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@heretherebebooks I’m finally done with Northern Lights xD and since I’m already so late, I’ll probably pick up Once upon a Time in the north before getting to the Subtle Knife, since it’s actually supposed to be read before northern lights but I forgot about it ^^“ for my defense, I’ve never actually read that one, nor Lyra’s Oxford (which is supposed to be read after The Amber spyglass)… I got both years ago and kept thinking I should reread the trilogy first haha

I always find it funny when books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson get crap for being ‘witchcraft’ and ‘anti-christian’ but you know who no one ever talks about? Phillip Pullman and his masterpiece His Dark Materials trilogy. Some of you may recognize the first book’s title, The Golden Compass from the awful movie adaption, but seriously those books are so so good and full of badass witches rebelling against the vadican for mutilating children, gay ass angels who join the rebellion so they can be free to love each other, an ex nun who escapes the oppression of the church to pursue a life of science, a little girl who is so good at manipulating she overthrows an entire empire in one day, and a 12 year old boy who murders god with a knife


Just look at this hat. It’s glorious. 

Anyway, The Subtle Knife characters + text post, ft my fancast minus Ruta Skadi bc I didn’t know who to fancast. Yes my fancast for Balthamos and Baruch are litteraly juste statues I didn’t know what to do. 

Here is the first hdmeme btw.

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Philip Pullman unveils epic fantasy trilogy The Book of Dust
Author’s new novel series is set in London and Oxford and overlaps with hugely popular His Dark Materials
By Danuta Kean

Philip Pullman has ended years of speculation by announcing that The Book of Dust, his epic fantasy trilogy, which will stand alongside his bestselling series, His Dark Materials, will be published in October around the world.


Cleaned it at last ! It’s ruff but this is a sketch page I drew as I was finishing the first book of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. I had to post it, because re-reading the books was SO great ! I knew I already loved it as a child and would understand it a lot better now, but I didn’t expected to love it that much !!
I took the complete three volumes for my one month internship in this tiny-village-with-nothing, and ended reading all of it in almost one week ! (That’s an awful lot of pages.) I can only recommend the series, and  would totally make a badass animated TV show out of it.

Ps - If you’ve read it, you cannot forget Him. Yeah and that’s tiny Lyra and big Iorek :3