thanks to everyone who helped me with this!! it was so much fun and i love all of these!!!!! @dzueni @jununy @dave-corp @kitzup @thespacemaid @stridersart @pancakemolybdenum @daveaj <3

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Months ago, I said I was going to close my blog because I had so many things to deal with, things related to college… I couldn’t focus on my exams, works and stuff. Right now, I’m almost done with my finals and then we have this break. I really needed time for myself, to fix my personal life and my college issues.
So… About ayoshidae, I honestly considered coming back many times but I knew it wasn’t the right time yet. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed my friends, I’ve missed interacting with people here, I’ve missed supporting my favorite groups and having fun with people here. Plus, snsd is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t miss it.
Finally, I’m reopening my blog. Sometimes we just need a break yk… but I’m glad I’m back! Thank you for the ones who supported me when I closed it and for the ones who are supporting me right now.
Maybe I won’t be as actived as I was before but… who knows, I’m willing to try again! The most important thing is that right now I can manage my life with tumblr and I’m ready to be back and be happy with my friends I’ve met here!
And also, thank you for the ones who still followed me and for 3k followers! I’m tagging some of my friends and my previous and adorable mutuals so they can know I’m back!
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Commission update

Hello ! I just wanted to update in case some of the commissioners were worried. I’m still working on them, I had to take a break cause I had a surgery but I’m back at it. 

The meds I’m taking are making me dizzy but it’ ok haha. The queue is of 34 commissions now!! Which is better than 47, like 2 weeks ago lol

I apologize for the wait and will do my best. 

Thank you for supporting me!!! ;v;


super quick doodles of the night!

this time I did a bunch of my fave mutuals bc I luv them wow

@lyriumsims​: basically everything u do I love!! shawna? 11/10 precious baby! whenever u reblog/like/comment on my posts I screech because u are fantastic and ily! btw…vlad n’ prism? YES

@crybxbysims​: !!! amazing person alert! your edits are absolutely gorgeous and I love your legacy (currently reading through gen1). I feel like we’d be friends irl and your comments on my posts always make me happy!

@authenticdragontears​: just started following you but I’m eagerly anticipating your next legacy post! ryder and johnny are lovely together + all the kiddos are super cute! your screenies are SO pretty btw like what

@asterllum​: those! cute! red! noses! you just make quality cute posts and I’m a fan! keep being wonderful and oh-so-colorful!

just wanted to do this to let y’all know that I so appreciate all of the support and positive vibes! much love! ❤

Just as a disclaimer since I realize this has actually become kind of relevant for me lately;

I’m probably going to cut down on the Morality Debate™ threads. As much as I love interacting with people, and while I’m always up for debates, it gets kind of old to repeatedly write Sendak Versus Alien ( Probably A Human ) Verbal Debate featuring whatever topic, death, slavery, what-have-you because I already know pretty much the entire thread before it is even close to being finished. 

I already know how it’s going to go. Sendak is going to hold to his morally terrible opinion and the other character is going to hold to theirs and call him wrong and blah blah you’re a terrible person Galra are evil et cetera et cetera yadda yadda. All in all, the characters end up disagreeing because of course they do. If the thread has a plot beyond just that… then sure, but if the entire purpose is just to argue, I’m not going to bother with it. I know other people don’t have threads along those lines often, but I do a lot. It’s pretty much every other thread I have with not-Galra characters.

I really want to write with people, but I also don’t want my writing to just scream “I am bored,” and / or “I’ve done this plot a hundred thousand times already.”

orz I’m very very sorry but it’s gotten about as common for me now as how common the “imprisonment” plot was in the first few months I started my blog. 

OH!! Guys, I completely forgot to make this post yesterday, but I hit 600 followers!! I’m now at 613 (holy shit) and, although I don’t have a celebration planned, here are some coolio reminders about my blog and some of the stuff going on!! <3

Unfortunately, that’s all I really have to offer right now, but I’d love to get to know you guys and I hope you enjoy your time on my fucking trash blog!


I wish I had a better way to show my appreciation that just a regular ol’ “Thank you.” I’m excited to start working on all of the character requests, but most of it will have to wait until after Anime Expo (which is this weekend AHHHH!!!) So until then, my words of thanks will have to do ;) You all make my life so much brighter every day, thank you for being here and enjoying my art and my relentless yelling <33

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