Breaking Dawn Part Two's OST Song List

1. Where I Come From — Passion Pit 
2. Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding
3. The Forgotten — Green Day
4. Fire In The Water — Feist
5. Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits
6. The Antidote — St. Vincent
7. Speak Up — POP ETC
8. Heart of Stone — Iko
9. Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite
10. Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow
11. All I’ve Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
12. New For You — Reeve Carney
13. A Thousand Years (Part Two) - Christina Perri
14. Plus Que Ma Prope Vie — Carter Burwell

(beautiful edit made for me by the amazing hearteyedsam. thank you so much!! <3)

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12th Doctor revealed

Holy update

So, here’s what I’ve been up to…

On 6/24 I played softball, slid into home (I was safe) (and we won), but I scraped my leg pretty serious. The remainder of that week was really physically demanding at work, and my leg ended up getting an infection.


So I’ve been on antibiotics, and just crazy busy at work, covering for people, and doing the work of 2-4 different positions.

But it all came together on Thursday last week, when the new president nominated me to be the new Executive Director of my department.

I had no idea it was coming, and am still reeling. I still have to go through a confirmation process, and that takes a while, but as of now, I am Acting Executive Director.

So that’s a thing.

Unfortunately, with all this happening, my health has taken a backseat. Been drinking soda, and eating a ton of processed food.

My leg still feels like shit, but it’s on the mend.

Going to get my intake in check this week, and start easing into working out as my leg gets better.

Thanks for reading, and wish me luck as I tackle this new job, and all that comes with it.

Have a great day, all.