MAMA Analysis - Munchausen’s Syndrome Explained

With a face that resembled her son’s, timeless, ageless, and full of inner strength, the beautiful woman smiled with dignity. Her gaze was fulfillment, her greeting a homecoming. Silently I stretched my hands out to her. She took both of them in her firm, warm hands. 

Munchausen’s Syndrome is a factitious disorder. This means that the person with this disorder acts like they have an illness, they’re faking all the symptoms but are not actually sick. It’s considered a mental disorder because it involves emotional struggles within a person. 

One of the symptoms of the disorder is that they may lie or alter tests. (which is what jimin did in his video) also if they’re struggling with their identity.

Of course the exact cause of this disease is unknown because psychology is a relatively new field so most of the research is still on going. But there are theories circulating that it relates to abuse or neglect as a child. (this is how it relates to Taehyung’s video and the picture of the mom).

So now it comes down to the question of treatment. One of the anonymous users in my ask box said that in the ‘plan’ section of JHope’s medical report, it looks like it says ‘Placebo’ this could be what it says because one of the first actions doctors take is to reduce the patient’s misuse of medical resources. 

Note: this disorder can appear either once or twice in a person’s life or it can be chronic and long term (as in it appears at intervals for the rest of a persons life). (So maybe thats why JHope walked out of the trailer looking relatively normal?)

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