b: gossip girl


This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn’t want it because you’ve never had it, and it scares you. But you deserve your fairy tale. We make our own fairy tales. Only when we have to. You don’t. How do you feel about tonight? Awful. Just Terrible. In fact, I’ve never felt like this before. Guilt. I feel it, too. Maybe I’m actually growing up after all. I didn’t wanna let you go just yet.

Chuck and Blair scenes [21/]


D: “You can’t hide from this forever.”
B: “Why not? Apparently, fatherhood holds no appeal for Louis, and Chuck will always be Chuck. If anything, I’m not hiding. I’m facing the truth. It doesn’t matter what test results say. I’m in this completely alone.”

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 5.03 The Jewel of Denial