“He’s usually an innocent guy but he has a 4D side of him. He eats a lot of junk food but doesn’t eat a lot of regular meals. There are times when he only eats chocolate and jelly. From the day he became part of the team, he would always greet us ‘Hello’ even when we’re always with each other. Even after using the restroom he would greet us 'Hello’; we tell him to stop. He even asks 'May I use the restroom?’ before using the company’s restroom.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re 23 or 13, never be afraid to show your 4D personality, no matter how weird unique you are and what others think. Continue to do what you love and entertain others with your randomness and talents. Happy Birthday Peniel!

  • aries:"BOOTY! All caps, so its not booty, it's BOOTAYYYYYYYYYYYYY"
  • taurus:ukiss eli said girls want flowers on their birthday cause "it comes from the heart...""no, they(flowers) come from the earth"
  • gemini:"peniel, give us a rap lesson" "rhyme."
  • cancer:"I am social dragon roarrrrrrrrr"
  • leo:"I bring him (BamBam) up like my son, he is my son.""I'm still a baby now" (put his thumb in bambam's mouth)
  • virgo:"hey peniel say a few sentences to the viewers" "one sentence""two sentence""three sentence"
  • libra:(to a dog)"hey put your tongue back it, it's cold here, it will get frozen"
  • scorpio:(try to get in a hot tub)"ah it's so hot"
  • saggitarius:(asian dad voice to minhyuk)"why you waste money...so baaaaaad....so baddddd..."
  • capricorn:(eunkwang refused to get him his chopsticks)"eunkwang hyung is always like this to me, it must be because i am from america"
  • aquarius:"do you know what else has to be big if you have huge hands?""what?""gloves"
  • pisces:"what kind of name is wasabi? this isn't a Japanese restaurant"

150319 @lee_cs_btob: 새벽감성.

trans: Dawn of Sensibility.

*they’re “singing” uptown funk