so i finally reached 7k and im like ~w o w~ and 7 is my favorite number so i wanna do a few cool things! first up is this awesome bday page~~!!! ps thanks to everyone who follows me and talks to me and even gives me the light of day, i truly treasure you all.


  • mbf me
  • reblog this 2 spread the word pls!!
  • send me an ask with your name & birthday
  • ill start answering once i get about 15!!

and that, my palz, is all you need to do!!

what you get:

  • a spot on this ~jazzy~ page
  • a post abt you and how spectacular and nifty you are / promo!!! on your birthday
  • the week of your bday, you can request more promos, or a playlist, or whatever i can offer you (its mainly my love)

okay so really easy right??? this will be fun pls enter guys :’) {{if u want to blacklist, ill be tagging it bday}}