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Lesson 5: The Mer-Ka-Ba

A lot of you have probably been waiting for this lesson. A lot of you probably know what I’m going to be talking about, some of you don’t. Either way, it is something that all of us need to spend a little more time focusing on and understanding.

I talked about it in my Q&A video. Willow Smith, Crystal Mec, and Tru have a song about it on their Conscious Trap EP. In essence, it has been mentioned plenty times. You may have noticed the trend of turning the word mer-ka-ba into merkabae on social media, a play on the word bae. This trend is new, but the mer-ka-ba itself is thousands and thousands of years old.

Remember in the prana lesson when I talked about how we used to breathe prana through a tube in the star-tetrahedron-shaped electromagnetic energy field around our bodies? This geometric energy field can be activated in a particular way that is connected to our breath (we will discuss the actual activation much later). Before our fall of consciousness, these fields used to spin extremely fast - close to the speed of light, in fact. The energy field itself can be referred to simply as a star tetrahedron, but when this field is turned on and spins, it is called a Mer-Ka-Ba.

The Mer-Ka-Ba gives us a deep awareness and understanding of who we are, connects us with higher consciousness, and restores the knowledge and memory we lost of who we are and our infinite potentials.

The Mer-Ka-Ba, when spinning, is 50-60 feet in diameter (proportionate to your height specifically). It looks like the infrared heat envelope of a galaxy, as seen below.

Okay, now you’re probably wondering why it’s called a Mer-Ka-Ba. Funny word, right? It is actually made up of three smaller words: Mer, Ka, and Ba (sometimes written as merkabah, merkaba or merkavah). The three words are ancient Egyptian words. Mer refers to a specific kind of light that is seen as counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. Ka refers to your individual spirit. Ba refers to the physical body or reality. All in all, the Mer-Ka-ba is a counter-rotating field of light that affects spirit and body. Not only does it give us awareness and knowledge, but it is also a vehicle that can take you to other dimensions.

There’s a catch, though - the Mer-Ka-Ba will not take you to other dimensions unless you are experiencing and emitting boundless, pure, unconditional love.

Best regards from the Indigo School!

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