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Don’t you ever just look a group and within that group there is at least 1 or 2 members, heck maybe all of them that has this aura that is around them that just screams for you to protect them.

I feel that aura around Shownu from Monsta X, P.O from Block B, Taehyung from BTS, Chanyeol from EXO, etc.

Just putting it out there that I think some ARMYs seriously need to grow up and mature a little. The Ariana Grande concert bombing accident caused people to die yet some ARMYs are talking about how they wish it would happen to Exo’s Exordium?? I honestly can’t understand how certain ARMYs think. While you guys are talking bad about other groups, creating fan wars, you’re indirectly also harming BTS ????

Grow up y'all. Even though I’m ranting about ARMYs bad behaviour, I’m also still a fan of BTS. As harsh as this sounds, I have little to no interest in Exo so it proves that I’m not bias against Bangtan or their fandom.

!! This isn’t just about the fandom of BTS and Exo, it can be directed to other fandoms too but I haven’t been hearing anything that’s really bad going on