so like I know we’re all super proud of Bitty!!! But I just think it’s amazing that he managed to make that call and I need to reiterate this!!

“You told me to call if I ever…needed you”

like, as someone who has trouble believing their friends care about them, i don’t know if i’d be able to take jack up on that. I’d always be thinking, they just said it to be nice, they don’t really want to hear about my problems, i should just deal with this alone i don’t need to bother anyone else.

Bitty is someone who canonically puts everyone else’s needs ahead of his own, sometimes at his own expense. He’s so used to giving and providing that letting himself believe that it goes both ways can be hard. I mean, he saw that the team got him a new oven (which honestly, was it so much of a surprise? seeing as how reliant that haus is on their oven? and the fact that it was broken like honestly i wouldn’t have been so surprised i think) he sobbed into Jack’s shirt he was so happy and grateful. Because he honestly wasn’t expecting it, he wasn’t at all expecting that the team cared and noticed enough to do something that nice. (i mean, he had no trouble believing Jack forgot his birthday earlier that day). So I bet when Jack said, “Call me whenever you need me,” Bitty’s probably secretly quietly believed he never would (even if he didn’t quite realize it). Or never for anything serious anyway, not about himself. Calling to comfort Jack? Sure. Calling to communicate his own frustrations and needs, while causing Jack inconvenience and possible putting stress on their fragile relationship, just so he can complain about something he could deal with himself? Not so much.

So basically I just am so!! Proud!! And astonished that this is something Bitty managed to do. Even if he didn’t let Jack listen to the message, he’s planning on talking through it with him, he’s not going to let himself be walked over. And this is a really big step. And it’s so great to see.


september is almost over and I’m finally done with all of my exams! I wanna thank you all for supporting me and being patient for me being inactive and for being so understanding. You are all such nice and amazing people and i love u all <33333

anyway dont be surprised if i flood ur dashes with mah weird posts huehuehue

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Louisville All girl!

so i’ve finally decided what to do with this blog  !!

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