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I’ve decided that Dark’s occasional voring is canon, and so have fun knowing everything that goes on in this story is actually in my main story line B3c

Mr. Blutstrom, otherwise known less professionally by his first name Dark, rose from his seat and set down his pencil, rubbing his pudgy belly which moaned for something to be put in it. He had been working on this godforsaken project for what seemed like an eternity and he never had much time anymore to sate his cravings, which caused him to grow extremely irritable…more irritable than usual, at least.

He rubbed his stubbly chin, remembering that his fiancée had brought home a box of some sort of sweet confectionary earlier today-perhaps they were cream puffs. His stomach growled and gurgled at the thought of it and drool started to drip out of the corner of his mouth. He swiftly wiped away the saliva from his chin, hoping nobody saw his unruly display, and glanced around the room. There was no sight of the man who forced him to start this torturous project, and he smirked, heading upstairs towards the kitchen.

As he strolled up the stairs, his belly jiggled just a tad, which caused his cheeks to flush a burning hot red as he placed a hand onto it to hopefully stop it from doing so. He unconsciously began to rub it in slow circles, not realizing how much he loved the feeling of his smooth belly while it continued its aria of gurgles under his deep violet shirt. It was a while before he realized what he was doing and he immediately stopped stroking his tummy, disgusted by his own behavior.

It was a little sad… He used to be so proud of his stomach because of how much attention he got from his fiancée, but lately he had been getting harassed by the man who forced him to bring back the dead; he had been insulted for having put on a couple pounds and shunned for being “too weak” to resist his cravings, which ultimately led to more stress eating. He had started feeling useless. He cringed when he felt his belly press against his desk, causing him to back up a few inches and away from his paper with mountains upon mountains of equations which he needed to look at. He couldn’t even give the love of his life a hug without having his tummy squish against her and making him embarrassed to have such a frame, anymore. Occasionally, he would look down and bare his teeth at his stomach, cursing it and wishing it would just burn off and go away.

Dark frowned to himself, shaking these thoughts from his head as he finally walked into his kitchen. There it was, sitting on the counter were the box of treats that he had been thinking about all day…though it was already opened. He figured his fiancée had just taken a few for herself-she was the one that bought them after all-but as he stepped closer and looked inside, he saw that the box was completely empty, give or take a couple crumbs. His face grew sullen at this reveal and his stomach growled fiercely as if it was angry too. He had gone too long without being able to treat himself, and when he felt like he was finally able to, it was ripped from his grasp.

As he turned around to go back to work, his soon-to-be-wife walked into the kitchen as well. When she saw him, she waved to him.

“Good evening, sweetie! Glad to see you’re finally taking a break,” she said as she beamed. Dark raised his eyebrows at her and waved back, though it was noticeably less confident looking than usual. She stepped up to him, taking his hand in her own and gazing into his eyes with her own begging ones. He sighed and held her close.

“Madeline,” he assured, “I’m fine. I just came up to see if I could grab a bite to eat, that’s all.”

Dark’s own gaze returned to the empty box of treats and Maddy’s followed suit. As she realized why he was sorrowed, she rested her hand on his shoulder and sighed, "I’m sorry, Dark, but I already ate all of them. I didn’t know whether you were going to be taking a break or not, and I didn’t want them going bad or anything… I’m really, really sorry, sweetie.”

Dark sighed; it was always hard for him to listen to her apologize. He never felt like she had anything to say sorry for, he knew he could be petty sometimes, anyways. He stroked her hand that rested upon him and nodded, attempting to show that she had nothing to worry about.

He tried for a smile, “It’s okay, Maddybear, really. You did nothing wrong at all. I probably need to lose some weight, anyways.” He patted his belly, though it only caused it to growl at a deafening volume through his cotton t-shirt. It seemed to be a cry for food, or just about anything, really-that lamp over there was starting to look appetizing.

Dark shook his head fiercely and dug his nails into his gut, glowering down at it. He hissed, “Could you shut up for one second?”

Madeline looked down at the rounded mass and giggled, taking it into her own hands. She cradled it neatly in her smaller, softer hands and rubbed it gently, applying just enough pressure to push out a few more gurgles. As the belly began to rumble in an almost begging manner, she kneeled down and pressed her ear against it, listening to what she deemed as blissful noises. It was…not so much of a fantasy, she supposed, as it was just an interest to be within an adorable tummy and listen to the groaning and straining of the chamber around her.

This gave her an idea. As Dark was about to raise the question of why she had been prodding his belly for so long, she beamed up at him. Her eyes glimmered with that certain slightly mischievous spark and she smirked.

“Do you think I could fill you up, tonight?”

The chubby amalgamation of negativity raised his eyebrows, not surprised by any manner since they had done it before, but more just astonished she enjoyed doing it so much. He had always had a feeling she loved bellies, so in the past he would tease her and swallow her down slowly so she could relish in the fact that it was really happening, letting her inside of his stomach just to let her explore what would usually be just a daydream. He snickered to himself for being able to finally realize just how much she loved being in there now that it had come to the fact that, well, she asked first.

He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her closer, letting her get an earful of the sounds within his dome of a belly as he whispered to her, “I would love nothing more than to give you the cuddling you deserve, dear~.”

Madeline practically jumped up to his waiting mouth, which was currently pooling with saliva. When he opened it, drool poured out from his lips, trickling down his chin and dripping onto his shirt and the floor. His jaw unhinged with a monstrous cracking noise, and his tongue unfurled to begin pulling in his fiancée and taste her soft, tender skin. She closed her eyes in bliss as her head was encased by Dark’s welcoming maw, his tongue slathering her cheeks and causing her to giggle. It was problematic for her to do so with saliva covering her eyelids, but when she opened her Void eyes, she blinked at what seemed like an orange, flesh-like dead end.

Of course, she was aware it wasn’t the end of her journey into her lover’s stomach. When Dark swallowed things, he relied on stuffing enough into his mouth that if he cocked his head back, the weight of the food would break through the wall, sending it through an abundance of even more of the flesh-like substance until it dropped into a chamber which they both agreed on just referring to as what was essentially a stomach, minus the acids which were substituted by literally burning whatever was in his belly if he so chooses.

As expected, Dark tilted his head back so he was keeping his eyes on the ceiling above him, all the while making sure he kept a tight grip on his Maddybear so she didn’t get sent down so fast that it would hurt them. He gradually escorted his fiancée down his…“throat,” and hummed and he felt her wriggle a little bit, something that he knew she was aware that he enjoyed. He felt like it made it seem like a challenge, like he had the fate of some frightened fool in his grasp and they were holding on to dim hope. He reveled in Maddy’s squirms as his stomach started to bulge out if even by a little bit.

Meanwhile, Maddy shook with excitement as she waited for her arms to be freed and get released into the chamber that her head and shoulders now occupied. When they finally were, she pushed her hands onto the squishy, but not damp, folds behind her head so that she could position herself into an upright posture instead of hanging upside down. The walls around her pulsated which made her sigh with relief, feeling like a well-deserved massage as Dark took the last few gulps to send down her feet. He didn’t even seem to bother tasting her anymore-his middle had started feeling too sore to take his time, anymore.

As Madeline curled up inside of his belly, Dark leaned back on the counter next to him, letting out a deep belch and moaning as he rubbed his aching gut. He was no longer enjoying the small wriggles that Madeline now no longer meant for him on purpose as much as he did before, and he skimmed his hands over his taut stomach to reach his underbelly. He stroked his heavy middle in an attempt to soothe the pain of having so much stuffed into it in such a short amount of time.

He groaned, “Ohhh, god… I’m so-uuuurp!-full. I think I’ll-” he suddenly dropped down to the floor, not able to bear standing up with his new weight pulling him down. He grunted, rubbing his belly gently, afraid that if he applied too much pressure, he’d let out such a large, disgusting burp that he couldn’t bear to be with himself. They were hard to avoid at this point, though, so he settled for smaller ones that laced with his sentences, “I don’t-hurrrp-think I can move so well… Could you give me a-uuuuarp-hand, sweetie?”

Madeline happily complied with his request, carefully bringing her hand up to the folds right above her and massaging in slow, soothing motions. She grinned as she heard her fiancé hum with delight at the touch and she began to treat him with a two-handed rub, pushing a relaxed moan out of him.

His belching continued for a while until they slowly descended into hiccups, which attempted to disrupt him from the slumber he was gradually falling into. Maddy noticed this and patted the stomach walls, releasing her hands from its smoothness and calling to him, “Are you going to sleep now?”

“Yeah, I think so…,” he responded with a slight slur. Sleep was definitely pulling at him hard; he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. With a full, content stomach that only let out a few gleeful sounding rumbles from time to time and a stuffing-hazed mind, nobody could really blame him. He was ready to tumble into a food coma right about now. Madeline chuckled and nodded, getting comfortable as well.

“Alright then, goodnight, honey. Sleep well.”

Dark patted the top of his stomach and yawned, closing his eyes and finally letting everything shut down as the soft gurgles lullabied them both to sleep. Eventually, he snoozed peacefully with a belly full of Madeline and that couldn’t have made him any happier.