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How would each member of Infinite survive a horror film?

They won’t (lmao im sorry, jkjk) 

  • Sungkyu - takes lead, makes a plan, is pretty calm. ghosts, killers, demons, whatever will 100% be tired of him by the end of the movie and let him go at the end. he will be a legendary one. 
  • Dongwoo - he can’t make it. I’m sorry. he…just can’t. Well, his screaming/crying will probably wear out anything trynna scare/kill him, so maybe that way??? but poor baby dongwoo will not be the same if you put him in a horror film. 
  • Woohyun - smoothe talks out of his death. literally will swoon his killer out of killing him. “wow, your eyes shine so much brighter than your knife”; his swoon tactics saved him. 
  • Howon - walks one step every 5 minutes, sreams random threats into the air (”YOU COME OUT AND I WILL BEAT YOUR ASS”). tells his friends he’s not scared but trips on a stick and screams like a baby. 
  • Sungyeol - screams bloody murder as he chases the scary thing with a stick. stick breaks mid-fight(?), runs away. lucky because long legs.
  • Myungsoo - magically avoids every bad thing that can happen??? like a trap door opens and he goes into the wrong door???? the killer thought he screwed the door shut but like the screw somehow magically came loose??? he just walks out unharmed and the killer just stands there scratching his head. 
  • Sungjong - insults the fuck out of everything trynna get him? By the end of the film, the killer/ghost/anything paranormal will avoid him. Probably a few ghouls crying. he’ll scare some ghosts so bad they’ll actually look for a light to cross into. Don’t mess with Lee Sungjong. 

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seven years with infinite

these seven years have been an incredible journey. I know that no matter what may come in the future, you all have so much more in store for us, whether it be as infinite or as your individual selves. one thing thing is for sure though, and it’s that I will believe in you no matter what.