@onebizarrekai here’s a Crue child! XD I don’t know what I’m doing.
Name: Ziggy
Nickname: ZigZag
• Really excitable
• Overall “Nice Guy™”
• Can have mood swings and become a sarcastic douche.
• Is wicked at burns
• Extrovert

Some other info:
He loves attention. He will never turn down a dare. He can be kind of a drama king sometimes and will totally fangirl over almost any ship. He can move the diamonds near his head. He talks a million miles a minute.

last night was magical. To be surrounded by black femme creatives who exuded a confidence and individuality of their own is a special thing I want to savour, and hope to have more of along my musical journey.

This was my last set of July. I look forward to my shows in August. I’ll have those dates to you soon.

I’m CONSTANTLY updating my ig story with the goods and the details and the reminders so of you truly wish to be in touch: ig:oglullabies