it’s so comforting to me that louis /knows/ us. with other ppl, even ppl I’m a fan of, they seem to mostly see the obnoxious side of a fandom or rlly just the “twitter fandom” bc that’s what they use, which is usually not a good representation of respectful devoted fans. but louis has shown time and time again that he knows /us/. sending little messages to us that other ppl wouldn’t understand, talking about how incredible we are and the things he sees, how we know what things mean, responding to things on twitter that are very obviously from specific types of fans bc of their word choices. and, idk it’s just… I’m rlly glad that he knows how much we support and love him. the real him. and that we’re focused on his music and his charity work and his personality and his /happiness/ before anything else. it comforts me knowing that he probably stalks tumblr and sees posts with thousands of notes that say nothing but we support him, no matter what. that we trust him. I don’t rlly know how to articulate it??? there’s such an emotional connection between louis and us, it doesn’t even feel like we’re just fans of a celebrity. it feels like we’re a team. and the best part is, I know he feels that way too.