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Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Talks New Album 'Evolve' & Bigotry in Mormonism: 'To Be Gay Is Beautiful and Right and Perfect'
The Imagine Dragons frontman discussed working with Justin Tranter on “Believer,” the band’s third studio album 'Evolve' and launching the Love Loud festival to combat bigotry and teach acceptance to religious families: “to be gay is beautiful and right and perfect.”
On Evolve

For real though guys, I can’t remember the last time an album affected me like this. Normally it’s only individual songs that get me this wound up (here’s looking at you, I Believe by Christina Perri), but this whole album is such a testament to that little bit of human nature that we so often take for granted; drive.

The drive to do better, the drive to find your place, the drive to pull yourself away from the terrible shitstain of a place you were and make something better of yourself and your life. It’s no secret that Smoke + Mirrors was heavily inspired by Dan Reynolds’ depression at the time, so to see ID come back with such a positive and uplifting album showcases how far he’s come as a person and how much farther he can still go.

So, in conclusion, Evolve is a enrapturing and fascinating album that is just what we need in these trying times, both here and abroad. It may not be able to fix our problems, but it can sure as shit give someone that swift kick in the slats to go out and get some shit done.