Harry scared me when he hit the bottle with his microphone! 

And here’s my PSA:  I know it’s been said a thousand times in a thousand different ways but please stop throwing things at Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall when they are on stage!  It is not safe, and I don’t see the purpose of chucking a water bottle/can at them.  I don’t think that’s showing them how much you love and appreciate them.  I cannot believe the amount of stuff that is lobbed on stage, mostly at Harry, throughout the show.  At least here, he’s talking with the person and can see the bottle because the lights are up; however when the lights are down, the boys really cannot see what is coming at them until it’s right in front of them.  They’re up there giving it their all to entertain us, and the least we can do is not hurt them during a show!

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

September 1, 2015


“He’s laying it down and not directly saying it. So, I actually wrote on - because Stana’s resistant to get emotional. She’s you know, she doesn’t wanna give it up automatically. But I needed a certain kind of emotional reaction, so I wrote on the notepad ‘HE LEFT BECAUSE OF YOU.’ I just wrote it big in magic marker, and she didn’t know it. So when he opened it up and just basically said it to her - and I know that at the moment she hates me for doing that, but at least - probably her reaction is ‘I’m gonna kill Bowman when he says cut,“ but you get the stunned look.’” - Rob Bowman 7x01 “Driven” DVD Commentary


Coincidence or foreshadowing? (Aladdin came out a year after Beauty and the Beast so obviously they would have had some idea as to what Jasmine’s hair was going to look like. A past, present and future princess homage?)