ba ba booey

  • Agent Fowler: Someone needs to be alert tonight. This Energex is basically rat poison. Everybody's wasted!
  • Knockout: (Cries) He didn't even know ONE thing, I didn't even say ONE thing, and then he asked me the WHOLE thing, and I didn't even do it ONCE!
  • Wheeljack: I'm like, an Elephant, okay? If I walk into a room it's like, okay, he's in there!
  • Arcee: I'm not gonna tell you! That- that bitch over there! (points at Knockout) I'm gonna tell- I don't have to-! I don't have to brag!
  • Optimus Prime: ... (Giggles) ...Ba ba booey.
  • Smokescreen: Hey! Turn this music down! (Garbled singing) Farts and boobs and love an' stuff...MACAROOONI SALAD!
  • Ratchet: ... (snorts) He ha hhha HAH-hgk! (Coughs, Wheezes)
  • Ultra Magnus: (Dancing cheerfully)

Hahaha, perfect clip of one of my favorite shows to start my day. :D

The signs as Ben Wyatt quotes
  • aries: im making mac and cheese pizza
  • taurus: i have been kinda tense lately. just thinking about the new star wars sequel...
  • gemini: gotham needs me
  • cancer: look, who hasn't had gay thoughts? who?!
  • leo: ba ba booey
  • virgo: im feeding your eagle. he's starving
  • libra: winter is coming for Sir Ben Lightstorm
  • scorpio: one for baking, one for directly into mouth
  • sagittarius: no, i threw up in the shower
  • capricorn: calc-u-later
  • aquarius: you just do your thing, baby smurf
  • pisces: the calzones...betrayed me?!

Hilarious #howardstern … as tumblr users would say, “OMG IM LITERALLY DYING!!!”