the disney movie nobody asked for

it’s truly unfolded why taylor swift cleared all of her social media platforms, as now she’s going to be able to share personal photos and videos on an app that’s solely designed for fans. she’ll have the chance to strengthen our bond within an uplifting environment that’s overflowing with kindness, love and appreciation. the majority of this era is yet to come, and it’s already shaping up to be iconic, exciting and incredibly special.

Welcome toooo t t t t t t taRRRGETTTT

Hey I love the Announcer he’s so enthusiastic and his voice sounds so good. I made a design for him, and it’s also inspired by @suspicious-spirit‘s amazing idea 

I’d like to think he’s the Devil’s Left-hand man and is there to referee all the boss fights so no one cheats, but he’s pretty fair. Him and King Dice probably take bets and sass each other