160424 Power of K 2016 - Back, Destiny & Be Mine
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160529 GLIDER Showcase (Night)

MC: What’s good about leader?
YM: ….
DH: Meet me at the back
KM: ummmmMMMMmmmmMMMmmm 
DH: Meet me at the back
JM: …he’s cute…
DH: After this, everyone, meet me at the back
HS: The leader is-
DH: It’s okay, Hyunseong
HS: :(
MC: How about Minwoo?
MW: Um….
DH: As expected, I only have Minwoo <3
MW: Um…
MW: -pats DH-
MW: JM told me to do this~
DH: Got it  -unhappy-
MW: The leader is cute~ cool~ kind~ has a good body~
DH: I’ll buy you nice food later <3


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