ba kun

“W-What are you doing?!” A pink tint flushed up towards the albino’s cheeks, his ears being attacked by the same colour not soon after. “O-Oi! Stop it…!” He yelled towards the brunette between his legs, his eyes glancing towards her only to notice that lustful glint glimmering in her eyes. It may not have been much, but as he had seen that expression a thousand times before -usually created by himself with moans slipping past her lips- the male knew this wasn’t going to end with just this. Grunted sounds had managed to muffle his own moans, but besides from that Subaru never attempted to pull away from her; his fingers only curled against the mattress beneath him, his shoulders tensed and his stomach began to twist in anticipation at the actions displayed to him.
       The giggle which had passed her lips had been faintly heard at the back of his ear, but he had dismissed it out to watch her actions again. Her hand glided along his thighs, as they danced at the seams of his tighten trousers. Every time her fingers had managed to graze over at his harden length, Ayano had groped and palmed him until her fingers had danced away. It had became an ongoing routine to get the male horny and begging, but the albino knew it wasn’t going to get that far. It wouldn’t; but maybe he had thought too soon. With shocked eyes, he watched as her mouth soon attached itself along the visible bulge at his pants, her lips sucking along it as if it had been sprung out from it’s confines.
       Knuckles turned white and teeth gritted, a long groan echoed out in the air as his shoulders relaxed. “Nn…! Did Reiji put something in your drink again?! Tch…!” In a quick motion, his fingers untangled from sheets and intertwine his fingers in her hair to yank her head up. “If you’re going to do something…! At least do it right and tch… Stop teasing..!”

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lucky item: lover?

{ can you be mine just for the day }

AU: Birthday, Older characters
Pairing: Midorima x Reader
Genre: Fluff
A/N: In honor of Midorima’s birthday, I’m postponing today’s 3k special to tomorrow. Because tsuntsun needs a little lovin’ on his special day. Oha Asa info from here.

Midorima never found these so called parties exciting. He found them to be a nuisance instead. He had planned to settle at home alone with a good book and maybe a cup of tea. Just a nice relaxing birthday. When Takao and Kise barged into his room, took out his clothes and dragged him out.

Be patient. It’s your birthday.

That’s what he kept telling himself but at this rate, he wasn’t sure how long he was going to last. His head was about to split open with all this singing. They had to drag him out to a karaoke place to entertain him. So, now, Kise and Takao were doing a duet of a very techno, upbeat song. Aomine was arguing with Kagami about basketball, as usual. Kuroko was chatting calmly to Akashi. Murasakibara was stuffing his face with food.

How was this supposed to be his birthday again?

A knock came on the door and Midorima internally groaned. As much as he wanted to complain, he knew that his friends were doing this for his sake. Though, he wasn’t sure whether it was to make him happy or drive him insane. But he didn’t think he could handle more people.

Then Momoi bounded in with a few more people.

Dear God.

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