b: bastille

The Descent
The Descent

Decided to “clean up” the audio for The Descent a bit, to tide us over until Bastille releases it on a re-release or a b-sides collection in the future (if ever). Original audio came from: http://rhythmofdanshair.tumblr.com/post/154250172792/the-descent-converted-by-me-all-rights-go-to

I don’t own anything.

Bastille’s ballads tend to be gut wrenching, heart pummeling emotional anthems. It’s quite refreshing for Italian producer Deep Chills to transform the poignant, morose Flaws into a tropical treat. His remix of the song takes it into a cheerful, chilled out territory, the kind that swoops you away to a island paradise. Deep Chills’ melodic deep house music is inspired by artists like Kygo, Matoma, and Thomas Jack.

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