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Penguin and some thugs tried to hide out from Batman in my house, which terrified me. My little sister, however, kept play talking into her bright, plastic toy phone, and at one point proclaimed, "It's for you!" and handed it to Penguin... who promptly grabbed it and yelled, "'ello?! Who's callin' an' what do you want?!" Batman busts in but Penguin just says, "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M ON THA' BLOODY PHONE, BA'MAN?!" #OnlyInGotham #BatmanWaitedPatiently

They said Boo was fixing Hansol’s hair… I say it was just his excuse to touch his Hansolie 😂

Kani pud Seungkwan kay para'paraan pud ba!! Hoi naa man gyud moi stylist ug hair dresser, nganong mag anaana pa man gyud kang Hansol ba? Uyab jud mo ai 😂😍
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We all know that Iroh's son got killed while they were trying to conquer Ba Sing Se, I'm assuming that an Earth Kingdom soldier probably killed him, if that's true what I find so incredible is that Iroh holds no grudges against the Earth Kingdom, he doesn't hate them or talk badly about them, when he fought Earth kingdom soldiers in Book 1 he didn't want to hurt them he was just trying to escape and in the end he frees the same Kingdom from his own nation where his son got killed, incredible!

Yeah, Iroh changed a lot since his son died. After that loss, he realized that he was not a good person, and that the Fire Nation was doing the same thing to other families, like his own. He went from trying to slay the dragons to protecting them. And he went from laughing about burning Ba Sing Se to the ground, to helping a man in Ba Sing Se who was just trying to mug him. And then he helps to liberate Ba Sing Se. He has no ill will toward the Earth Kingdom.

He obviously went through his own kundalini awakening after Lu Ten’s death, judging by the way he spoke to Zuko.

Uncle Iroh: You should know this is not a natural sickness. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying tea.

Prince Zuko: Wh- what’s happening?

Uncle Iroh: Your critical decision - what you did beneath that lake. It was such a conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.

Prince Zuko: What’s that mean?

Uncle Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience but when you come out of it. You will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

I really don’t know exactly what happneed to Lu Ten, though. He looks a lot like the face who was shown by Koh at the end. The way it lingered on that face seemed to indicate that it was going to be important. And we know that the flashback with Iroh in Book 4 was supposed to be about his siege of Ba Sing Se, and his trip to the Spirit World. It’s one of those great unsolved mysteries of Avatar. Of course, nothing interesting like this ever gets covered in the comics. :p

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Hello there :) Do you have any good recommendations for gen fics featuring Zuko's friendship with the GAang?

GAang Friendship Fic Recs (Say That Five Times Fast!)

A Matter of Trust  After their escape from the Boiling Rock, Hakoda must decide if he can trust Zuko.  

A Friend  Zuko doesn’t feel like he belongs in the group, but somebody tries to convince him that he’ll be just fine.  

A Misunderstanding of Sides  When the Gaang takes a trip to the Earth Kingdom after EIP, Zuko gets captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers while away from the others. 

The Team Dad  “He’s the one we need to remind us what exactly we’re supposed to be doing, and that we just need to work harder to do it. He’s the one who can make me feel confident just by telling me I’m a talented kid. And he’s my worst enemy’s son.” Friendship fic.  

Problems and Solutions  How does Zuko handle too many assassination attempts? An expansion of two drabbles by Kimberly T. Posted with her permission.  

Not Quite Casual Conversation  It took Toph a while to decide on a nickname for Zuko - nothing quite seemed to fit. A continued conversation from Ember Island Players. 

Male Bonding  Katara understands why Zuko had to join them. What she doesn’t understand is why he and Sokka had to spend every waking moment in each other’s company.

Shopping Spree  Desperately needing supplies, the Gaang heads to a nearby tourist trap. Katara might learn to appreciate the addition of Zuko to the team a little more… that is, if the others don’t drive her completely insane first.  

Can We Keep Him?  Three snowgulls, two tiger seals, one penguin and a Fire Nation Prince. The trials of Sokka.  

Fathers in Arms  Sokka gives an uncertain Zuko some ‘fatherly’ advice.  

What’s in a Nickname?  Zuko sulks and Toph straightens him out with a dose of Earth Kingdom sensibility.

In Which Zuko Realizes How Young Aang Is  Basically what it says in the title. Takes place whenever it makes sense. Pre-Southern Raiders.  

Over My Dignity  Sokka and Zuko find that their odd friendship has unanticipated consequences, and both make choices that will effect one another and the new world order. 

Scarring and Brotherhood  A random little oneshot I wrote as a Christmas present for my big brother. Set slightly AU after the episode The Western Air Temple. Zuko goes to apologize to Toph for burning her feet and some unexpended bonding happens. Sibling!Toko.  

You’re Kuzon?  As an attempt to restore peace to a war-torn world, Zuko requests Aang to do something for him. But could this short detour lead him to a little blast to a few months ago, especially when coming back to a certain school? Post-war.  

Brothers in Arms  In a palace in Ba Sing Se, one man awaits his death, one boy – his torture, and another – his destiny. An Iroh, Sokka and Zuko adventure. Now with epilogue. Complete.  

The Beifong Estate  Because everything seemed a little better with Fire Lord Sparky there. Toko Friendsip. 

Meditating Angry  Aang drops in on his Firebending teacher.

In His Shoes  In order to fully understand a man, you must first walk a mile in his shoes. Sokka and Zuko are going to find that out the hard way. 

Baby Turtle Ducks  “Zuko!” Aang cheered, “Come look at the baby turtle ducks!”

Babysitting the Benders and Bumi  Stories about what happens when each member of the gaang has to babysit the kids: Kya, Bumi, Tenzin, Lin, and Zuko’s daughter, Ursa, aka Honora.

The Art of Intervention  Post-series. Zuko has been working himself to the bone, and really isn’t listening to anyone. Whatever. It’s not like Toph was going to ask permission anyway. Toph & Zuko friendship fic.

Bromance  crack!fic. SPOILERS FOR THE BOILING ROCK! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Zuko: Sokka and Hakoda approved! Poor Katara. zutara, sukka, hinted sokzu  

Ozai’s Pants  Humorous one-shot. What would happen if Aang ever told Zuko that he had a dream about Zuko’s father wearing no pants? Takes place immediately after “The Boiling Rock.“ 

Boys’ Night   Zuko gets dumped. Sokka is the world’s best wingman. There is chloroform.

Year One  The things a young Fire Lord learns at the beginning of his reign.  

Relative Misery  Zuko and Toph commiserate a little. Zuko wins. 

Familial Conversations  Toph and Zuko share a conversation on the wonders of family, Iroh, and good tea. Toko!sibling fic. For smilypie.  

First Name Basis  There are lots of issues with Zuko joining the Avatar’s "Gaang.” Some are concerned with life and death, good and evil, trust and betrayal. Some, though, are just plain awkward. Set after “The Western Air Temple.” No pairings.

Long Live the Prince  One-shot. Set just after “The Boiling Rock.” Aang and the others learn the story of how Zuko got his scar from the newcomer Chit Sang, who thought the prince had been killed three years ago.  

Finally, for those people who hate happiness itself:

When All Your Dreams Come True  AU during the First Season. Zuko has finally captured Aang and returned to the Fire Nation. He couldn’t be happier. Really, he couldn’t. Warning: Very dark. Rated M for violent themes.

 And have some bonus friendship:

Forgotten Ones: Letter to Song  After the end of the war, a young Earth Kingdom herbalist named Song receives a strange letter. Who could she possibly know in the Fire Nation? 

Forgotten Ones: Lieutenant Jee  After the siege of the North Pole, Lieutenant Jee was branded a traitor and thrown in prison. The war is over now, so what could the Firelord have in mind for him?

Being Negans daughter and him finding out you're in love with Daryl

-negan letting his daughter visit Daryl in the cells, not knowing she would go to talk to him -not realizing that she let Daryl out the cell and sent her to go on the search team that was looking for him -negan not thinking she’s ever fall in love with someone that his group was taking supplies from, seeing Daryl and his group as weak -y/n would find Daryl and let him know which ways to go to avoid getting caught “Y/n, I’m not running anymore. I’m going to Alexandria and I want you with me when I go” “I came, they’ll find me, his men will” “You shouldn’t be afraid of your father and his men. That’s your family. He loves you and if he does, he’ll understand” “I-i don’t know. I’ll go to Alexandria if I want to, I won’t abandon you” -going back to the group and telling them that she didn’t see anything -negan has a run to Alexandria, y/n begging him to go and him giving in even though he was suspicious of why -when arriving at Alexandria, negan began noticing her odd behavior compared to how she is at home “Y/n, what in the shit is wrong with you? Who the hell are you looking for?” Negan yelling out. -Daryl hearing it and leaves his hiding place to see what was happening, running right to her “Simon! Get Daryl and Dwight, find Rick and bring him to me. Now!” Megan yelled “Dad, no, please don’t!” Y/n yelled stopping him. “What the fuck has gotten into you, y/n! You don’t know him, he’s a sorry shit of a man going ba-” “I love him! And if you love me, you’ll understand and you’ll let this be” “Get in the truck, this is to be fucking continued” he yelled

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Imām Rezā (عليه السلام) be dard e man dava bede, biya ba man shafa'a bede,
Khuda be man yek baareh ziyarat e karbala bede, dar ghabreh pedarbozorge Imām e een harame.

Ah, yes, the most popular Overwatch ships :

Doctor who / Ba-gay-tte,

Captain America / Edgelord,

Mad Max OCs,

Get in the fucking robot Genji,,

Strange Magic Fanfic - "A Beastly Beauty and a Beautiful Beast"

Once upon a time, there is a Beauty, and there is a Beast.

Can one not be both?

Originally written for Strange Magic Week Day 1: Fairy Tales. Unsurprisingly, I knew exactly which Fairy Tale AU I wanted to tackle…

I’ve wanted to do a Strange Magic Beauty and the Beast AU for some time now, seeing as its my favorite fairy tale. But I was hesitant to actually write it, uncertain in how to handle it. For me, Strange Magic is one of the best subversions of the classic Beauty and Beast tale because Bog is a Beast and he does not physically change. His monstrousness and beastliness is not a curse inflicted upon him, it’s his natural state. If there’s any curse in Strange Magic, it’s the fact that Bog is so willing to believe he is too hideous to be loved, to resign himself to misery and heartache. 

To do an AU where Bog is transformed into something more classically appealing? It would be to tear down one of the things I most adore about this movie, its bravery and commitment in showing that there is nothing wrong in being a Beast, and that everyone deserves to be loved. I couldn’t do that.  

But then I came up with a twist that I feel stays true to both the spirit of Beauty and the Beast and Strange Magic, and I am so eager to share it with you…!

You will notice that I combined elements from both the original Beauty and the Beast tale and with the Disney version - I love both of them and wanted to see if I could make something that honors both of them whilst still being fresh and new. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy this story - it took over my life the best of way, and I am eager to see what you think! 


Once upon a time, there is a Beauty, and there is a Beast.

This is the tale we know.

A curse was cast.

A flower – a rose, perhaps a primrose, fresh with dew and jealously guarded – is plucked.

A sacrifice is sworn, a vow made.

A girl walks into darkness, head held high and burning bright.

Once upon a time, there is a Beauty, and there is a Beast.

Can one not be both?

Her sister’s fingers, sweetly tracing the petals, softly touching the stems and giving gentle little tugs until the blossom is pulled free from the iron of the earth, the darkness of the damp soil.

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Hindi ba pwedeng ako na lang? Hindi ba pwedeng ako na lang ang pumawi ng kalungkutang nadarama mo? Hindi ba pwedeng ako ang pumuno sa bawat lahang na nariyan sa puso mo? Hindi ba pwedeng ako na lang ang humawak ng mga kamay mo? Oo nga pala, wala akong karapatan maghangad ng ganitong mga bagay. Hindi ko naman pwedeng ipilit ang sarili ko sa'yo. Ibuhos ko man buong kong pagkatao, kulang na kulang pa rin ako. Hindi pa rin sapat. Hindi pa rin  kita kayang mapuno. Ganoon na lamang ba kaikli ang aking mga bisig upang hindi ko maabot ang bawat nota na nariyan sa puso mo?  Ganoon na lamang ba kahina ang boses ko upang hindi mo mabatid na ngalan mo ang tanging isinisigaw ko. Ganoon na nga lang ba kamanhid yang balat mo upang hindi mo maramdaman ang bawat mga salitang ibinubulong ko sa hangin, hindi man lang ba makarating sa'yo?

// Antolohiya nating dalawa #1

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I'm absolutely in love with your art and superhero au!!!!! I'm wondering if any other hq characters are going to join in??

superhero au tag

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Paano po ba mag move on? ang hirap-hirap na po kasi eh. pagod na akong intindihin sya sa mga dahilan nya. Oo mahal ko siya pero parang ako lang ang nagmamahal eh. naguguluhan rin ako sa relationship status namin kasi hindi naman kami pero nagpapalitan na kami ng 'i love you's'. pero parang ako lang ang gumagawa ng paraan para magkaroon kami ng communication. i feel like i am taken for granted. feeling ko hindi ako sapat. ang sakit na sakit na eh. ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?

You know the 3 days challenge, yung di mo sya papansinin ng 3 araw, sapat na yun para malaman mo kung hahabulin ka ba nya o hahanapin man lang. After nyan, kung hindi ka h

Nag ask yung ex ko if pwede daw ba kami mag dinner but then i asked Z if papayagan niya ba ako or not then after, he’ll pick me 8pm daw then 7:56 ata or 7:59 dumating then off we go. Pumayag ako sa dinner kasi inisip ko na chance na din to para magkaroon ng maayos na closure. Usapan namin hanggang 11:30 lang ako kasi may pre-boards ako ng 8am the next day then sabi niya okay okay. So nag usap kami about sa closure and about sa present na nililigawan niya then inask din niya ako if how am i and kami ni Z then nag joke siya “so paano ba yan? May the best man wins ba sa mangyayare samin?” Sabi ko “wtf?” Tapos sabi niya joke lang daw kasi sure na daw siya sa present na nililigawan niya then ayon. After dinner otw na kami sabi ko, daan tayo sa 7-11 kasi i need chocolate and 2 Liters of water tapos sabi niya bigla sa SLEX nalang. Short roadtrip daw kami and kasi may lil orbits din doon. Gusto daw niya non wala daw sa US non so sige pinagbigyan ko. Akala ko mag dodrop by lang kasi 10:45 na ata non? Idk basta almost 11 tapos ang bilis ng takbo niya. Natakot ako then pag dating namin akala ko 30 mins lang itatagal namin fuck hindi pala. Nagdaan pa siya ng starbucks sabi ko, gusto ko na umuwi tapos sabi niya later na mga 3:00 daw tapos pinagbigyan ko hanggang 12:30 kasi baka magbago isip tapos shet hindi pa din. Nag 2 drinks sa starbucks plus nag cinnabon the lahat ng flavor sa lil orbits binili. Tapos naiiyak na ako bandang 1:00 sabi ko inuwi na niya ako. Tapos nagtext daw kay mommy na 4:00 daw ako uuwi and all tapos nakita ko reply ni mommy na okay tapos umiiyak na ako. Nag peplead ako na umuwi na kami kasi hindi na maganda pakiramdam ko. Pagod na ako tapos sobrang sakit ng ulo ko tapos grabe gusto ko na talaga umuwi. Badang 2:30 napapayag ko na siya. Tapos inuwi niya ako. Umiiyak pa din ako. Sorry siya ng sorry sakin. Then 3:30 nakauwi na ako. Hindi ko na siya pinansin i went straight inside the house. Struggle is real sa pag uwi. Ang dami kong naisip paano makauwi. Drained na drained na phone ko 9:30 pa lang then nag ask ako sa mga tao doon anong fastest way paano makauwi ng makati pag commute eh hindi daw nila alam tapos nagtatanong ako sa mga tao din doon if pwede ba ako makisabay pero hindi sila pumayag. Sabi ko magbabayad ako kahit magkano pero papunta daw sila ng south kaya no choice ako. Pilitin siya na umuwi na kaya umiyak na ako.

Kung isang araw, maisip mo ako at itanong mo sa sarili mo kung minahal nga ba kita, sana mabasa mo ang liham na ito.

Yung unang beses na nagtagpo ang ating mga mata, kasabay ng ngiti, kasabay ng pagbati, kasabay ng walang katapusang mga tanong— kamusta? O kumain ka na ba? At nung sinabi kong, sabi na sayo, hindi ako maganda. Isa yun sa pinaka-hindi ko makakalimutang simula. Dahil alam ko, sa gabing iyon, magsisimula tayo.

Biglang naroon ang mga mensaheng pinadala. Ang tsokolate na sa sobrang dami, ipinamigay ko na. Ang manok na tumamis din ang luto dahil siguro naitutulay sa bawat hiwa at bawat buhos ng suka ang tamis na nadarama. Kung paano hindi nagtatapos ang mga paksa na wala naman talagang kabuluhan ngunit walang hanggan nating napag-uusapan dahil sa bawat tawa at bawat nakakatangang bagay na nangyari sa buhay ko— kinakausap kita. Tila ba ang mga parte at estorya na dati ay masakit ay naghihilom, baka dahil sa bawat pagmumura ko, nakikinig ka at nakikinig lang, hindi naghuhusga.

Kung may isang salita na maisasalamin ang nararamdaman ko sa mga oras na iyon, ito ay ang salitang “Masaya” dahil bawat araw na nagtatagpo ang ating mga landas, o nagsasayang tayo ng oras ng magkasama, iyon lang ang nararamdaman ko. Maligaya ako pag nakakatabi kita sa kama— at naroon na naman ang tila hindi nagwawakas at walang katapusang pag-uusap. Tungkol sa akin, tungkol sayo, tungkol sa mga komplikadong bagay na ang gusto natin pero hindi natin makuha, tungkol sa kung gaano kagulo ang mundo, tungkol sa masasakit na nakaraan o sa masasayang pagkakakilala at kung ano pang “kung ano ano lang”. Maligaya ako tuwing kasalo kita sa katahimikan, at titingin lang ako sa maamo mong mukha na tila ba'y namumuong bagyo na nagkukubli lang sa napakatamik na dagat. Alam kong isang araw, pipinsalain mo ako, pero sa mga oras na yun, hinihiling kong sana tumila ka at tuluyang maglaho ang mga takot mo upang maglaho rin ang mga takot kong isang araw, uulan na naman at sasaktan mo ako.

Makahulugan sa akin ang bawat paghawak mo sa aking kamay. At kahit gaano karaming beses man nangyari iyon, isa isa ko paring naaalala ang bawat pagkakataon na nilalapat mo sa palad ko ang palad mo at tinatahak natin ang daan ng magkasama. O kahit nasa sulok lang tayo ng iyong silid, pinapakiramdaman ang tibok ng puso ng bawat isa. Kung inaakala mong hindi ko iyon sinasaulado at itinatago sa isang kahon dito sa aking memorya, nagkakamali ka. Dahil gusto ko ang pakiramdam ng higpit o hapit o bawat pagkapit mo sa akin. At minsan ko ring inakala na ang ibig sabihin nito ay hindi pagbitaw, minsan din akong nangako sa sarili ko na kahit kailan hindi kita iiwanan at hindi kita susukuan kahit dumating man ang oras na itakwil mo na ako palayo at kalimutan nalang. Makahulugan sa aking ang bawat halik na idinadampi mo sa aking balat. Bawat paglalapat ng ating mga labi. Sana naramdaman mo rin na hindi ako ni-minsan napilitan na tanggapin ka at hayaan kang lakbayin ako— sa pinaka malalalim na parte ng pagkatao ko na ikaw lang ang nakakaalam at ikaw palang ang nakarating. At oo, naaalala ko ang lahat. Kahit yung nakaw na halik lang nung gabi na ikaw ay nalasing, sa lahat, iyon ang pinaka hindi ko malilimutan, dahil baka, doon, kahit sa gabing yun lang, naramdaman ko na baka, baka lang naman, may posibilidad na pareho tayo ng nararamdaman.

Naaalala ko ang bawat kwento at bawat salitan na minsan o kadalasan pwede ng gamiting kotasyon. Parang biglang may tumutunog na theme song o sa isang iglap, parang eksena sa pelikula na ikaw at ako ang bida. Yung mga senaryo na hinihiling ng ibang maranasan kasama ang taong mahal nila, nangyayari sa ating dalawa. Perpekto na sana, hanggang sa dumating ang tanong na “ano ba talaga tayo?” At ang mas nakakatawa pa, sa mga oras na iyon, wala akong pakialam. Sumasabay lang ako sa indayog ng kaligayan at iba’t-ibang sensasyon na inihahatid ng pakiramdam kapag kasama kita— masaya. Ni hindi ko na kinailangan ng rason o kung ano mang eksplinasyon kung bakit walang tayo o kung meron man, ano ba. Ni hindi na ako humiling ng kung ano mang estado o kung dapat ba klarado tayo. Hinayaan ko nalang na malaglag ang mga tala na gabi-gabi nating tinitingala at kasabay narin ang mga bagay na hindi ko mabigyan ng tamang katawagan. Sa pagkakataong yun, sapat ng nasisilayan kita at mas higit pa.

Ngunit naaalala ko rin ang bawat pagpapaalam. Malinaw rin sa aking kaisipan ang bawat hakbang ko palayo na kung maaari ko lang hilingin na tumigil ang oras doon sa panahong nasa tabi lang kita, ginawa ko na. Naaalala ko ang pagkasabik na makita kang muli. Naaalala ko ang pakiramdam ng iyong init tuwing niyayakap kita at ang dahan-dahan na pagpikit ng iyong mga mata tuwing siniil mo ako ng iyong mga halik. Naaalala ko ang tuwa at galak tuwing nasisilayan ko ang iyong mga ngiti o kahit pag hinahayaan mo akong guluhin ka sa kabila ng iyong pagkakaabala. Naaalala ko ang bawat pagtatapos ng araw na ibig sabihin ay kailangan ko na namang umalis ngunit alam kong gugustuhin kong makita kang muli.

At mas masakit ang huli.

Ang detalye ng huli nating pagtatagpo at pag papaalam. Dahil sa araw na iyon, naramdaman kong hindi at walang pag-asang maipaglalaban ko ang nararamdaman dahil alam kong hindi tayo pareho. Ang huling araw ay ang tanging araw na hindi masaya kahit kasama kita. Dahil balot ang puso ko ng pangamba. Ayokong mawala ka ngunit ayoko ring ipagpilitan ang sarili ko sa taong hindi naman talaga ako gusto.

Kung isang araw, baka sakali lang, maaalala mo ang huling beses na nagkita tayo, nais kong malaman mo na nilingon kita pero wala ka na. At umiyak ako habang tinatahak ko ang daan pauwi ng mag-isa. Batid ko na sa oras na iyon na oras na para sumuko dahil hindi ko kayang ipaglaban ka kasi hindi ka naman akin. Hindi kita kayang panghawakan kasi wala naman akong karapatang pigilan kang maging masaya. Naaalala ko parin ang sakit ng mga sandaling iyon. Dahil iyon ang ating pagtatapos.

Mali, hindi naman kasi talaga tayo nag-umpisa. Paano magtatapos kung hindi naman nag umpisa?

Kung isang araw, maisip mo kung iniisip parin ba kita. Oo, hanggang ngayon, laman ka parin ng bawat buod na ginagawa ko. At nagsusulat parin ako ng mga liham para sayo, ngunit hindi ko ipapadala. Kung isang araw, magtanong ka, kung hinintay ba kita? Oo, hinintay kita kahit ibig sabihin ng paghihintay ay gabi-gabing pagparak at pagluha. Kung magkikita man tayong muli, hiling ko lang, masaya ka. Dahil susubukan kong maging masaya kahit wala ka.

Kung isang araw, maisip mo at itanong mo sa sarili mo, kung minahal kita— Sobra-sobra. Minahal at minamahal pa.

Araw-araw, naiisip ko at tinatanong ko sa sarili ko,
Ikaw ba, minahal mo ba ako?

At “hindi” ang laging sagot ko.