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Sono innamorata di lui, ma non ci sto assieme solo perchè non ho alternative, come se non potessi trovare qualcun altro. Sto con lui perchè lo scelgo ogni giorno quando mi sveglio al mattino, ogni giorno in cui litighiamo o ci mentiamo o ci deludiamo a vicenda. Lo scelgo continuamente, e lui sceglie me.
—  Allegiant, Veronica Roth.
CONVERGENT - Chapter I (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

You sighed, mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead as you put on the tight black Dauntless clothes they gave you, making your already pale face paper white. Today was combat training which meant one-on-one fighting, something you were not prepared for quite yet. Your instructor, Mahogany who had been a transfer two years ago, showed you a few tricks and tips but you were only good for fighting people that was your size, preferably a girl, with the same skill level.

You groaned as you rubbed your face in exasperation. 

“You okay, (y/n)?” Matt, a candor transfer that you had befriended put an arm around you. 

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” you muttered as you leaned into his side, him being slightly taller than you. The fear of fighting a boy crossed your mind. You were already shorter than Matt and he was the shortest boy there. 

“Leggo!” he rubbed your upper arm to try and comfort you as your group of Dauntless initiates jogged to the training room, your footsteps rattling your already shaking bones.

As the doors of the training room bursted open, the breath was knocked out of your already flailing lungs once you saw the Dauntless born initiates already practicing in the training room. 

“You guys are pathetically late.” Bart, your other instructor clicked his tongue in stern disappointment. “Everyone go to your practice stations and do 5 laps! Once your done, meet in front of the ring!” his voice boomed through the whole underground room, catching everyone’s attention. 

The Dauntless born who were already sweating with practice work grunted as if to say ‘yes’, not taking their eyes off of their punching bags or targets. You followed Matt to the punching bags as he started to do a few laps and began working on his elbow technique. 

“Why do you think the Dauntless born are here?” Matt’s already small voice was strained with pain and hard work as he looked up at you for a split second, his arms still punching at the bag before him.

“I don’t know.” you whispered back as you kept kicking. Your arms were too weak; no ounce of muscle, so you knew your only hope were your legs. “They’re either taunting us, rubbing it in our faces of how weak we are or they think we’re worthy enough to go against them.” your voice was laced with grunts too.

“Whichever it is, I don’t like it.” Matt punched the bag with more force. You looked up for a split second to see that his elbows were beaten raw and whatever hope you had sunk as quick as the Dauntless born were doing push ups on the other end of the room, your legs were barely stinging which meant that you didn’t even have the force to beat yourself up. 

“Alright, gather up!” Bart called out and everyone immediately raced to the center ring. “You’re probably wondering as to why both initiates are here-” he paused and a few initiates nodded, confirming him. “We have decided to make the Dauntless born to fight the transfers-” he paused again and a few initiates gasped, some scoffed, some groaned. You, on the other hand, stood frozen, your fingers grasping Matt’s arm tightly in panic. 

“Quiet down!” it was Mahogany’s turn to yell. It was a little weird, considering she had a smooth high voice and light strawberry blonde wild curls with pink streaks in her hair and freckles spotting her angular face. She looked soft, unlike an instructor. Unlike a Dauntless, period.  “You’ve all been training separately and I would guess that you don’t talk to each other outside of training either. In order to win, you must understand your competitors and you won’t know how hard you need to work in order to get a good spot in the rankings.” Mahogany explained. 

“Here are your opponents,” Mahogany announced as she pulled the cover off of a chalkboard behind her. Your hand that was still attached to Matt’s arm were tugged upwards as Matt pulled it to his face so he could cover his eyes.

Your eyes frantically searched the list of people written in Mahogany’s neat hand writing.

Matt - Cameron

Nash - Carter

Jack - Jack

Taylor - Aaron

(y/n) - Shawn 

You didn’t bother to read the other names as your breath caught in your throat in a choked gasp as the words you just read swirled inside your head. “(y/n) - Shawn”. Shawn Mendes was the biggest of all the Dauntless born initiates. He was the tallest, broad shoulders, heavy with muscles despite his age, he was also the top of the Dauntless born rankings, his spot in number one never once faltering throughout the stages of initiation. Your eyes were wide and glazed, as if a deer caught in the headlights. 

“Oh my god.” Matt groaned as he peaked through his fingers. “Please tell me there’s another Cameron besides Cameron Dallas?” he muttered rhetorically. “He’s one of the best Dauntless born! How am I going to stay up for more than 5 seconds?!” 

You shrugged in response, still frozen in place. 

“Who are you fighting, (y/n)?” Matt asked as his eyes traveled downwards. “Oh.” his voice was small. “I mean, I guess Shawn’s not that scary.” he laughed nervously at his weak attempt. 

“You’re a terrible liar, candor.” you huffed, your shoulders slumping.

“What’s Bart thinking? Can’t you ask to switch opponents?” Matt panicked.

“Yeah, what for? So I could get pushed over the bridge above the chasm like he did to Carter? No thanks.” you muttered.

“But it has to be some kind of mistake, you’re the smallest one here and he’s the biggest one there!” exclaimed Matt, his small almond eyes were wide in disbelief.

“Thanks for reminding me.” a scowl curled your lips further downwards. 

“Old habits die hard?” he tried, his eyes looking at you apologetically, sympathy making his brown eyes glow with warmth. 

“Don’t look at me like a kicked puppy. I’m not beaten up…yet.” you didn’t care if you were being an over-dramatic teenager. You should at least enjoy being a teenager before you get beaten to a pulp by a teenage boy. 

“Alright, now that you’ve seen who you’re fighting, I want the first competitors on the ring and everyone else gather around it.” Bart ordered and everyone followed, a clear division between transfers and Dauntless born gathered in front of the fighting ring.

A bunch of Dauntless born were whooping, lightly pushing Cameron around in encouragement. A small smirk played at Cameron’s lips as he looked around his energetic friends. 

The transfers, however, were slapping Matt’s back softly in sympathy, many giving him an apologetic look as their eyes drifted to Cameron, who was built around muscle. Cameron wasn’t as tall and built as Shawn but his abs were so greatly defined, it created dense lines in his thin black wife beater that he wore to training. Meanwhile, Matt was short, no lines of definition but you knew he was quick and his arms were more buff than Cameron’s. He might have a chance; if he wasn’t so harmless.

“I’m so gonna die, aren’t I?” Matt whispered in your ear, his breath quivering. 

“You’ll live. Just try to get out of it easy. That way, he won’t have to hit you much.” you shrugged. Surrender was the only way out. 

“Trust (y/n) (y/l/n) to give you the best pep talks.” Matt smiled sarcastically at you. You returned the smile but you saw that the edges of his lips were shaking. 

“You’re gonna be fine, Matty. You’ll heal.” you whispered in his ear as you stood on your tippy toes to bring Matt into a tight hug.

“Careful there, (y/n). Your hug might be bone crushing enough to break me before the fight even starts.” Matt joked softly, his arms finding your waist to return the hug. “Maybe you could hug Shawn to victory.” 

“Okay, okay. We get it, I won’t win.” you rolled your eyes, shoving Matt playfully.

“If it makes you feel better, neither will I.” he shrugged in defeat but a small smile remained on his plump lips. 

“Go get ‘em, tiger!” you joked, giving Matt a thumbs up that he returned. 

As Cameron and Matt steadied their arms in a defensive stance, they walked in a clockwise direction with a constant distance between them, circling the ring as they had a pre-battle with their eyes, daring the other to throw the first punch. 

You saw Matt’s eyes squint for a split second before he charged at him with speed, catching Cameron off-guard as he hit away Cameron’s arms that were protecting his body. Matt quickly threw a punch at Cameron’s throat that made him wheeze as he jumped back. 

Cameron was quick to recover as he charged at Matt with his whole body, his strength pinning down Matt as Cameron threw a few punches at his jaw. The second punch seemed to put Matt back to reality as he put his arms up to protect his face. Cameron quickly jumped up to his feet and kicked Matt in the ribs with a grunt. Matt rolled over with an animalistic groan. 

You hissed as you walked away from the ring, quickly running to the small infirmary they had next to the training room to get a much needed ice pack for Matt. 

“Ah, (y/n). Need more salve for your bruises?” was Brent’s way of greeting you. Brent was the male nurse, he looked about your age with floppy brown hair and ashy tan skin, a wide smile stuck to his lips that made his eyes seem smaller. 

“No,” your cheeks turned pink. Brent said it as if you needing treatment for small damages was a regular thing. Which it was. But you weren’t going to admit it. “I need ice for Matt. He’s in the fighting ring with Cameron.” your head jerked, gesturing to the training room next door.

“Cameron? Isn’t he a Dauntless born?” Brent raised an eyebrow as he walked over to the mini refrigerator by his desk, looking through salves, serums, liquid medicine and ice packs.

“He is.” you sighed. “Bart and Mahogany are making the Dauntless initiates fight the Dauntless born.” 

“Bart’s going insane.” Brent rolled his eyes, not showing much worry for the initiates. After all, looking after injured people is a part of his job. “Who are you gonna fight?” 

“Shawn Mendes.” your voice was quiet as the image of you, half dead, laying on one of the hospital beds in front of you. 

Shawn Mendes?” Brent repeated, his eyes wide in disbelief. “That’s ridiculous! He’s thrice your size!” Brent slammed the ice pack in his hands. 

“Why does everyone keep reminding me?” you groaned. 

“Sorry, (y/n).” he gave you a sheepish smile as he handed you the fairly large ice pack. Guess he didn’t have much hope for Matt either. “The last time Bart did this to an initiate was when Tris fought Peter.” he clicked his tongue.

Your eyebrow raised at the familiar names. You’ve seen the ex-initiates-two years older than you-walking around The Pit. Tris, who operates fear landscapes during second stages of initiation, is dating Four, the head of the security and Peter is the legendary fighter, somehow always battling another Dauntless member in the midst of The Pit during breaks for entertainment.

Tris was a small girl. Despite her toned body now, you could just imagine her body before she made it through initiation. She could have been weaker than you. Peter, however, has always been largely built, like Shawn.

“What was the outcome of the fight?” you bit your lip, already knowing the answer. 

“Let’s just say it took a few dozen salves for Tris to fully recover.” another sheepish look. He handed you the ice pack, the feeling of the cool ice making your body even more rigid. 

“Right.” you nodded sharply. “Thanks, Brent.” you gestured at the ice pack that was now slowly melting. 

“No problem.” he smiled as you exited the infirmary and walked back in to the training room. Right as you turned, a body knocked into you, forcing air out of your lungs causing you to grunt. 

“Oh, sorry (y/n). Didn’t see you there, kinda in a hurry.” you realized it was Jacob, one of Brent’s assistants. You saw that he was carrying Cameron’s rather large-and unconscious-body. You found yourself wondering if Jacob trained a lot, seeing as he could carry Cameron. 

Thoughts of Jacob doing push ups was set aside once you saw how bad Cameron looked; a bruise the size of the ice pack in your hand on his left jaw, his lips were busted open, 3 cuts on his eyebrow and one eye was swelling, slowly turning purple. 

“Holy shit. Did Matt do that?” you gasped.

“Sure did.” Jacob grinned. “Matt kinda just snapped in the middle of the fight, it was incredible.” his eyes were wide like a child’s. Yep, definitely a Dauntless. “Anyways, you should probably give him that ice pack, he isn’t looking too good either.” 

“Right, thanks.” you murmured as you jogged into the training room to see that Nash and Carter were now in the ring. Matt was hunched over on a stool a few metal pillars over. You ran over to him. 

“(y/n). Thank god.” Matt murmured quickly, snatching the ice pack from your hand and softly dabbing his purple jaw with it. Matt let out occasional hisses when the pressure made his jaw throb. 

“I can’t believe you actually won.” you bit your lip to keep yourself from smiling. Cameron is passed out on a hospital bed somewhere right now. You shouldn’t be too glad about that.

“Wow.” Matt rolled his eyes. “Great to know you have a lot of faith in me.” 

“What happened?” your eyes were probably as wide as Jacob’s by now.

“When he got me on the floor, he said something he shouldn’t have said.” Matt avoided eye contact with you, his voice suddenly quivering. 

“Said something? Like what?” your brows furrowed. 

Matt’s eyes met yours for a second and then it drifted away again. 

“Nothing important.” he murmured. 

“Ooohkaay.” you awkwardly pursed your lips, your eyebrows high. “Well, do you need any more ice packs?” you shuffled awkwardly.

“Nah, I’m good.” Matt rubbed his jaw. “Thanks, (y/n).” he gave you a half smile. 

Matt has returned to normal. 


A/N: So yeah, this idea kinda just came to me. Obviously, there’s gonna be a second part with Shawn and (y/n)’s fight. Tell me if you want the second part :)

“That’s sensible of you,” I say, smiling too. “We should find some paper so you can make a list or a chart or something.”
I feel his laughter against my side, his nose sliding along my jaw, his lips pressing my ear.
“Maybe I’m already sure,” he says, “and I just don’t want to frighten you.”
I laugh a little. “Then you should know better.”
“Fine,” he says. “Then I love you.” 
― Veronica RothDivergent

                  In love with this movie, and with the book. Obsessed.