko's friendship with the GAang?

GAang Friendship Fic Recs (Say That Five Times Fast!)

A Matter of Trust  After their escape from the Boiling Rock, Hakoda must decide if he can trust Zuko.  

A Friend  Zuko doesn’t feel like he belongs in the group, but somebody tries to convince him that he’ll be just fine.  

A Misunderstanding of Sides  When the Gaang takes a trip to the Earth Kingdom after EIP, Zuko gets captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers while away from the others. 

The Team Dad  “He’s the one we need to remind us what exactly we’re supposed to be doing, and that we just need to work harder to do it. He’s the one who can make me feel confident just by telling me I’m a talented kid. And he’s my worst enemy’s son.” Friendship fic.  

Problems and Solutions  How does Zuko handle too many assassination attempts? An expansion of two drabbles by Kimberly T. Posted with her permission.  

Not Quite Casual Conversation  It took Toph a while to decide on a nickname for Zuko - nothing quite seemed to fit. A continued conversation from Ember Island Players. 

Male Bonding  Katara understands why Zuko had to join them. What she doesn’t understand is why he and Sokka had to spend every waking moment in each other’s company.

Shopping Spree  Desperately needing supplies, the Gaang heads to a nearby tourist trap. Katara might learn to appreciate the addition of Zuko to the team a little more… that is, if the others don’t drive her completely insane first.  

Can We Keep Him?  Three snowgulls, two tiger seals, one penguin and a Fire Nation Prince. The trials of Sokka.  

Fathers in Arms  Sokka gives an uncertain Zuko some ‘fatherly’ advice.  

What’s in a Nickname?  Zuko sulks and Toph straightens him out with a dose of Earth Kingdom sensibility.

In Which Zuko Realizes How Young Aang Is  Basically what it says in the title. Takes place whenever it makes sense. Pre-Southern Raiders.  

Over My Dignity  Sokka and Zuko find that their odd friendship has unanticipated consequences, and both make choices that will effect one another and the new world order. 

Scarring and Brotherhood  A random little oneshot I wrote as a Christmas present for my big brother. Set slightly AU after the episode The Western Air Temple. Zuko goes to apologize to Toph for burning her feet and some unexpended bonding happens. Sibling!Toko.  

You’re Kuzon?  As an attempt to restore peace to a war-torn world, Zuko requests Aang to do something for him. But could this short detour lead him to a little blast to a few months ago, especially when coming back to a certain school? Post-war.  

Brothers in Arms  In a palace in Ba Sing Se, one man awaits his death, one boy – his torture, and another – his destiny. An Iroh, Sokka and Zuko adventure. Now with epilogue. Complete.  

The Beifong Estate  Because everything seemed a little better with Fire Lord Sparky there. Toko Friendsip. 

Meditating Angry  Aang drops in on his Firebending teacher.

In His Shoes  In order to fully understand a man, you must first walk a mile in his shoes. Sokka and Zuko are going to find that out the hard way. 

Baby Turtle Ducks  “Zuko!” Aang cheered, “Come look at the baby turtle ducks!”

Babysitting the Benders and Bumi  Stories about what happens when each member of the gaang has to babysit the kids: Kya, Bumi, Tenzin, Lin, and Zuko’s daughter, Ursa, aka Honora.

The Art of Intervention  Post-series. Zuko has been working himself to the bone, and really isn’t listening to anyone. Whatever. It’s not like Toph was going to ask permission anyway. Toph & Zuko friendship fic.

Bromance  crack!fic. SPOILERS FOR THE BOILING ROCK! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Zuko: Sokka and Hakoda approved! Poor Katara. zutara, sukka, hinted sokzu  

Ozai’s Pants  Humorous one-shot. What would happen if Aang ever told Zuko that he had a dream about Zuko’s father wearing no pants? Takes place immediately after “The Boiling Rock.“ 

Boys’ Night   Zuko gets dumped. Sokka is the world’s best wingman. There is chloroform.

Year One  The things a young Fire Lord learns at the beginning of his reign.  

Relative Misery  Zuko and Toph commiserate a little. Zuko wins. 

Familial Conversations  Toph and Zuko share a conversation on the wonders of family, Iroh, and good tea. Toko!sibling fic. For smilypie.  

First Name Basis  There are lots of issues with Zuko joining the Avatar’s "Gaang.” Some are concerned with life and death, good and evil, trust and betrayal. Some, though, are just plain awkward. Set after “The Western Air Temple.” No pairings.

Long Live the Prince  One-shot. Set just after “The Boiling Rock.” Aang and the others learn the story of how Zuko got his scar from the newcomer Chit Sang, who thought the prince had been killed three years ago.  

Finally, for those people who hate happiness itself:

When All Your Dreams Come True  AU during the First Season. Zuko has finally captured Aang and returned to the Fire Nation. He couldn’t be happier. Really, he couldn’t. Warning: Very dark. Rated M for violent themes.

 And have some bonus friendship:

Forgotten Ones: Letter to Song  After the end of the war, a young Earth Kingdom herbalist named Song receives a strange letter. Who could she possibly know in the Fire Nation? 

Forgotten Ones: Lieutenant Jee  After the siege of the North Pole, Lieutenant Jee was branded a traitor and thrown in prison. The war is over now, so what could the Firelord have in mind for him?

Hey so yeah I’m a little shit for not being on a lot after instigating all of those threads haha aren’t I the best ??

Anyway I’ve just been kinda busy and fortunately my Kai muse has come back to me (fucking finally) so I’ve been writing my novel a bit, but honestly mostly just planning. 

Dude my series is gonna be so rad it’ll include:

  • Serial killers
  • Non-stop sass
  • Ned Stark style executions
  • Hate to love ships
  • Love to hate to love ships
  • A guy being torn apart from the inside
  • Indiana Jones style expeditions in the desert 
  • An underground world with giant bioluminescent mushrooms??
  • Kai being his asshole self


But about the threads, I’ll get on them when I can. Trust me, I think about them all the time, especially the one with Ammon & Kabu so I’m trying to get my ass in gear tbh. Oh, and thank you all who said nice things on the heart post thing that was v kind of you guys