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Btw you study drama or what?

I am finishing up high school soon (graduate on the second of June) and then in the fall I will be going to Ohio Northern University for a BFA in Musical Theatre and a BA in Communications with an Arts Administration Minor. Fun stuff!


Laura Tobin: Meteorologist. Physics & Meteorology Graduate, Reading University. Joined Met Office in 2003. 

Sally Nugent: Journalist. BA in Communication Arts and French, University of Huddersfield. 

Carol Kirkwood: Weather presenter. BA in Commerce, Napier College, Edinburgh. 

Kate Williams: Author, historian and TV presenter. BA and DPhil, Oxford. MAs from Queen Mary University, London and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Steph McGovern: Business journalist. Winner of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Won “Young Engineer for Britain” award. Studied Science Communications and Policy, University College London. 



Love writing songs, poems or monologues? Love performing? Or simply tired of the endless Facebook news feed scrolling and tweeting all summer long?

The UPLB Com Arts Society invites you to end the summer procrastination by being productive! We bring you ART & SOUL VI: ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS

We are giving you a chance to express all your angst, sentiments and feels in any form. May it be songs, speeches, spoken words, orations, monologues, dialogues, or even rap battles! Exercise your creativity and show UPLB what you got!

If you can’t wait to own the stage, contact Sarah at 09273806468 for details. :)

Head counts and Glossy pages

I don’t know why but that title just popped into my mind when I’m about to start with this post.

Anyway! Had a busy week because of school stuff and our batch having to organize the acquaintance party of the BA Communication Arts students (btw, that’s the degree I’m taking right now ^^).

We had the party last Saturday at Dumoy Garden Resort.

Here are some photos.

(I don’t know why but was too lazy to take photos that day. Maybe because we only had an hour’s worth of sleep so we can prepare the food. XP)

Everybody was divided into groups for the games.

The games were fun and challenging. So challenging my team ended up in the last place. Hahaha! 

Here are my friends. Joking around and laughing. Maybe even having a  rapping contest. Looks to me like Joya’s “breaking it down”. (LOL! lame joke I got there. Sorry! :P)

This photo explains the first part of my title… 

Look at how many we are! Haha. We are not even complete in this photo. Maybe there’s a third of the total BACA students missing in this pic. Some weren’t able to come at the party.

I guess everyone had fun that day. ^^

As for the “Glossy Pages” part of my title…

I went out this afternoon to buy some back issue magazines for our class tomorrow. ^^

Because of these two, I want to read and collect more magazines. I was eyeing a Vogue magazine with Adele in the cover but it was too pricey. I also saw some novels and was really tempted to buy some but then again, they were too pricey and it wouldn’t be right if I blow all of my allowance when this week’s classes haven’t even started yet. ^^ (Self-control powers maxed out hahaha!)

That’s it for now.

Now that it’s already July, no more lolly-gagging for me. ^^ Say hello to mortifying schedules and deadlines. Haha!

Lovelots! ^^ 

Will try to update anytime I can.

PS: The 2nd to 4th photos were not taken by me. It was by any of my friends who was holding my camera that time. :P


What makes a great event? Much like the formula “sugar, spice and everything nice” was not enough to create something out of this world, with @UPLBComArtSoc, besides putting our creative juices to a test and working with wonderful people, the most important ingredient in making each event special is love.

Last academic year, we startled UPLB with a mixture of fresh ideas and tradition through activities such as The Most Wanted Orientation, Jologs Quiz Show, Art & Soul V: Soundtracks, Eureka Seminar Series, the much talked about production, Fourplay and many more.

Summer will be over in a few weeks, and a new chapter of our growing family will unfold. We have so much in store for everyone this year, and as excited as we are to reveal them to you, we can’t give out the details just yet. But we promise you, it will be worth the wait. More love and good vibes are coming your way this A.Y. 2013-2014! ♥

Thank you.

I just got the second draft of my manuscript back and I was browsing some of the notes my adviser left when I saw this comment.

“You write very well, Ms. Bernales. Your lit teachers have noticed.”

My eyes watered and I was not able to contain the sudden rush of emotions. I took the piece of paper and looked for a dorm mate to share my joy with.

Why was it a big deal for me? Let’s just say that lately I’ve been at probably my lowest low. I have been depressed for quite some time now. Each day I felt as though everyone was better than me in everything I do and I was the most talentless and stupid person I know. I am majoring in Writing and yet I felt like Biology students wrote more and better poems than I did. Student engineers made a living by being part-time writers while I don’t make a cent out of something that I should be doing better. Batchmates and coursemates were getting published in the papers while I was asking myself if I can really write [creatively]. In my laptop, all I have are second-rate poems and stories without endings. 

So this comment came at a time when it was much needed. For a writer to be complimented by her advisers whom she looks up to, it sure is an overwhelming feeling. It is an affirmation that I could be somewhat good at what I do, a reassurance that what I write is appreciated. It’s like being told, “you are where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to do.” And with that, I guess I won’t be hurting myself tonight. Lalalalala.