Foreign Policy Blunder: The CIA Just Disclosed Hundreds Of Intelligence Memos To The Chinese Government After Accidentally Selecting Its Printer

Prepare to be outraged, because the Central Intelligence Agency just committed an error that has put the entire nation at risk. Yesterday afternoon, the CIA inadvertently disclosed sensitive intelligence memos to the Chinese government after accidentally selecting a printer in Beijing from the drop-down menu in the print dialog box.

Unbelievable. This is a major foreign policy disaster.

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Campaign Setback: Jeb Bush’s Bus Broke Down On A Train Track And A Train Is Approaching Fast

The 2016 Republican presidential primary race has not been going as expected for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, from plummeting poll numbers, to a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, to several lackluster debate performances. And with the New Hampshire primary in full swing, the latest news out of the Bush camp adds to that list of woes: Jeb Bush’s campaign bus broke down on a train track, and a train is rapidly approaching.

Not good, Jeb!

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