b:super junior

I’m sorry but some kpop fans seriously needs to learn to respect the older groups in the industry (BIGBANG, Shinhwa, SHINee, Super Junior, etc) because they have been basically PAVING the path for the newer groups such as EXO, BTS, VIXX, and so many more. Back then kpop wasn’t as well known as how it is today, it was a lot harder for them to promote and get other people to love their music. I’m not asking you to like them or anything. BUT I really do hope that you’ll have some respect towards them because honestly, most of the recent groups today wouldn’t be as successful as they are right now if it wasn’t for their seniors who overcame that international barrier and struggled to make kpop such a huge thing as it is today.

Reasons to vote for Super Junior on the Teen Choice Awards

- They have been on the kpop industry 10+ years and they have worked their asses off for every single trophy and award they’ve received
- To show the American television the impact they’ve made on us (fans)
- Because they’ve expressed their concerned that fans are leaving them and going to younger groups
- Because they deserve this

..It was too much to ask that the US (okay, some of these aren’t even US fans, to which I have to say, why do you have so little to do that you care about a concert in the US at all??) fans who were disrespectful to SJ not be disrespectful to Shinhwa too. I’m just so used to seeing people treat idols that have been in the industry longer than Suju (TVXQ AND Shinhwa) better that I really didn’t expect it, and well, what do you know, “why is kcon la a trainwreck compared to kcon ny” “just go cancel your line-up, no one will come” and a lot of actual rude things I wouldn’t ever say to anyone. 


Shinhwa and SJ are going to kill it, and if k-con ny is so much better, please just go there. I’d do anything to be able to get to the other one, and you know what, there are hundreds of SJ fans in the US, South America, and Canada already really upset that they either have to miss the only concert remotely close to them for a group they love or somehow fork up the money to even get to la. It’s inconvenient for us too, but we’re not bashing kcon and telling them their line up should be switched, and we’re not wishing death to artists, or just laughing in their faces.  Americans already have a deserved rude reputation concerning the rest of the world, stop adding to that.

It’s an honor for you to be in the presence of amazing 1st and 2nd gen idols, and if you don’t want to go, just save the money and don’t go. It’s seriously that simple.