The desert witch with a self pitying nature. Having wished for a cure for his sadness in his younger years, he now weeps in disappointment when not even miracles could save him. He now locks himself within his barrier dreaming of a future he forbids himself to have.

Luna y Novicio
The desert witch’s minions. Their duty is to remind. They obscure the witch’s sight with visions of a shameful past and of a future he cannot have. The tears that they gather upon remembering these regrets are what water the plants that cover the floor of the barrier.

The desert witch’s minion. His duty is to draw. He wanders around looking for inspiration in a barren landscape, and sketches impressionistic pictures to entertain the witch in his saddest moments.

I know I’m a little too late for witchsona week. I also know this isn’t a traditional witchsona. But I got inspired by the Madoka movies and wanted to make yet another fan witch.