I’m not a BTOB stan, but seeing Peniel opening up about his hair loss problem on Hello Counselor, made me feel very proud and sad at the same time. And because he and the other BTOB members revealed things that every idols go through I think every fans can understand a bit more the pain and idols (like Eunwoo who lowered his head) can relate a lot. We shouldn’t take them for granted, their companies shouldn’t too, they have so much stress and other idols are suffering in silence

161115 - Twitter - Himchan

@BAP_Himchan: 예전부터 알고있었던거고 점점 진행되는걸 보고 걱정도 많이되고 그랬는데 어제 나온 안녕하세요 보고 정말 멋지더라 동근아 👍🏻 멋있다 프니엘😎

I knew it from before and seeing it slowly progress(,) I was very worried(.) After watching you on Hello Counselor yesterday I felt that you were very cool(,) Donggeun👍 You’re cool Peniel😎

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161114 - Hello Counselor
  • Peniel said his hair loss started 5 years ago and got worse by time. He lost 70% of his hair. He did went to the doctor, but his case was a little serious, so he didn’t grow anymore hair and had been wearing caps and beanies.
  • He did eat a lot of black beans that help with hair growinn and go for treatment weekly, but it didn’t became better. His parents were very worried, they wanted him to go back do U.S to do treatment, but he worried about the company, members adn even fans, he didn’t say it out. He wants do promotion properly now.
  • He told CUBE that he wanted to take off the cap to feel comfortable. 
  • During the recording itself he asked his friend “Do I look weird waring a hat? How do I look? Is it very weird?” but his friend said “It’s not, you look pretty”, he then went “It’s good if it’s not weird and look pretty” and he thanked his friend.
  • Minhyuk once asked Peniel before on radio show that “When do you feel the happiest?”, Peniel replied “When the members praise me”, Minhyuk said when he heard that, his heart hurts a lot and also when finally knowing that Peniel had been through this much. 
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