Jeszcze trochę czekaj, jeszcze trochę. Ja też nie jestem szczęśliwy.
—  Marek Hłasko w liście do Agnieszki Osieckiej, 7 grudnia 1958r.

okay but sasuke smirking when he sees what sakura is capable of during the war? it’s such a small yet such a powerful moment especially when you compare it to naruto’s reaction. because according to popular belief it should have been naruto “the good teammate” who’s proud of her and sasuke should have been either surprised or indifferent. yet again kishi proves how wrong the fandom is in its assumptions regarding sasuke’s bond with sakura. while naruto’s reaction is used just as comic relief, sasuke’s is the one of importance, proving again that their relationship was always considered as something deep and serious. even though he hasn’t seen her fight in years, and the last time he did she was still rather weak, he isn’t surprised in the slightest. it’s actually the opposite, he’s so proud of her you can actually see it in his expression. it’s like he’s internally screaming “you go girl. i always knew you had it in you, you just needed a little push in the right direction”. it’s just one panel and it actually disregards all that stuff people have been saying for years - that sasuke supposedly considers her just a silly, annoying girl. that he never paid attention to her, that he didn’t care. lies, lies, all lies. he’s the one who always believed in her and thus encouraged her to work harder. was he harsh while doing this? sometimes yes because this is how he used to behave - he tried to cover concern or care with harshness and annoyance. but sasuke is one of the main reasons for her great development and he’s also the one who believed in that development from the beginning. he recognized the potential she had because he truly knows her. he knows how smart, fierce and determined she is. “my wife is not a weak woman” comment only proves it further. that’s the kind of relationship where a man values a woman and treats her as his equal. that’s ss for you.