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How to Lure Kids into Making Bad Choices: KPop Edition

What people think: Chocolate and looooots of candy. Also, sugary sweets and money. Works every single time.

Reality: Free kpop albums, Free kpop merch, trip to South Korea, fansign, signed merch, BTS with dogs, tv shows for every kpop band out there. Promise of B.A.P getting the love recognition they deserve. Every Kpop group being loved and rewarded for their hard work. Oh.





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BTS ‘DNA’ Official Teaser + RED  ♥

BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: Jin + J-Hope

Q1: what was your first impression of each other?
J-Hope: I looked like a beggar back then because all I wear is simple tank tops and it’s quite embarrassing.
Jin: Fashionista? the first time I saw Hobi, he walking around in the dorm wearing this orange color tank top but I think he dresses really well.

Q2: about your strengths and weaknesses.
J-Hope: Jin-hyung has really bright personality like me *laughs*. He might be the eldest hyung but he doesn’t put on airs, we really love our Jin-hyung but then I wonder sometimes why this hyung doesn’t act like he is the eldest, haha.
Jin: Hobi’s strength eh? he got really large nostrils!!
J-Hope: ah hyunggggg….why are you like that!
Jin: and he say phrases like “My Hope” or “My Angel” too much he should stop, kekekekeke.

Q3: how is it like when you are with each other?
Jin: I can slow down my pace and enjoy the simple wonders of life with Hobi by my side.
J-Hope: Jin-hyung is my “sunshine +1″.

Q4: (question for J-Hope) heard that you helped Jin with his solo performance for BTS Home Party. (T/N: refers to Jin’s unit performance performing Suga’s Nevermind)
J-Hope: hyung made some mistakes when free-styling and I’m kind of disappointed *laughs*.
Jin: Hobi really helped me a lot and even before I went on stage he even told me “hyung, you can do this, just relax and enjoy.”
J-Hope: Jin-hyung is my guest for “Hope On The Street” next time I need to teach him more *laughs*
Jin: likewise, Hobi will be my guest on “Eat Jin” I will feed him lots of carrots because he is “J-Horse”.

Q5: (question to Jin) when do you think J-Hope is the scariest?
Jin: when he asks me “hyung, what are you doing?”

Q6: (question for Jin) How is it like when you learn dance moves from J-Hope?
Jin: I prefer Hobi to be my dance teacher unlike Jungkook who always asks me “hyung, try to move your body like this” or “hyung, why can’t you do this?”
(Jungkook: *suddenly appears and interrupts* HYUNG I HEARD THAT!!)

Q7: Lastly, what do you mean to each other?
J-Hope: Jin-hyung, forever my beloved eldest hyung.
Jin: J-hope is my sunshine horse.
J-Hope: ah hyungggg, not again!!
Jin: why what’s wrong with the horse??? Horses are cute!

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Por acaso eu procuro a aprovação das pessoas? Não! O que eu quero é a aprovação de Deus. Será que agora estou querendo agradar as pessoas? Se estivesse, eu não seria servo de Cristo.
—  Gálatas 1:10